Vehicle Inspectors10 Best Vehicles Inspectors In Brisbane

10 Best Vehicles Inspectors In Brisbane

Vehicles Inspectors in Brisbane can give great peace of mind. When you know that there’s a professional inspecting your vehicle for safety and quality, it’s easier to forget about an auto repair shop. As people, we’re creatures of habit, so when someone tells us that our cars need work done on them, we ignore them even though it might be good advice. Vehicle inspectors in Brisbane have a difficult job.

They have to make sure that your car is fit to be on the road and safe for you and your family or clients. But how can you tell which Brisbane vehicle inspection service provider is the best? One way is to read reviews from past customers, which is what we have done here. You will find the top 10 vehicles inspectors in Brisbane are:

1. Dr. Roadworthy Pty Ltd

Dr. Roadworthy Pty Ltd offers many different types of vehicles for inspection including cars, vans, utes, and SUVs. Their services include a comprehensive inspection to meet vehicle standards as well as roadside repairs. They are your first point of contact for roadside assistance and can provide you with any maintenance you need for your current ride. Dr. Roadworthy LLC will keep your vehicle moving in the direction you want.

From Brisbane to Broadsound, their team of qualified technicians makes vehicle inspection a specialty. You can rest easy knowing that you will receive impeccable service and advice from their PPSRA-qualified technicians. They are proud to be a family-owned and operated business, building strong customer relationships through honesty and integrity.

Contact them today to schedule your next service or repair — they look forward to working with you! Dr. Roadworthy Pty Ltd provides a variety of vehicle inspections and on-the-spot maintenance services that can be done right in your driveway. Not only will this ensure you have the best quality vehicles, but it also means you’ll never have to go through the hassle of taking time off work — or waiting in long queues — just to maintain your ride.

Phone Number: 1800037792

Address: 4/7 Geonic St, Woodridge QLD 4114, Australia


2. Allstar Automotive

ALLSTAR AUTOMOTIVE is a mobile car servicing company that offers quality work at a reasonable price. ALLSTAR AUTOMOTIVE’s mechanics can service your vehicle at the location of your choice, so you don’t have to take a day off of work! ALLSTAR AUTOMOTIVE is a professional vehicle inspection company, that uses only skilled mechanics to carry out quality maintenance and repair work.

Servicing your vehicle, wherever you are is a breeze with this mobile mechanic. These fully qualified mechanics undertake all of your car servicing needs, at unbeatable prices. They’re honest and reliable – the sole operator working on your car, free from any franchise overheads. If you care about a quality automotive experience, Allstar Automotive is the right choice for you. A sole operator with 30 years of experience and a fleet of vans to service your car and pick you up from your place.

As a small, local company, we can provide their customers with highly personalized service — ensuring that all of their requirements are exceeded with each visit. When it comes to your cars, trucks, and vans, ALLSTAR AUTOMOTIVE is the best place to go. They are easy-to-access specialists in a wide range of automobiles. There’s no job too big for the team at ALLSTAR AUTOMOTIVE – because their focus is on quality, not quantity.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to a car that won’t start or checking to see why your brakes are squeaking, these guys will have the answer. Call today to talk with a vehicle inspector Brisbane wide.

Phone Number: 0433 130 108

Address: Springwood, BrisbaneQLD, Australia 4127


3. AutoKeepers Bowen Hills

As a family-owned business AutoKeepers is proud to be chosen as your best vehicle inspector in Brisbane. They offer friendly and honest services, keeping your car in top condition and your budget under control. They’ve got no time for fancy sales pitches and showroom gimmicks – just total integrity, expert knowledge, and friendly service. Their services are designed to save you time and money and reduce downtime.

What sets AutoKeepers Bowen Hills apart from the competition is its focus on quality. They are a mobile mechanic who provides top-notch service and expert repairs. With no overheads to maintain, we can price our work affordably – passing on the savings to you. No matter if you’re searching for a full inspection or a simple oil change, they’ll keep your car in tip-top shape. They take pride in their work and support their customers so they can feel safe about their vehicles.

Find out why their customers are raving about them and the work they do. For a long time, they’ve been inspecting cars for their friends and family in Brisbane. It’s always been a labor of love for them. The vehicle inspection industry is expanding rapidly and they want to help it grow. Their goal is to be the best in your city.

Phone Number:+61 7 3547 4952

Address: 184 Abbotsford Rd, Bowen Hills QLD 4006, Australia


4. AutoKeepers Coorparoo

At AutoKeepers, we pride ourselves on offering excellent service for all your car care needs. Their team of experts is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible and always ensuring that you leave our shop feeling satisfied. They take great pride in their commitment to customer service and promise that you’ll be happy with your results when you choose them for service on your car. At Auto Keepers Coorparoo, they believe that a first-class service experience is the only way to ensure customers’ return.

Their focus is on quality mechanical work and exceptional customer care, which we believe will bring you a lifetime of the business. For many drivers, cars are both a hobby and a financial investment — that’s why it’s so important to find trustworthy mechanics that will keep vehicles running smoothly for years. They offer high levels of trust and personal attention to every customer — because they are passionate about treating people the way that they would want to be treated.

With a focus on safety and security, the entire staff ensures that their customers are happy and the vehicle is fixed to the highest standard possible — using leading-edge technology, a welcoming environment, and personal attention from everyone at the shop. With over 20 years of experience in all areas of vehicle maintenance, they are your local experts for all your auto mechanic needs.

