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10 Best Valuers in Canberra

You have a property you need to get valued in Canberra, and you’re not doing it yourself? Congratulations! This shows that you have respect for people’s time and that their opinion and expertise are valuable. Now you just need to figure out which Valuer is the best for the job. There are hundreds of valuers in Canberra alone. You’re going to want to make sure that you seek out one that you can work well with, makes careful notes, and doesn’t muck around when they arrive at your home or business.

10 Best Valuers in Canberra can be a daunting thing. There is a lot of companies that offer Valuers services but not all are truly the best. To help you out, here are some of the top 10 valuers in Canberra.

1. Colin Davies & Associates

Colin Davies & Associates provide expert valuation service for real estate transactions, development projects, and compensation claims. They can identify the fair market value of any property and make declarations for negotiations or litigation. Their extensive experience in using competitive data and evidence makes them one of the most trusted firms in the industry. The legislation governing compulsory acquisition is complex, and codified, requiring an extensive examination of the property being acquired and identifying compensation that is justified and supported by available evidence. The company has a team of professionals with years of experience in determining market value for varied types of acquisitions, varying from small to large-scale commercial sites, residential and rural properties.

Colin Davies & Associates values businesses and commercial property for disputes between buyers and sellers, or between a landlord and tenant. Their experts peruse the documents associated with your transaction, including lease documents and purchase agreements, to determine the value of your business or property. If you’re involved in a dispute, they can provide expert testimony that’s recognized by courts across Canberra.

Phone Number: 02 6257 9158

Address: 91 Antill St, Downer ACT 2602

Website: https://www.ceeda.com.au/

2. Northbourne Valuers Pty Ltd

Northbourne Valuers Pty Ltd is a company that was founded to bring a professional group of valuers to the district who can offer a personal and friendly service, but at the same time use their expertise in this ever-changing industry. At Northbourne Valuers Pty Ltd, you can rely on their professional advice and service. Their friendly staff will guide you through the entire process of selling your property or acquiring new property. Northbourne Valuers provide an efficient, friendly, and professional service. They will ensure that they efficiently assess the Market Value of your property based on today’s value and do it in a time frame that suits you.

They offer a wide range of valuation services tailored to your requirements, as well as free quotes and friendly service. Since 1998 Northbourne Valuers Pty Ltd has been a member of the Franchise Council of Australia, which is the body that oversees and regulates Franchises, Ensures Protecting Consumers, Conducting Ethical Business Practices, Enforcing Franchise Agreements, and Seeking Authorisation.

Phone Number: (02) 6243 3610

Address: Acton, Australian Capital Territory 2601, Australia

Website: http://www.northbournevaluers.com.au/

3. Independent Property Group

If you need to sell your home, you want a real estate agent who will take the stress out of selling. Independent Property Group offers a comprehensive range of property services that ensure homes are marketed and sold in the best possible way. You’ll be proud to be part of a team that offers reliable service, realistic advice, quality results, and experienced real estate agents who keep up to date with community trends. They undertake valuation assignments in compensation cases, financial valuations, and litigation support cases. Their experts use their skills to prepare reports which help legal professionals win compensation cases effectively.

Your home is a big investment. So when you’re selling your house, you want to make sure the process goes as smooth and stress-free as possible. Independent Property Group team of experts is ready to help you live stress-free during the selling process — from market appraisal to property listing to settlement and beyond. Unlike other agencies, IPG allows sellers to handle all aspects of selling their home — from initial pre-market tasks to listing and selling the property itself.

Phone Number: (02) 6209 1500

Address: 91 Northbourne Ave, Turner ACT 2612, Australia

Website: http://www.independent.com.au/

4. Homefinders Real Estate

At Homefinders Real Estate are the best valuers in Canberra because they are the friendliest valuers in Canberra. They’ll help you make sure your investment is protected and your assets are valued correctly. At Homefinders Real Estate, you’ll find a team of professional real estate agents who know Canberra inside out. Every year, they sell more properties than any other agent in Canberra. Let them help you get the best possible price for your property. They will make sure you are valued! At Homefinders Real Estate, their greatest asset is not their technology, massive customer base, or extensive marketing budget, it’s the people.

They build long-lasting relationships with their clients and always deliver exceptional service, no job is too small for them. When it comes to understanding and selling the “hows” and “whys” of property, they’re your go-to team. Their first-year results are independently appraised by the Australian Property Institute (API) as being among the highest in Australia for valuers of real estate.

Phone Number: (02) 6248 0000

Address: hop Blamey Place, Campbell ACT 2612

Website: http://www.homefinders.com.au/

5. PRDnationwide Canberra

At PRDnationwide Canberra, they know there’s much more to real estate than just placing an ad and showing a vacant property. To sell property, you need to know it better than anyone else – how much it’s worth; how to present it to buyers in the best possible light; how to negotiate the best possible price. The people at PRDnationwide Canberra do that by being extremely knowledgeable about the local market – properties, prices, and sales. They provide personalized service and are always at hand to give options and advice. Whether you’re looking for a home or business opportunity, or want to know the current value of your property, they have the property services you need to succeed! ACT’s largest real estate valuation agency – Offering a full suite of property services to Canberra and the surrounding regions.

