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10 Best Town Planners in Darwin

If you are planning a new development, or an addition to an existing development, you will need to engage a town planner. Town planners are professionals who help you to develop a plan for your development, and ensure that it meets all the necessary regulations.

If you have decided to settle in one of the beautiful places that deserve a visit, then Darwin is the place for you. With so many town planners in and around Darwin, it can be overwhelming when it comes to finding one the best. You need someone who can help you with all the legal documentation regarding your property including any planning permits. We have prepared a list of the 10 best town planners in Darwin that will surely help you get started.

1. Flanagan Consulting Group

Flanagan Consulting Group loves what they do and is passionate about their clients’ success. Flanagan Consulting Group was founded by a group of energetic and enthusiastic professionals who believe in the power of the human mind. They’re dedicated to integrating innovative thinking into every single project they undertake. From web-based products to application programs, from brand direction to advertising campaigns, from market analysis to e-commerce systems — their people have a proven track record for success.

Flanagan is proud of the diversity of its group of experts, who provide clients with a distinctive combination of talents that can be applied to a vast array of challenges. With a team of 50 professionals and 33 consultants, they have the resources and expertise to deliver your projects on time and under budget. Whether you need a single specialist or a large project managed with our full-service approach, they’re able to find the perfect fit.

They offer comprehensive marketing and advertising consulting services, as well as strategic marketing and advertising planning. Flanagan Consulting Group has a wide range of experience in many industries, including healthcare, technology, education, and more.

Phone Number: 08 8911 0046

Address: Shepherd St, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

Website: https://www.Flanagan-consulting-group.com.au/

2. GL Town Planning

When you choose GL Town Planning for your next residential development, they will make sure they understand your needs and that there are no surprises. Their team of professionals will lead you through every step of the process, making it as seamless as possible. Their years of experience have equipped us with the skills required to get any project done on time and within budget. Working with GL Town Planning is a fun and dynamic process. Each project is approached with a fresh perspective and new ideas on how to make it even better than it already is.

They are a client-oriented firm with over 15 years of experience in the development and management of townships and urban areas. With a diverse range of offerings, it can provide businesses with everything they need to succeed — from strategy and planning to IT infrastructure, operations management, and staffing solutions.

GL Town Planning has worked on numerous high-profile projects, including the development of the world’s largest airport and the construction of the world’s tallest building.

Phone Number: 0401 85 5791

Address: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Website: https://www.gl-town-planning.com.au/

3. Hames Sharley

At Hames Sharley, they consider no project too large or too small. From working with major property developers to enable the construction of thousands of new homes in South East Queensland, to smaller developments such as duplexes, townhouses, and single-story residential buildings, their broad planning experience has taken them from simple applications to approvals for high-rise buildings. The company’s energetic staff will push your application through the legal system with care, ensuring that all reviews are handled promptly and all necessary information is provided at every step towards approval.

Hames Sharley Planning makes sure that each development is compliant with all local, state, and federal planning and building requirements. They also provide strategic planning advice on the technical aspects of large-scale developments. They understand that you are going through a lot of stress during the planning process, but we are here to make things easier for you. They can work on your behalf to ensure that each step of the planning process is as simple as possible — at no additional cost.

Phone Number: 08 8942 5800

Address: Kitchener Dr, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

Website: http://www.hamessharley.com.au/

4. NPC Northern Planning Consultant

NPC Northern Planning Consultants South Australian town planning consultants are leading in their field. They will provide you with excellent services and save you a lot of time. You can always turn to them to organize your events and conferences. Northern Planning Consultants look forward to working with you to help bring your project to life. From planning the perfect development to organizing permits and building approval, they are here to make sure your vision becomes a reality on time and within budget.

Their passion is to make the planning process easy and understandable. They want to do everything they can to guide you through the planning process on your property development. They are highly experienced in their area of expertise with a proven track record of building solid relationships with their clients and excellent service delivery each time. It’s this relationship that helps you get great results in your property development.

Phone Number: 0427 79 6140

Address: Stuart Hwy, Stuart NT 0870, Australia

Website: https://www.npc-northern-planning-consultant.com.au/

5. Elton Consulting

Elton Consulting is Australia’s leading planning firm. With over 50 years of experience and an extensive network across the country, you can be sure that your business is in good hands. They offer the latest strategic planning services to help your business achieve its full potential. Elton Consulting’s considerable statutory and strategic planning experience has been applied to projects Australia-wide. With the help of their specialist planners, they have solidified their reputation as a leading Australian planning firm.

They provide planning services for developers and industry groups that have gained approval in their respective regions. They are known for providing outstanding support to their clients — including correspondence, applications, and notifications. They specialize in city and regional planning, Greenfield development, strategic planning, building code enforcement, and compliance.

If you need help with your business planning, Elton Consulting is the firm for you. They offer a comprehensive range of services to help you get the most out of your business. With their vast experience and extensive network, they can help you take your business to the next level.

