When Listings10 Best Surveyors In Adelaide

10 Best Surveyors In Adelaide

Want to find out the best Surveyors in Adelaide? It’s a great city to live in, has beautiful beaches and the weather is ideal for most of the year (the past couple of years have seen slightly below average rainfall but we can live with that). How do you find an experienced Surveyor in Adelaide though? The usual method is to ask a friend or colleague who they recommend, but sometimes they don’t know the best one to use.

Perhaps they simply don’t have enough projects on at the same time. Get a good surveyor who can handle your project and help you get it done right, and on time. Here we have listed the best surveyors in Adelaide – your search is over!

1. Reliable Surveys Pty Ltd

Reliable Surveys Pty Ltd

When it comes to surveying land, Reliable Surveys is the team for the job. Their dedicated crew will take your property from a blank slate to a detailed map in no time. They offer a variety of surveying services, from simple property staking and surveys to detailed parcel mapping. Every project is customized to fit your needs, so call them today for an estimate! When you’re building a new home or adding an addition to your existing house, there are many factors that your builder will need to consider — among them, the placement of the boundary lines on your property.

The required measurements aren’t always easy to obtain by yourself. Therefore, professional surveying services can make all the difference in helping to avoid expensive mistakes further down the line. A one-stop shop for all your land surveying needs, Reliable Surveys is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible service. They specialize in researching and creating surveys, plans, and maps for subdivisions. They also offer land survey services for residential builders and property developers.

The experienced team here at Reliable Surveys can help you locate property boundaries and assist you with all surveying needs. They have built a reputation over the past thirty years in the surveying industry, and they look forward to helping you.

Phone Number: +61 416 366 387

Address:6 Sherwin Ct, Fulham SA 5024, Australia

Website: https://www.reliablesurveys.com.au/

2. Hennig Co P L

Hennig Co P L

Hennig & Co. is an established surveying company that provides its clients with professional, high-quality services and a great amount of experience. Through the use of modern technology, you know you’ll get precise results. For over 45 years, their firm has been providing surveying and planning services to the public and private sectors. In their time they have provided thousands of consumers with honest advice, delivered promptly for a fair price. They believe your desires are met using the latest technology. You can count on them to provide you with the kind of service you deserve.

They are a team of highly skilled Licensed Surveyors who love nothing more than working with clients to help them reach their goals. They are dedicated to providing exceptional service and expert advice. Their team’s vast experience, in combination with state-of-the-art technology, makes them the perfect choice for surveying and planning needs of any size. They offer a full range of surveying and land valuations services to help you set up your new building construction. Their team can also handle boundary surveying for new fence construction or detailed wall design for your next home addition or renovation project.

Phone Number: +61 8 8297 0883

Address: Adelaide St, St Marys NSW 2760, Australia

Website: https://www.hennig.com.au/

3. Donaghey Surveyors

Donaghey Surveyors

Donaghey Surveyors is the leading surveying service provider in the country. It offers high-quality, cost-effective land division services and boundary surveys to property owners in all parts of Australia. The company’s experienced team of professionals can help you with property divisions, boundary surveys, and other important projects, helping to ensure that you get a great return on your investment. Donaghey Surveyors is an experienced and friendly surveying company that enjoys satisfying customer demands. Donaghey Surveyors services a wide range of clients from the residential market to large developers and contractors.

They have a team that can take on all your surveying requirements, whether you are extending your house, building a new structure, or have had problems with a neighbor, they can help. Their team is friendly and easy to work with. They’ve got the best team around, and they’re not just here to do a job — they’re there to do a purpose. Their experts will use the latest technology and methods (and our experienced eye) to make sure that your lands are divided properly and never mis-measured again.

Phone Number: 0413 802 732

Address: Glenelg, South Australia 5045, Australia

Website: http://www.donagheysurveyors.com.au/

4. Direct Labour

Direct Labour

At Direct Labour, they want to help you get your dream home at affordable prices. To help you, they work closely with you to understand your requirements completely. They do this by taking into account your budget and your preferences. They will then provide you with a detailed report on the works that need to be carried out in your home and the estimated costs involved. At Direct Labour, they aim to save you time and money with their hands-on approach. They can help you get things done faster, so you can enjoy your property with peace of mind. At Direct Labour, they bring together two things that matter to you.

First, a high-quality team of installers who are experts at what they do. Second, is the ability to get the job done before you need it. Using their expertise, they can transform any home without needing to break the bank. They want to know what your project is, how much it’s worth and when you need it done. Bring on the job! After they’ve surveyed your property, they’ll give you three detailed quotes and they’ll fast-track the works so your construction project can get moving!

Phone Number: 0419 850 805

Address: St Andrews St, Walkerville SA 5081, Australia

Website: http://www.directlabour.com.au/

5. Pinksterboer Property

Pinksterboer Property

Whether you’re working on a carport or getting a new fence installed, they know the best ways to go about it. They can even find out what positioning works best for a new wall or building, increasing accuracy and saving you money! Pinksterboer Property has the right equipment, software, and people to deliver the best-quality surveying services you can find. They’re honest fair, reliable, and committed to getting the job done right. They’ll help you sort out any project-related issues and make sure that you are happy with the result.

