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10 Best Valuers In Melbourne

Valuers are the persons who are fully trained, licensed, and insured to estimate the present market value of the real property. Melbourne is the biggest city in Victoria and the capital of Australia. This is a very important point to note. It is also one of the most popular cities in the country. Each year, thousands of people decide to relocate to Melbourne. If you are one of them and want to be taken care of by a valuer, all you need to do is make sure that you choose the best valuers in Melbourne. You could opt either for online platforms or directly go to the website of a specific valuer below are the 1o best though!

1. Bertacco Ferrier Property Consultants

Bertacco Ferrier Property Consultants are committed to providing professional service to the property finance industry. Their goal is to offer an invaluable resource for financiers, developers, investors, and industrialists. They operate out of state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that their clients receive the highest quality information about properties for sale and properties for rent. Bertacco Ferrier Property Consultants (BFPC) are experts in the property finance industry. When you need help buying, selling, or financing a piece of property, they’re available to help you make it happen.

Since their founding in 2010, they’ve worked exclusively with investors, solicitors, accountants, developers, and industrialists to keep your business flourishing. BFPC has proven itself trustworthy by upholding the values of integrity and confidentiality. With a focus on professional relationships, they aim to provide you with the best service possible. Their team of professionals strives to provide exceptional work and aims to build a strong foundation of trust between their customers and themselves.

Phone Number: 1300 108 000

Address: CBD, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Website: http://www.bmfvaluers.com.au/

2. Sovereign Valuations

Sovereign Valuations has a team of dedicated, expert property valuers who deliver accurate and impartial advice. Their strategic partnerships give them access to information on assets and real estate worldwide, while their flexibility enables them to quickly meet your specific needs. They carry out thorough due diligence for each of their clients to ensure that they receive the best advice possible to help them navigate this complex area of law. These professionals are responsible for determining the property value, price, and related information needed before buying or selling a property.

Their hardworking team is focused on providing the highest level of service to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. They help financial institutions to make sound decisions when issuing mortgages and making rights offerings. They also provide services to individual homeowners and realtors looking to make the best possible deal for their property.

Phone Number: 1300 710 000

Address: William St, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Website: https://www.sovereignvaluations.com.au/

3. All Suburb Valuers

All Suburb Valuers offers high-quality, professional valuations for residential and commercial properties across Melbourne. They provide an all-inclusive service, so you don’t have to worry about anything—they even complete the paperwork for you. Their experienced team will guide you through the process from start to finish, making it an easy and stress-free experience. Your property, their passion; their business is built around your business and that’s why they offer individualized service. They live and breathe the real estate market and they love what they do.

They are locally owned, operated, and certified by the state of Victoria to provide you with the most accurate property valuations in Melbourne. Their consultants continuously undergo training to ensure that they’ll keep up with the latest developments in the industry. They’re here for you whenever you need them, whether it’s for an appraisal on a land parcel or a headcount for your office space.

Phone Number: 1300 854 045

Address: Queens St, Melbourne VIC

Website: http://www.allsuburbvaluers.com.au/

4. BMT Property Valuers & Quantity Surveyors

BMT Valuers is a professional property valuation company that can help you make informed buying and selling decisions. Whether you’re looking to make sure you get your proper asking price or need logistical assistance, they take the stress and hassle out of the equation. Their friendly and experienced valuers provide a full property valuation service throughout Melbourne. They’re experienced in valuations for probate, mortgages and estate sales, value for insurance, and even tax depreciation. So once you’ve found what you’re looking for in Albert Park or nearby suburbs, give them a call on.

Getting the most for your property is their goal. With more than 33 years of experience in the real estate market, they can tell you what it’s worth and work with you to put it on the market. If you’re looking for help choosing the best value, a top company to get the job done, then they’re just the people to do it.

Phone Number: (03) 9696 5123

Address: William St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: http://www.bmtvaluers.com.au/

5. Hendrey Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Hendrey Consulting is a boutique real estate valuation firm, helping clients understand and feel comfortable with the property market. Their experience in both residential and commercial valuation gives them insight into property-related issues that directly affect clients. Whether it’s a home you are considering buying or land you’re thinking of selling, they can help you. They believe in clear communication between their clients and their appraisers, and the patience to cover all relevant topics throughout the entire appraisal process. They are experts in Melbourne real estate, and because they know the market so well, they can help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Moreover, while other firms might pass your file along to junior employees or low-level executives, they’ll personally handle your case. Their goal is to ensure that clients have a great experience with them. They know Melbourne property and all its intricacies, giving you the highest quality possible in a market that’s constantly changing. They’ll always provide top-tier service, and they won’t hesitate to exceed your expectations.

