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Essential Softwares for Your Business

Whether you own a startup business or a megacorporation, the digital age provides powerful tools and software. They can provide increased productivity, better financial and workforce management, and improved communication for every part of your establishment. As technology continues to improve, these become much more flexible; what you could only do on your desktop personal computers before is likely to be available on your mobile phones as well. Thus, what are the programs that will boost your business performance and output?


            The market is more competitive than ever. If you are a small business owner, each piece of advice from experienced and intelligent entrepreneurs is precious. Score offers free business mentoring to those who enroll and want to succeed. In their partnership with the United States Small Business Administration, this organization has helped over 11 million businesspeople since its foundation in 1964. The mentors from Score can talk to their clients through phone calls, emails, and videos.


            Setting deadlines, schedules, and workflows are integral for the successful performance of your business. But as a business owner or a team leader, it is very challenging to observe so many things happening at once. This struggle does not include the unique capabilities and dynamics of every worker and department. In the fast-paced modern world, calendars and to-do lists have become static, indeed.

            Asana understands the needs of modern businesses and organizations that want to succeed. It is more than a calendar—with this app, you can view all projects, assign tasks, and motivate collaboration. It is versatile, easy to use, and pleasing as well. Moreover, you can customize your workflows and business processes while supervising their outputs. What a dream come true for business owners and leaders!

            It is used and enjoyed by NASA, General Electric, Spotify, The New York Times, US AID, and Danone, a European world-leading food company.

Google Workplace (formerly named G Suite)

            As Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. dominate the Internet, they launched the reputable Google Workplace for businesses and establishments. This subscription integrates the wonderful cloud services offered by Google, including Google Drive (including its office productivity software), Google Meet, and Google Analytics. The latter is so important for your business website and online platforms since it measures customer insights and data.

            Google Workplace intensifies collaboration in your business as various departments and teams can edit documents and conduct file-sharing real-time, wherever they are. The cloud storage offered by Google can also give you over one terabyte of data depending on your subscription package.

Freshworks Business Services

            Improved customer service is one of the most expected business features now. As technology progresses, clients expect seamless communication whenever they have inquiries, concerns, and questions. Sadly, some businesses still fall short of this responsibility.

            Freshworks, since its founding in 2010, provides one of the best customer service programs and platforms in the market now. You can subscribe to their wide list of applications and software based on your needs. They have Freshdesk (for customer service and support teams), Freshchat (for website messaging), Freshteam (for human resources and employee management), Freshcaller (a call center software and cloud-based phone system supported in over 90 countries), Freshservice (for IT services), and Freshsales (a program for business sales department).

            This company serves for Cisco, Honda, Boss, Bridgestone, and Pearson, among 40,000 businesses worldwide.


Effective communication is vital for the success of your business or corporation. Announcements have to be made, protocols must be monitored, and updates should be made. But what is the best practice to do so? Emails can be piled up with stacks of promotions, social media platforms can be saturated, and messaging apps can confuse. What is the communication software that can help your business grow while maintaining each part coordinated?

 Slack is used by 750,000, including Fox, Lonely Planet, Target, and Kiva. It features channels that can subdivide departments, topics, and forums. Including the basic features of email and messaging apps, Slack can integrate 2,200 services (including Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365), automate routine actions, and stimulate collaboration between teams. Plus, it is secure and protected.

Intuit Quickbooks

            As your business starts to grow, your finances might further go complicated. While you watch for profit growth and return on investments, there are taxes to pay and liabilities to work on. You also have to purchase upgrades and spend on your capital, among other many expenditures.

            Intuit Quickbooks, used by 4.5 million customers worldwide, helps its users organize their finances with unlimited customer support. With its intuitive and simple interface, you can monitor your expenses, profits, losses, and important financial data. You can quickly set up invoices, pay your bills, manage payrolls, and manage your money. Quickbooks is also cloud-based and strictly secured.


            Perhaps you want to launch campaigns to extend the reach of your business. Maybe you seek more avenues other than advertisements on web pages. If you want to enhance your business publicity, you can check out MailChimp.

This fantastic marketing service helps business owners launch high-level email advertising and newsletters. It offers basic email message personalization, templates, signup forms, and subscription details. MailChimp’s easy-to-use feature helps clients make professional emails to be sent to people. Moreover, the service also provides analytics and segment data. No wonder why it has about 57% market share worldwide!


            Understanding your clients’ demographics and the customers’ backgrounds is fundamental to the success of your business. Sales should be studied and finances should be watched to maximize your growth. But Tableau, the ultimate data analytics service, offers so much more. It is the most powerful and phenomenal data visualization tool used in information science and business intelligence now.

            Tableau has intuitive and self-service data management that is easy to follow. It can also project map data and information translated into engaging graphs and metrics. Moreover, it is cloud-based and secure. No wonder why it is used by Verizon, Starbucks, St. Mary’s Bank, and the British National Health Service. It also has a free package available for smaller businesses.

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