Whether you are extending your home, erecting a shed, or planning to build an office block, their highly skilled team can be sure that you will get the best service. Their skilled team provides all necessary reports and can advise on any building project. Also, they will provide you with a fully detailed report of your chosen property’s boundaries.

If you are planning to start a building project and need to know the exact boundaries of your property, Pinksterboer Property is the company for you. They can advise you on the best way to go about any construction project, whether you are extending your home, erecting a shed, or planning to build an office block.

Phone Number: +61 8 8340 2207

Address: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Website: http://www.pinksterboer.com.au/

6. State Surveys

State Surveys

State Survey is a locally owned surveying practice with offices in Adelaide and Mildura, they provide surveying services to local & international clients. From property development, mining, construction and to urban and engineering design. Their friendly staff is ready to help you come up with the best solution for your next project. State Surveys is a locally owned survey office in Adelaide that provides spatial solutions to government and commercial entities across South Australia.

With over two decades of experience, you can rely on them to navigate you through any number of spatial and survey challenges in the Adelaide area. With more than 30 years of experience in professional land surveying and resource development, their dedicated team is ready to work with you to determine the requirements for your project. They specialize in all types of surveys, natural resource development, as well as designs that are suitable for any industry or purpose.

Phone Number: (08) 8293 2939

Address: 465B South Rd, Keswick SA 5035, Australia

Website: http://www.statesurveys.com.au/

7. Heritage Geomatics

Heritage Geomatics provides everything from land surveying to resource development and urban design. They work across a broad range of industries providing solutions that meet your objectives and budgets. Their objective is to provide their clients with the best spatial and surveying solutions, building design solutions, geographic information solutions, and engineering design solutions possible.

Heritage Geomatics has a team of registered professional engineers, certified professional planners, and licensed professional surveyors. They are also members of the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Canadian Institute of Geomatics, and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers.

They strive to be in a position where they are regarded as a reliable and responsive business partner committed to the service of their clients. Heritage Geomatics can help you find your way. With a range of surveying and support services, their local experts are always happy to assist. At Heritage Geomatics, they operate with integrity and pride, offering you effective and professional surveying services.

Phone Number: +61 422 441 780

Address: Ingle Farm, South Australia 5098, Australia

Website: https://www.heritagegeomatics.com.au/

8. Lock Surveys

Lock Surveys

Lock Surveys is a professional surveying company that offers customers high-quality design and construction services related to pre-purchase building inspection reports, general Inspection

Lock Surveys has been in the Surveying industry for the past decade. Pre-purchase building inspection reports are one of their core competencies. Their surveyors go beyond being simply a land measurement service — they offer high-quality surveying services, such as water and drain testing and topographical surveys. Lock Surveys are hired by property owners and home builders who want high-quality, expert advice.

For more than a decade, clients have come to Lock Surveys with their most challenging problems. They look at them as impartial third parties who have the skills to solve problems and the integrity to provide unbiased advice. They’ve been in business for over ten years and will make sure you’re as comfortable with them as possible when it comes to asking questions about your new home or business.

Phone Number: +61 407 719 455

Address: Clapham, South Australia 5062, Australia

Website: https://www.lock-surveys.com.au/

9. Standley Surveys

Standley Surveys

Standley Surveys is a Registered Surveys Contractor specializing in development and project management. Since 1997, Standley Surveys has been providing clients with high-quality services including land development and Project Management. So, whether you’re looking to build a property from scratch or sell the home you currently have, they are confident they can help. Standley Surveys offers an exceptional level of service with its professional approach to the delivery of surveying services.

With more than a decade of experience in delivering services to medium-to-large scale projects, they have the skills and knowledge to provide unbiased advice to you. Standley Surveys are experts in land, infrastructure, and construction. Having built their reputation on time, quality, safety, and value for money; people know they can trust them to get it right. They’re committed to providing high-quality surveying services and products, and look forward to working with you!

Phone Number: +61 419 781 738

Address: Santana Rd, Campbelltown NSW 2560, Australia

Website: https://www.standley-surveys.com.au/

10. Ava Construction

Ava Construction

Ava Construction is an industry leader in surveying — providing state-of-the-art technology to ensure our clients receive the best information possible. Their engineers and technicians work hard each day to ensure that clients receive the highest quality advice and services available. Ava Construction provides accurate and trustworthy results from their experts, who bring innovation and expertise to every job. They are highly skilled and creative professionals who provide high-quality advice and services whilst being friendly and approachable.

Phone Number:+61 1300 208 960

Address: Suite 3 /Pacific Highway, Gordon 2072, Gordon NSW 2073, Australia

Website: https://www.avaconstruction.com.au/


The mentioned above companies are extremely proficient when it comes to conducting a survey. They use the latest technology and well-trained professionals to complete the job with efficiency. so what are you waiting for, just hire any one of the 10 best surveyors in Adelaide?

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