Building Inspectors10 Best Building Inspectors in Adelaide

10 Best Building Inspectors in Adelaide

Not all building inspectors are created equal. Sure, all of them inspect buildings and cite you with regulations if you’re doing something wrong. But the best building inspectors in Adelaide will also do much more than simply cite you for violations; they’ll steer you in the right direction and help your business become more efficient and productive.

A building inspection can make or break a development. It goes beyond simply ensuring the structural integrity of a property and is an essential part of due diligence. Picking the right building inspector in Adelaide might be difficult because there are many to choose from and most aren’t regulated by any industry bodies, but when it comes to conducting, experience, training, and accreditation only a handful stand out.

1. House Buyers Building Inspections

House Buyers Building Inspections

Homebuyers can trust House Buyers Building Inspections as it provides peace of mind with its comprehensive inspection reports, including a video and document. A highly responsive and professional inspection service, the business is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure homebuyers are satisfied with their service. Homeowners can feel assured that their investment is in good hands with a building and pest inspection from House Buyers Building Inspections.

Building and pest inspections are essential for homebuyers to understand the condition of the property they are buying. With 18 years of experience, House Buyers Building Inspections is an experienced home inspector who can provide a detailed inspection report with recommendations for any issues. With Prompt personal service: House Buyers Building Inspections will send you the inspection report within 24 hours, with photos included to show you evidence of any damage to your property.

The team offers comprehensive, accurate, and flexible services that cater to the individual needs of each client. House Buyers Building Inspections provides detailed, experience-oriented building inspection services, backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Name: House Buyers Building Inspections

Phone Number: 0412 950 667

Address: Evandale, SA


2. Building Inspections Hub

Building Inspections Hub

To provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive home inspection possible, we make use of the most technologically-advanced equipment available. At Building Inspections Hub Inspections, they’ve been excelling in this area for years, helping both property owners and homebuyers make informed decisions about which properties to buy or not buy. While many building inspectors have licenses and qualifications from the state government, their architect is registered with the Australian Government.

When you’re putting your hard-earned money into a new home or self-build, building inspections are the best way to ensure your project is safe, up to code, and stress-free. Building Inspection Hub offers a choice of inspection options for every budget, including a premium package that comes with detailed photos and an itemized report. Get building inspections with Building Inspection Hub, where exceptional customer service is just as important as a fast turnaround.

Building Inspections Hub is the first company to offer rapid, precise, affordable building inspections on a door-to-door basis. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, it has a team of dedicated, skilled engineers and staff who will provide you with all the information you need before beginning your project.

The inspection process is pretty straightforward: after picking your preferred date and time, you’ll be asked to pay via credit card or electronic payment account.

Name: Building Inspections Hub

Phone Number: 0426 447 458

Address: Felixstow, SA


3. SA Residential Building Inspections

SA Residential Building Inspections

SA Residential Building Inspections has inspectors all across Australia, who can provide clients with the best building inspection services. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, their building inspections will help you save a lot of money, by ensuring that any faults in the structure are caught as soon as possible. Buying a property? The building or renovating your home?

Whatever stage you’re at in the buying and building process, you’ll need to know if what you’re getting is up to scratch. Your investment depends on it — don’t take any chances! SA Residential Building Inspections are here for you. SA Residential Building Inspections can provide rapid, precise, affordable, and reliable building inspections to make sure your new home is safe and sound. They have hundreds of customers who trust them with their homes, and they’re there to help you find out what’s wrong before it becomes a problem!

You can also use SA Residential Building Inspections as your go-to resource for DIY tips, useful guides, and industry news. When it comes to buying a new house, you should be confident that you are making a sound investment. SA Residential Building Inspections provides the highest quality building inspections for residential homes in Adelaide and the surrounding area.

Name: SA Residential Building Inspections

Phone Number: +61 434 626 131

Address: Adelaide, SA


4. Beyond Built Inspections

Beyond Built Inspections

At Beyond Built Inspections, they aim to provide fast and reliable building and pest inspections for homes and commercial properties within 75 Kms of the Adelaide CBD. Their expert reports are detailed, including photos that pinpoint the exact areas of concern. With access to a large fleet of vehicles and a team of experienced and professional inspectors, they can handle all types of inspections, from basic to specialist jobs. They provide fast and reliable services, with detailed photographic reports sent to our customers within 24 hours.

Their goal is to provide expert inspection services to help our clients make informed decisions when buying or selling a property. In addition to our professional building and pest inspections, they provide home energy audits and remediation — as well as budget-friendly maintenance strategies. Yes, you heard that right. They offer free quotes on every service! Beyond Built Inspections’ easy-to-use booking system ensures you get the inspection you want at a time that’s convenient for you — whether it’s 2 pm today or 8 am next week.

Name: Beyond Built Inspections

Phone Number: 0467 667 785

Address: West Lakes, SA


5. House Inspect Australia

House Inspect Australia

House Inspect Australia is a one-stop-shop for all your pre-purchase building inspection needs. Using their years of building industry experience and knowledge, they will prepare you before purchasing a home, so that you can make confident decisions with the information at hand. From homeowners to investors, real estate agents to first home buyers they provide you with a thorough and detailed building inspection report.

At House Inspect Australia, they take pride in the customer service, reliability, and safety of their reports. The House Inspect Australia pre-purchase building inspection includes a detailed report that covers not only the property’s structural integrity but also how well the plumbing, electrics, and roofing systems are working and whether or not the property is pesticide-free. Let House Inspect Australia deliver peace of mind by providing you with a thorough and professional building, pest, and environmental inspection.

