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Most Popular Software as a Service (SAAS) Products

The Internet endows us with fantastic cloud-based products that can boost your business growth and productivity. Software as a service, also known as SAAS, continues to change the lives and prospects of millions of businesspeople and customers worldwide. In this article, you will find out about more wonderful SAAS products that can meet your needs and help set your path to success.


                Bit Tech Labs Inc. offers what they consider as the most powerful collaboration platform. Bit.ai has a myriad of features and functionalities that attracted Harvard University, the University of Michigan, Canon, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and The New York Stem Cell Foundation. Their users can enjoy organized workspaces, real-time notifications, simple access permission systems, and sleek collaboration. Editors and writers can create interactive discussions, comments, and attachments. Moreover, you can track user engagement, generate leads, and help with file management. Bit Tech Labs Inc proudly declares that this SAAS can replace Google Docs and Microsoft Word.


                Do you want to create a stunning business card, infographic poster, social media promotion, or greeting card? Perhaps, you want to edit your images like a pro. Then, Canva is the SAAS for you. Developed by the company that bears the same name, Canva is used by millions around the world. It features sophisticated photo filters, millions of stock photos, hundreds of specially made fonts, and a simple point-and-click service that someone can learn for 23 seconds (as they say). With this famous online software you can try for free, you can make beautiful presentations and images even at your first encounter with it.


                As businesses expand, effective communication grows harder and harder. Different departments have to coordinate as projects demand attention and coordination. Employers must oversee the complex movement of tasks and assignments while workers have to collaborate to succeed. If you want a service that is proven effective by over 750,000 companies, check out Slack. Other than being a messaging platform, Slack features channels, workflow builder, app integrations, encryption, and video calls. It is also supported by desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones, making it flexible for the workplace. Slack is trusted by Fox, Lonely Planet, and Target.


                If a SAAS is used by UNICEF, Google, Adobe, and Pinterest, that proves something about that software. If your business is on its way to becoming the next megacorporation, you must prepare for great projects, robust teamwork, and diverse operations. Trello will help you reach your goals. With a reputation attested by millions of teams worldwide, Trello has interactive features like built-in workflow automation, organized team boards, and task cards. This online software aims to make team dynamics seem like a fun game while accomplishing tasks, meeting deadlines, and achieving success.


                Social media analytics does not have to be expensive and complicated. With Buffer, understanding your audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is so easy and quick. Trusted by Huckberry, Spotify, and Food 52, this SAAS has a straightforward dashboard for your social media metrics. You will be notified every day about your progress, viewer demographics, engagement rate, and reach.


                Your business services need to reach your potential clients, and your voice needs to be heard. At the same time, you have to take care of the people you serve. One company offers a SAAS that can optimize your customer relationship management (CRM): Hubspot.

                Hubspot, since June 2006, is used by over 86,000 customers and followed on social media by millions in 120 countries. The company offers different services you can subscribe to based on your needs. Marketing Hub can help you generate sales leads, grow your business traffic, attract visitors, and analyze data. Sales Hub and Service Hub feature more advanced CRM, automated mundane business tasks, scheduling, and live chat, among many others. Meanwhile, CMS Hub gives marketer subscribers a drag-and-drop page editor, search engine optimization, adaptive testing, and campaigns.


                For sure, you want to make your customers happy. They will truly be joyful knowing that the business they work with is a message away and cares for them. Zendesk is the ultimate consumer engagement software and help-desk SAAS that will boost your reputation and public image. No wonder why it is utilized by reputable companies like Slack, Tesco, Shopify, Open Table, and Stanley Black & Decker. You pay for what you need with their package solutions that will allow you to build rapport with your consumers. Zendesk allows you to have integrated call support, live chats and messaging, support suite, app integration, and user analytics.


                You must be a forward-thinking person. In fact, you are here reading about the latest SAAS trends that will benefit your business or company. Thus, you might also be aware that people love interactive media like videos and animations. One of the best SAAS video platforms out there is Wistia. This online service allows their clients to post captivating and clear videos (no matter what their resolution may be) onto your pages and websites. By embedding your media and Wistia to your sites, your videos will get spiced up into TV-quality and binge-worthy promotions. You can captivate more viewers, motivate them to take action, modify the player, and track audience data. What is even more exciting is its SEO capabilities, heatmap data, CRM integrations, interactive tools on your media player, and app integrations.

Survey Monkey

                What does it take for a business to be considered fantastic? If a SAAS is used by 98% of the Fortune 500 list of companies, it might have what it takes. SurveyMonkey is intuitive; it is perhaps the best survey software available on the Internet. Surveys serve as the voice of your business to the clients, and with SurveyMonkey, it does not have to be dull and boring. This SAAS allows you to make attractive and beautiful surveys. It also features advanced artificial intelligence that can give you expert-written samples, success rate estimates, and practice advisory. Once the survey forms are distributed and answered, you can instantly conduct analytics and market research. Moreover, this service offers confidentiality and encryption based on ethical standards at all times.

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