Phone Number: 08 7902 9038

Address: 82 Smith St, Darwin City NT 0800

Website: https://www.elton.com.au/ 

6. Earl James & Associates

Planning is where it all starts. Planning keeps us from getting lost. It’s the foundation to building a business or creating a product. It’s the first step in preparing for an event, or a vacation. At Earl James & Associates, they focus on providing strong support and advice to their clients on the steps that they need to take to create their ideal plan. Earl James is the only way to go if you need quality surveying or planning services in the Northern Territory. With an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers and a reputation built on hard work, dedication, and integrity, they’re the surveyors you can count on when it matters most.

EJA uses the latest technology to provide clients with the most accurate information possible through a first-hand local experience covering 50 years. EJA is a full-service surveying company helping organizations of all sizes plan and execute a wide range of projects, from subdivisions to mining sites to urban development. Using the latest in surveying technology, they provide their clients with precise results, on time and within budget.

Phone Number: 08 8981 2494

Address: 10 Harvey St, Darwin City NT 0800

Website: http://www.eja.com.au/

7. MasterPlan Town & Country Planners

Conducting strategic planning for cities and towns across Australia since 1974, MasterPlan is the planner that’s trusted by councils and individuals to bring out the best in their communities. They think outside the square and approach each project with a fresh outlook, taking their cue from the client’s objectives to achieve the perfect balance between environmental, social, and economic goals.

They don’t just want to be remembered as a good planner; they want to leave a lasting impression on every client. The masterPlan will get the job done right, on time, and at a reasonable price. They’ll come to you, and offer up a variety of different ways to help you achieve your vision.

They are passionate about planning and believe that good planning makes for great communities. Their team of experienced planners work with councils and individuals to create masterplans, strategic plans, development plans, and place making strategies that balance the needs of the community with the aspirations of those who live there.

Phone Number: 08 8942 2600

Address: Charlton Ct, Woolner NT 0820, Australia

Website: http://www.masterplan.com.au/

8. ML Traffic Engineers

ML Traffic Engineers offers the most reliable and up-to-date surveying, mapping, and traffic planning services to Australian businesses. Their experienced team of transportation experts will analyze your business’s current needs and create a tailored plan to reduce vehicle congestion on your property. They have a decade of hands-on local experience with cutting-edge technology to provide their clients with the ultimate in modern surveying. Their staff is well educated, experienced, and passionate about their work — they’re constantly updating them to bring the best possible service to their customers.

ML Traffic Engineers offers a wide range of traffic engineering services, including transportation planning and analysis. In addition to local expertise, they employ the latest technology to provide their customers with results that are more accurate than ever. They bring more than 10 years of hands-on experience to every project they work on — thanks to their combination of education, training, and new technologies.

Phone Number: (08) 7221 2000

Address: Darwin City, Northern Territory 0800, Australia

Website: http://www.trafficonsulting.com.au/

9. Planit Consulting

Planit Consulting is an independent firm of town planning consultants based in Darwin, Australia. Their services include community engagement and master planning. They have been operating for more than 5 years and have built an excellent working relationship with a large number of Planning Authorities throughout the country. Planit Consulting can work alongside your team or provide their expert staff to assist you with specific tasks. Planit Consulting is a town planning company that has delivered more than 100 town planning projects Australia-wide, giving them the experience and insight required to deliver outstanding work.

Planit Consulting works with communities to create the perfect balance between social, environmental, and economic benefits. Their team’s diverse and rich experience in town planning gives them the ability to work with confidence and produce recommendations consistent with social, economic, and environmental goals.

Phone Number: (08) 8981 5870

Address: Marina Blv, Cullen Bay NT 0820

Website: http://www.planitconsulting.com.au/

10. One Planning Consult

One Planning Consult was founded in 2009 with a single goal in mind – “Perfect Balance”. Its goal is to provide an integrated approach to planning; creating attractive cities and communities where people can live, work, and play. Their town planners’ varied experience from all over the world gives them a unique global perspective. The company has worked on a wide range of projects, including mixed-use developments, residential communities, hospitality and leisure, retail, and office developments.

One Planning Consult combines its experience with a genuine enthusiasm to provide the best advice and enduring results. One Planning Consult keeps all of their clients informed and up-to-date with all the latest news in town planning and development. The teams are friendly, reliable, and offer outstanding advice for a balance between environmental, social, and economic goals.

Phone Number: 0417 787 473

Address: Nightcliff NT 0810, Australia

Website: https://www.one-planning-consult.com.au/ 


Finding a town planner who suits your needs is essential to getting the most from your development project. By using our list of the top 10 town planners in Darwin, you can be sure that you are choosing a professional who has the experience and knowledge you need to get your project underway.

Choosing the best town planners in Darwin can be a difficult task for you because there are many companies in the world and your area, but we imply that our companies can help you too much. You should contact them if you do not know how to choose the best one.

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