They believe that it is imperative to become an integral part of your sale process. They can provide you with a wide range of property-related services such as Real Estate Sales Real Estate Auctions Market Appraisals Valuation. Their professional team will handle your entire selling process from start to finish — from pre-market tasks to marketing and listing your property, giving you the highest possible chance of getting the results you want.

Phone Number: (02) 6247 0479

Address: Girrahween St, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia

Website: http://www.prd.com.au/

6. Maloney’s Real Estate

Real estate is a great way to make money — but it’s not the only way. Maloney & Associates has the foresight and experience needed to help you succeed in the real estate market. You may think you need years of training and thousands of dollars for equipment to get started, but they’re here to show you that’s not true — they’re ready to help you make money now as a valuer with their expert team. Maloney’s Real Estate is the ACT’s largest real estate valuation agency, providing a full suite of services to Canberra and surrounding regions. With property sales, auctions, valuations, and appraisals, it’s easy to see why they’re the most trusted company in the city. Maloney Real Estate is the market leader in property valuation and professional real estate services.

For over a decade, the Canberra team has been transforming clients’ homes into works of art and their properties into goldmines. They have licensed valuers and property experts who provide a range of services to local buyers, sellers and investors. From property valuations to home inspections, they take pride in their ability to deliver results for each client they work with. It can be hard to stand out from your competitors, but Maloney’s real estate professionals are here to make even veterans stand up and take notice.

Phone Number: (02) 6232 0100

Address: Kingston, Australian Capital Territory 2604, Australia

Website: http://www.maloneys.com.au/

7. Opteon

Based in Canberra, Opteon services clients of all types, including government departments, financial institutions, and buyers. They also provide independent valuations for legal disputes, divorce settlements, and property tax issues. You will find their highly qualified professionals working from locations throughout the capital region. Opteon is Canberra’s number one valuation and property intelligence agency. They partner up with the best valuers in Canberra to help home buyers and owners make the right property decision. At Opteon, they believe that the quality of their valuations, processes, and the advice they provide is what makes them stand out.

The agency has long been one of the community’s trusted names in real estate in Canberra, and its high-quality valuers have built a reputation for forwarding thinking and commitment. Opteon is the only real estate agency that offers valuations with a low fixed fee, no matter the price of your asset. They make it their business to give clients the attention they deserve and keep them informed with valuations that are following the market.

Phone Number: (02) 6248 7837

Address: Canberra Ave, Griffith ACT 2603

Website: https://www.opteonsolutions.com.au/

8. Egan National Valuers (ACT)

Egan National Valuers are Australia’s leaders in property valuation. They provide a range of services to a variety of clients throughout Australia, conducting home inspections and providing advice and expertise on all matters related to real estate. They use the most advanced systems in the industry to ensure that their clients have access to the most up-to-date data on property values. Their knowledgeable, experienced team members will provide you with the details about your home including any repairs it needs, market values for similar homes in the area, costs of recent comparable sales, and a list of suggested improvements to increase its value.

They have a team of qualified professionals who are dedicated to upholding their reputation as the best in the business through knowledge, experience, and technology. They provide a range of services to a variety of clients throughout Australia, conducting home inspections and providing advice and expertise on all matters related to real estate. They use the most advanced systems in the industry to ensure that their clients have access to the most up-to-date data on property values.

Phone Number: (02) 6232 7555

Address: Murray Cres, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia

Website: http://www.eganvaluers.com.au/

9. Cream Residential Pty Ltd

You’re considering hiring a commercial real estate appraiser for an upcoming sale, but don’t know where to begin. Cream Residential Pty Ltd is a well-respected appraisal firm in Australia that’s been around for more than forty years. Its highly trained and experienced commercial real estate appraisers have the local market knowledge and are highly skilled at providing consistent valuations — a must when conducting a sale. They pride themselves on their ability to deliver unbiased and independent advice that is tailored to your individual needs. Valuation services they provide include property valuations, capital improvement valuations, lifestyle block valuations, rental appraisal, property inspections, and subdivision analysis.

Phone Number: (02) 6232 7555

Address: Murray Cres, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia

Website: http://www.eganvaluers.com.au/

10. Egan National Valuers (ACT)

At Egan National Valuers (ACT) our focused goal is to deliver a level of service that was previously impossible in the real estate profession, replacing regret with satisfaction. At Egan National (ACT), their qualified and experienced valuers work from different locations across the territory thus meaning that their clients’ properties are on the desk of an expert valuer within hours of being initially inspected.

In addition to the standard valuation report, Egan National Valuers (ACT) can also provide a comprehensive report on market value. The report will provide information on the property, including any recent sales and listings, current market trends and other background information.

Phone Number: (02) 6232 7555

Address: 27 Murray Cres, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia

Website: http://www.eganvaluers.com.au/


We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 valuation companies in Canberra, and their services are sure to help you without fail. Whether you’re looking for a house or car valuation, or perhaps need advice or an auctioneer, this list is sure to help you find the right company in your area!

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