Their friendly, experienced house inspector will ensure you are aware of any major defects in your home. While their house inspection service is generally targeted at property investors, anyone who may be buying a property or planning extensive renovations can benefit from it. With its innovative smartphone booking, clients can easily schedule inspections and communicate directly with inspectors, who provide detailed photographic reports with recommendations within 24 hours.

Name: House Inspect Australia

Phone Number: 1800 442 878

Address: Underdale, SA


6. Express Building and Pest Inspections

Sometimes, a building or pest inspection alone can’t provide all the answers building owners want. If you’re having issues with your property that require slightly more advanced sampling techniques or inspections, then Express Pest and Building Inspections is here to help. For enhanced and accelerated results, they regularly use industry-standard equipment such as XRF analyzers, certified resins, and other advanced equipment for testing water and air samples.

They also perform testing for methamphetamine residue when required. They have years of experience in the industry and have worked hard to source industry-leading software that enables them to deliver unrivaled service. The software allows them to carry out all kinds of inspections, including pest, building, and asbestos tests. Whether you’re purchasing a home and doing an inspection beforehand, or you’re buying a property already built, the importance of accurate, timely building and pest inspections can be overlooked.

Pest inspections are vital to know what you’re dealing with in regards to insect infestation, woodworm damage, termite mounds, and any other vermin and pests that may be lurking around. Express Building and Pest Inspections is your one-stop shop for all of your home inspection needs. Their technicians have undergone extensive training to ensure they can confidently complete any job you require.

Name: Express Building and Pest Inspections

Phone Number: 0438 402 689

Address: Nigel Lane, Hackham, SA


7. Hrm Services Group Pty Ltd

Hrm Services Group Pty Ltd

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Their friendly, consultative approach is what makes them the best in their industry. Hrm Services Group Pty Ltd specializes in quality building inspections for both residential and commercial properties. At Hrm Services Group Pty Ltd, they pride themselves on their professionalism, outstanding customer service, and first-class work.

They have a large range of services to fit your needs along with great availability at different times of the week. Expect the best. Hrm Services Group Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated building inspection company owned by an experienced builder and they have been servicing homeowners, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers for years. They deliver on every promise, no matter how big or small. Their goal is to always deliver exceptional service and 100% satisfaction in everything they do.

Building inspectors and pest technicians living in Adelaide know they will not only find a quality pre-purchase building inspection or pre-purchase pest inspection but that the entire process will be conducted professionally and meticulously. With years of industry experience, they are prepared for anything! At Hrm Services Group Pty Ltd they realize that their success is conditional on your success and thus they do everything possible to help make your transition simple and trouble-free.

Name: Hrm Services Group Pty Ltd

Phone Number: 0420 545 989

Address: Fulham Gardens, SA


8. Licensed Building Inspections

Every year, thousands of people use Licensed Building Inspections to protect their investment by getting a quality building inspection on their homes. Every inspector at Licensed Building Inspections is licensed and insured and is dedicated to helping you make the right home buying decision. We’re here to help take all the stress out of your transaction and make sure that everything is 100% right before you close on your new dream home. Want a building inspection that delivers 100% satisfaction? Licensed Building Inspections is the choice of real estate agents and mortgage brokers across Australia.

The business is locally owned and operated by experienced builders, ensuring the highest quality of service. The company personally handles every inspection, ensuring its customers receive the attention they need. You can see how much it helped their listing by looking at the number of views, amount of reviews, and amount of social shares. Licensed Building Inspections takes pride in providing top-notch service to everyone, whether they need building inspections or pest inspections. Licensed Building Inspections have you covered! Licensed Building Inspections deliver on their commitment to clients, no matter the issue.

With years of experience under their belt, Licensed Building Inspections can perfectly meet all needs and go the extra mile for every client. In addition to performing home inspections, the professionals at Licensed Building Inspections can also help clients repair damaged siding and get a new roof for their homes.

Name: Licensed Building Inspections

Phone Number: 0417 762 584

Address: Adelaide, SA


9. True Building Solutions

Your home is your castle. Why let defects and risks go undetected? Seeking a building inspector in Adelaide? When it comes to getting a building inspection, you can trust True Building Solutions inspectors and experience to provide you with a comprehensive, professional service.

Their inspections are valuable in helping you find any faults or defects in any part of the property so that you can make an informed decision, while their customer service will make you feel satisfied during and after their inspection. They’re so confident in their building inspectors’ capabilities, that they’ll insist you have one if you buy a property through them. Professionally. Thoroughly. Like only they can.

Name: True Building Solutions

Phone Number: 0415 908 758

Address: HEWETT SA 5118


10. Mates Rates Pest Control

Mates Rates Pest Control provides quality, unbiased building inspections for their clients. They understand that each client has different priorities and goals — from a home buyer who wants to identify any problems with the house before buying it, to a seller such as an agent or real estate broker who wants to get the best price for a home.

Mates Rates Pest Control is especially important for first-time homebuyers, who don’t have as much experience with their new purchases. They work hard to ensure that every customer gets the highest level of service possible, including thorough inspections, efficient communication, and helpful recommendations for preventing future problems.

Name: Mates Rates Pest Control

Phone Number: 0403 137 582

Address: Smithfield, Adelaide, SA



The list above of the 10 best building inspectors in Adelaide can help you with your building inspection needs. Peruse the list to find the right company for you, and rest easy knowing that if you choose the recommended companies, your business or home should be safe.

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