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10 Best Town Planners in Hobart

When you are planning to build a house or renovate one, it is essential to find the best town planners in Hobart. Town planning requires the expert advice of several specialists. Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party or just looking to have a longtime friend over for dinner, you will always find yourself in need of an amazing town planner.

These specialists need to be consulted for laying out your thoughts, designing modern space within your budget, and efficiently carrying out the construction work. The best town planners in Hobart can assist you in all these tasks.

1. Elite Southern Construction

As expert town planners in Hobart, Elite Southern Construction has achieved a reputation for getting results. Specializing in strategies for growth management and strategic planning, Elite has done work throughout Tasmania, providing the right advice at the right time to achieve the best possible results. From development applications to heritage registrations, town planning is a service that requires an intricate knowledge and understanding of the local government planning scheme.

Close communication with the clients is a top priority. From the moment you decide to work together, they’re available to answer your questions and keep city officials in the loop until your project is complete. The team at Elite Southern Construction is truly amazing. They have the skills, experience, and knowledge in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors to help you any way they can. You can rely on them for all your landscaping services and needs.

Phone Number: 0488 160 069

Address: Dances Rd, Cygnet TAS 7112, Australia

Website: https://www.elitesouthernconstruction.com.au/

2. Barrasons Engineers

Barrasons Engineers’ heritage and planning services provide an all-in-one solution for navigating development approval processes that involve heritage-listed properties. The firm’s consultants are skilled in designing developments within heritage areas and precincts, as well as preparing and submitting development applications, building approvals, and managing the development process from start to finish. Barrasons Engineers was founded on the belief that government should regulate land use to promote and protect public health, safety, accessibility, and quality of life.

It’s the firm’s mission to provide culturally sensitive handling of land management issues that include community facilities, heritage standards, urban planning, zoning by-laws, environmental legislation, and project management services — all with a focus on fostering civic engagement. Barrasons also has plenty of skills when it comes to developing projects within sensitive areas such as national parks and precincts with high levels of historical significance.

Phone Number: (03) 5940 2638

Address: 2/2 Pacific Promenade, Pakenham VIC 3810, Australia

Website: http://www.barrasons.com.au/

3. Attic Building Design

Attic Building Design is a small business based in Collingwood, and they strive to help their clients achieve their goals. They focus on three aspects: town planning design, architecture drawing, and interior drawing. For clients in both buildings and homes alike, this group asks for feedback before moving forward. They are experts in the industry, with over 15 years of experience. At Attic Building Design, the home of town planners in Hobart and its surroundings, they have developed a reputation for professionalism and attention to detail that is second to none.

Forget planning your next getaway, Attic Building Design is ready to plan your next building. The attic will help you plan, design, and draft everything you need to finish and maintain a beautiful home or commercial property. Known for their exceptional quality in design, they’re the perfect team to ensure your project meets code standards. You’ll never be left in the dark, with Attic always ready to assist you in any aspect of the business.

Phone Number: 0423 107 119

Address: 33 Sackville St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

Website: http://www.theattic.com.au/

4. North Star Design & Build

At North Star Design & Build, they understand the intricacies of town planning, interior design, and architectural drafting. With a combination of education and experience in this field, they can offer you a top-notch service. They have worked on projects for large and small corporations that represent different industries. No matter who you are and what industry you are in, they will be able to provide you with the best drafting solutions available. They work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy with the results. Because they know that a home is not just a building.

It’s a place. And wherever your life takes you, your home should always feel like home. From development approvals to heritage impact assessments and strategic planning, North Star Design & Build has the expertise to deliver high-quality projects for their clients. In addition to drafting the most suitable heritage reports, they also develop customized solutions for property developers who have specific needs that differ from ordinary circumstances.

Phone Number: 0435 850 659

Address: Battery Point TAS 7004, Australia

Website: http://www.northstarbuilding.com.au/

5. Southern Planning

When the time comes to plan for a bushfire, you want to be prepared. But how do you reach out for help? Where do you go for assistance and support? Southern Planning is here for this. They offer free planning consultation services as well as ongoing advice on bushfire safety solutions. They also provide bushfire rating services to ensure that your home is safe from bushfires — contact them today! Southern Planning is passionate about the outdoors—and though they’re not based down south, they are now the go-to planning consultancy for most of Tasmania’s towns.

With years of experience in bushfire hazard assessment, Southern Planning can help you submit your development permit or development application with ease. They’ll even stay up late and help you respond to last-minute requests from the council with a smile. They also assist clients in preparing planning permits, submissions, and applications. Southern Planning is here to take the stress out of complex planning documents and to help you meet your deadlines with great communication.