Phone Number: (07) 3540 5985

Address:48B Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo QLD 4151, Australia


5. Night & Day Auto Care Mobile

All while providing you with a direct point of contact with our head office to provide your experience with the highest quality service. Night & Day Auto Care Mobile specializes in keeping your vehicle running at peak performance. Whether you’ve got a clunker that just won’t die or a new vehicle ready to take a chance on, visit Night & Day Auto Care Mobile for your service and maintenance needs.

Mobile mechanics are vital to the automotive industry because they bring a personal touch to an otherwise cold process. With their ability to inspect and repair all kinds of vehicles, from passenger cars to commercial trucks, mobile mechanics serve a crucial role in the maintenance of both cars and trucks — keeping people on the road with safe vehicles.

Their team is well-versed in safety management and has undergone intensive training to guarantee a level of accountability and trust that customers have come to expect from their brand. They provide new and used car buyers with the expert care at affordable prices, ensuring that you can always count on them for all of your car repair needs. Their mechanics have years of experience working with all kinds of cars and trucks in a variety of industries — from trucks to SUVs or even heavy trucks, they do it all.

Phone Number: 0438 833 106

Address: 37 Tillyroen Rd, Ormeau Hills QLD 4208, Australia


6. Johnnygo Services Property Management

Johnnygo Services Property Management is dedicated to vehicle inspection, from family cars to exotic sports cars. Spoil yourself with a service or repair today. With high standards, great integrity, and an eye for detail, there’s no job too big or small for them. Everything from a Honda Fit to a BMW M3 is handled with care and respect in the Johnnygo Services workshop.

Johnnygo Services Property Management is the car care expert in Brisbane. They have over 5 years of experience in servicing cars, whether they’re new or old! Johnnygo Services is Brisbane’s go-to shop for expert vehicle inspection, maintenance, and repair services. The company takes pride in ensuring that your car stays running smoothly and efficiently, year after year.

Providing high-quality repair services that everyone can afford, is changing the way people maintain their vehicles. One of Johnnygo Services Property Management’s most innovative features is integrated automotive diagnostics. By using this service, customers can get a more thorough vehicle inspection, with fewer parts replaced and fewer unnecessary repairs.

Name: Johnnygo Services Property Management

Phone Number: 0424 979 667

Address: Brisbane, 4011, Sandgate Road 552,


7. Express Auto Inspections

Express Auto Inspections want to help you reach the garage door repair and maintenance company that has a proven track record in customer satisfaction, high-quality workmanship, and competitive pricing. They are your local garage door specialists and they service all brands. Express Auto Inspections is the leading local car repair service in Australia. With their flexible schedule and convenient mobile mechanics, they’re able to help you with all your car care needs.

They provide a comprehensive checklist of tasks that will get your car back on the road in no time. Their mobile mechanic service inspects your vehicle from bumper to bumper, making sure that your car is in tip-top shape and safe to drive around. They guarantee that if anything needs to be fixed, they’ll let you know — saving you the money, hassle, and stress of not knowing. When you hire their team, they’ll never leave a detail overlooked.

Express Auto Inspections is a property management company for Brisbane city. Every vehicle they are involved with gets a personal touch, geared towards your particular needs. Express Auto Inspections works directly with a large network of specialist technicians who share their trained eyes. They provide personalized service so that you can be confident in their thorough findings and report writing ability.

Phone Number:1300 809 995

Address: 1589 Wynnum Rd, Tingalpa QLD 4173, Australia


8. EURO STARZ Automotive

EURO STARZ Automotive offers a variety of automotive services, from vehicle inspection to vehicle maintenance, to certified detailing, and car repair — they have you covered. With a focus on customer success and satisfaction, their emphasis on direct communication ensures that we’ll work together to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. By using precision equipment and industry best practices, technicians inspect vehicles to detect faults that could cause costly repairs.

To maintain customer satisfaction and trust, the company provides high levels of accountability for its customers by providing a high-quality Car Care experience. At EURO STARZ Automotive is ready to help your car look new and perform like it should, no matter what the make or model. Under the hood, they are committed to using the best products and equipment that are backed by hard-working professionals who have a passion for cars.

Phone Number: +61 7 3191 8613

Address: 2b/32 Meadow Ave, Coopers Plains QLD 4108, Australia


9. Prestige Automotive

At Prestige Automotive, your vehicle inspection is handled in a friendly, professional manner. They’ll never try to sell you something that isn’t broken. They’re an independent company and they’re not affiliated with any dealers or manufacturers. You can trust them to fix what’s wrong. They know what their customers want. And they never, ever let them down. The team here at Prestige Automotive is easy to talk to and offers great advice.

Enjoy the comfort of your home while you watch Prestige Automotive take care of your car. Prestige Automotive offers a variety of automotive services, from vehicle inspection to vehicle maintenance, to certified detailing, and car repair — they have you covered. With a focus on customer success and satisfaction, their emphasis on direct communication ensures that they’ll work together to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Phone Number: +61 467 676 087

Address: 134 Wecker Rd, Mansfield, Queensland, QLD, Australia 4122


10. Mansfield Motors

Mansfield Motors has a wide variety of commercial vehicles and trailers on offer, with an emphasis on applying known rigor to the inspection process of customer vehicles. Their trained eyes, combined with their commitment to accountability, transparency, and trust, meaning that their customers can have confidence in their purchase or hire.

Mansfield Motors also provides a range of vehicle care services and products, including vehicle detailing services and car care supplies. Their expert mechanics are trained to work on all makes and models and their diagnostic equipment allows them to give you an accurate quote before any repair or maintenance is begun.

Phone Number: (07) 3343 5722

Address: 238 Newnham Rd, Mount Gravatt QLD 4122, Australia



These vehicles inspectors mentioned above are some best companies that will offer quality service to the customers. You can easily get a good inspection of your vehicle by choosing any one of them.

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