Phone Number: (03) 9242 0116

Address: Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Website: http://www.hendrey.com.au/

6. W B Simpson & Son

If you need advice on how to value your homes, you won’t get a better answer than independent property valuers in North Melbourne at W.B Simpson. They know you’re busy. They know your property is important. That’s why they take the time to get to know you and your property better before they even begin talking numbers. W B Simpson & Son isn’t a, “here are some numbers, what do you think?” kind of real estate appraisal business; they use the latest technology to give you the most accurate market value. Whether you’re after a property valuation or an independent property adviser, they’re here to help. They know what it takes to buy or sell a house in Melbourne.

Because they focus solely on real estate valuations, their specialists are up to date on market trends and can handle all of your valuation needs, no matter how large or small the job may be. With over two decades of experience in the industry, they’re able to help their clients make informed decisions, as well as provide them with a straightforward assessment of their property’s current value. What sets them apart from other agencies is that they deliver their high-quality service at an affordable price.

Phone Number: (03) 9328 5943

Address: Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Website: http://wbsimpson.com.au/

7. BRADY Residential

BRADY residential knows how to help their clients make smart decisions, so they can focus on their more important tasks. Their experts have years of experience and broad knowledge of the Melbourne property market, enabling them to offer clients a better service. They take pride in offering their customers a wide range of solutions that go far beyond what other companies do. They make sure to impress their clients from beginning to end with a personal approach that includes early communication and regular updates on projects.

They specialize in selling and leasing properties to both retail and wholesale buyers, as well as providing property management services for both residential and commercial properties. Their experienced sales team will help you choose from a collection of some of the most modern apartments in Melbourne, and their friendly leasing staff will be there for you, rain or shine. They are committed to achieving premium pricing for your apartment, whether you own, rent, or lease. A listing with The Brady Group is a listing that will not disappoint.

Phone Number: (03) 9603 1400

Address: La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: http://www.bradyresidential.com.au/

8. Allard Shelton Pty Ltd

Allard Shelton Pty Ltd helps you find out the real value of your property. They have expert evidence on behalf of you to prove the real value of your property. There are a lot of companies offering valuations or selling services in Melbourne. They are a company that you can count on to provide you with real value while upholding the best market practices. Their property appraisers have years of experience in their respective fields.

You’ve put a lot of work into your property and paid a lot of hard-earned money, which is why you need to know that you’re valuing your property at the right price. They will help you every step of the way, from tenant screening and lease negotiations to finding the right painting company for a small job. Over the last decade, they have made a name for themselves as one of Adelaide’s premier real estate agencies, with their excellent track record of sales within the CBD.

It’s important to have an accurate property valuation when selling your home. Allard Shelton Pty Ltd can provide you with an independent and unbiased valuation of your property.

Phone Number: (03) 9654 3222

Address: Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: http://www.allardshelton.com.au/

9. Armstrong Biggs Valuers

Armstrong Biggs Valuers is proud to be the Sunshine Coast’s leading independent property valuation and Consultation Company. Armstrong Biggs Valuers will professionally provide you with a thorough, honest, and reliable service. Stay stress-free and let Armstrong Biggs Valuers assist with all your real estate appraisal needs. They specialize in the Queen St region, however, they serve clients from all over Melbourne and Australia! Armstrong Biggs has the expertise and experience to provide you with relevant information and advice regarding your property or business matters, enabling you to make informed decisions based on facts.

They have the knowledge and confidence to move your real estate campaign forward effortlessly with their valuation services and all at an affordable price. Additionally, the company provides excellent property management services to its clients. While most agents have focused on marketing residential homes, Armstrong Biggs Valuers focuses on residences in the CBD.

Phone Number: (03) 8648 6548

Address: Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: http://www.armstrongbiggs.com.au/

10. ValueIt Pty Ltd

ValueIt Pty Ltd knows that a valuation service is often required at a stressful or difficult time. That’s why we offer our services in a cost-effective and timely way. The value of your property can change quickly, so we make sure to give you the most accurate information as quickly as possible so you can make informed decisions about your property. They know that a valuation service is frequently required at a stressful or difficult time. So, they offer cost-effective and timely property valuation services. They also offer a comprehensive picture of the property valuation service to their clients so that they have more confidence in the company.

No matter what type of business you are in, what value do you provide for your customers? They offer a wide range of property valuation services in Sydney. They provide services for properties of all types, including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural. They also offer services for a wide range of purposes, including for financial purposes, for insurance purposes, for taxation purposes, for sale purposes and for investment purposes.

Phone Number: (03) 9670 2116

Address: William St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: http://www.valueit.com.au/


As you can see, there are many things to consider when hiring a professional valuer in Melbourne. With this in mind, be sure to ask your potential valuer the right questions in order to ensure you are making the best decision for your needs. You can choose from multiple services that provide Melbourne Valuers services, but the list above is one of the best in terms of experience and customer satisfaction.

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