Phone Number: 0404 439 402

Address: Blackmans Bay TAS 7052, Australia

Website: http://www.southernplanning.com.au/

6. Gray Planning

Even the best urban design is doomed to fail if it isn’t accepted by the local council. Gray Planning offers regional and urban planning services to not just create great projects, but help them through the planning process and make sure they are accepted by the local council. With experienced consultants and architects, Gray can ensure your project has every chance of success at the council. Gray Planning has developed a reputation for providing high-quality urban design, planning, and heritage services to both government and the private sector. They aim to provide expert consultancy services that are not only technically sound but also aesthetically pleasing.

With the ability to offer a range of specialized consulting services, they can optimize infrastructure, regeneration, and development within any kind of cultural context — whether it is new construction or the redevelopment of existing sites. They can help you find the right property, navigate government approvals, and create a winning development plan. They can even handle local council relations and public consultation to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Phone Number: (03) 6288 8449

Address: West Hobart Tasmania, Australia

Website: https://www.grayplanning.com.au/

7. Johnstone McGee & Gandy

Dealing with Johnstone McGee & Gandy ensures that the planning and drafting of your project are in good hands. Located in Harrington St, they offer a complete array of professional services. Their clients are as diverse as their services, including property developers and investors. They bring with them years of experience in the industry, having worked on projects large and small. Their designs are attractive and modern with an eye on functionality and aesthetics. They work to ensure that they capture your vision while remaining true to your needs. They work with you to make sure you receive the best services possible and their architects will guide you every step of the way.

At their firm, they create dream homes, offices, and factories. They use skills that combine art, science, creativity, and imagination. Their planning consultants are industry-leading specialists in strategy, planning, and development with a passion for heritage. When you partner with them, they take on the challenge of getting your project off the ground and ensuring it stays there. It’s their job to get your project approved — but it’s always their pleasure.

Phone Number: (03) 6231 2555

Address: 117 Harrington St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Website: https://www.Johnstone-mcgee-and-Gandy.com.au/ 

8. Inspiring Place Pty Ltd

At Inspiring Place Pty Ltd, they offer development services with a heritage spin. They pride themselves on being the go-to development planners for heritage properties, as well as for developments within heritage precincts. This is because of their dedication to protecting and celebrating Australia’s diverse history and culture. Whether you’re interested in strategic planning, navigating council regulations, or just want to understand more about the concept of heritage protection, let them help you realize your next project’s full potential! When you’re building something that needs approval, they’re the planning experts to call.

Their town planners can help you navigate the maze of development approvals — at both state and local government levels. They’ll take care of all the paperwork and grease the wheels with government officials. And if you need to build in an existing heritage area or precinct, they have highly qualified heritage planning planners who can help you make your plans a reality.

Phone Number: (03) 6231 1818

Address: Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Website: https://www.inspiringplace.com.au/ 

9. Ireneinc

Ireneinc is a heritage development consultancy that also offers town planners for any kind of planning needs, from aiding in the preservation of ancient sites to allowing more modern projects to succeed. They can help with town plans, development and construction permits, and project management. Ireneinc is a heritage planning and development company that works on both the local and national levels. Ireneinc helps clients navigate the highest standards for heritage certification, with a heritage management policy that is based on Australia’s best-practice guidelines.

Their consultants have access to an exclusive community of Registered Professionals (RPs) who are leaders in their fields, capable of offering advice on any aspect of heritage management. Whether you need assistance with getting the building listed, or want guidance on how to develop a heritage site, Ireneinc can fill your needs. Your business is unique in that it doesn’t just provide specialist consulting services. It also provides specific industry expertise and knowledge.

Phone Number: (03) 6234 9281

Address: North Hobart, TAS, 7000

Website: https://www.ireneinc.com.au/ 

10. Duckett Irene

When you’re looking for the best town planners in Hobart, look no further than Duckett Irene. They have over 5 years of experience and work on everything from commercial projects to residential houses. Their expert designers and drafters ensure you get the best solutions for your project. Additionally, their team has a vast knowledge of local government planning requirements, meaning you can be sure that your approval is in the bag when working with them.

Whether you’re relocating, building, or renovating, they can help your dream become reality. They can also give you information on what to consider as far as planning and design are concerned. Their company is very flexible, and they would be more than happy to meet with you at your convenience.

Their expert designers and drafters ensure you get the best solutions for your project. Additionally, their team has a vast knowledge of local government planning requirements, meaning you can be sure that your approval is in the bag when working with them.

Phone Number: (03) 6234 9281

Address: North Hobart, TAS, 7000

Website: https://www.duckett-irene.com.au/


You don’t have to go through hundreds of websites and contact dozens of companies before you find the right one for your project. We’ve shortened your search by providing you with the top 10 town planners in Hobart. You can read the reviews and get in touch with the one that you feel is the best fit for your needs.

If you need a town planner in Hobart, check out the list above and pick one based on your individual needs. All these companies are quite good, but if you want to avoid being caught up in conflicts or problems, do some research beforehand. Good luck!

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