Canberra10 Best Plasterers In Canberra

10 Best Plasterers In Canberra

Canberra’s history saw the development of a lively young city. It is a fast-growing community and a unique one if we talk about the vegetation, parks, and its even artistry, which can never be attributed to any other part of the world apart from its district if it is nowhere else! Building a home is a tough job. Even if you’re not building from scratch, the type of home you want to build could be pretty challenging, and the process could be quite overwhelming if you’re not used to it.

This is why hiring a plasterer in Canberra can be so important for the overall quality of the finished product. Canberrans are always looking for good tradesmen, and these plasterers have made a name for themselves in their field.


Funovo Plastering is a leading plasterboard installer in Canberra. They believe that quality and customer service are the foundations upon which they have built their business and these values are now deeply ingrained into their culture. At Funovo Plastering, they provide quality services that are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. They achieve this through customer-focused strategies and value-added service offerings across a variety of industries. They are committed to providing their customers with the very best in construction products, tools, and training services. They’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from small plastering jobs to large commercial renovations.

Each project is unique, and they treat it that way – their team works with you to create the best solution for your project and they’ll be with you every step of the way – from initial planning to completion. They will ensure that your job is done right the first time and that you’re completely satisfied with the results. Funovo Plastering is a plasterboard installer in Canberra. Make sure your job is done right by calling Funovo Plastering. Make sure you are completely satisfied with the results by calling Funovo Plastering.

Name: Funovo Plastering Co.

Phone Number: 1300 138 827

Address: Gungahlin, ACT

Website: aufunovo-plastering

2. Gerrysplastering

Licensed, insured, and friendly are Gerrysplastering offers a variety of building services. Their full plastering service specializes in residential new homes and old houses. They also provide painting and carpentry services. They’ve been in the plastering industry for more than a decade. They have worked with various customers–big and small, private and public–helping them get the best services for their plastering needs. At Gerrysplastering, they focus on providing you with the best service and experience possible.

They are a highly qualified team of passionate people who will help you get your project done quickly and perfectly. As a result, they can provide innovative and cost-efficient services to residents within the Canberra area. They also provide a wide range of plastering services including ceiling repairs, plasterboard installation, and wall tiling.

The best way to find out more about Gerrysplastering is to call them and speak to one of their friendly plastering experts. They will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. If you’re looking for a professional, experienced, and friendly plastering company in Canberra, contact Gerrysplastering today!

Name: Gerrysplastering

Phone Number: 0411 151 930

Address: Evatt ACT 2617

Website: augerrysplastering

3. Renovations

Renovations & offers a wide range of property plastering services from interior painting, exterior painting, decks, pergolas, garden design, and more. With their professional trade team, they ensure smooth project completion and complete customer satisfaction. Their tradesmen are experienced in all the different types of jobs that they do, and they will ensure complete customer satisfaction with every job. There is no job that is too big or too small as they specialize in residential and commercial renovations, as well as decks and fences. They also specialize in preparing homes for sale though! With their expertise in real estate services, they’ll turn your house into a beautiful showpiece that will be ready to hit the market.

The best way to find out if a company offers a wide range of services is to ask them what type of services they provide. If you’re looking for a specific type of service that you don’t see listed, don’t hesitate to ask. A lot of companies will list a wide range of services on their website but there may be some things that you’re interested in that they don’t list. This is especially true if you’re looking for specific services such as painting or painting. Many homeowners are hesitant to ask because they think that they might not get the response they’re looking for.

Name: Renovations

Phone Number: 0422 688 588

Address: Barton ACT 2600

Website: renovations 

4. Insight Plaster Linings

There are many things to consider when choosing a plasterer in Canberra. Is cost important, or quality? Do you want a super-fast turnaround, or to invest in a job that will last? Insight Plaster Linings can provide an all-inclusive quote for your plastering needs. They are a Canberra-based company, located right in the heart of the city but they work all around surrounding suburbs and towns. From Cornice Restorations to full house renovations their team will complete any job you ask them to. Their expertise lies in their ability to apply new plaster to existing walls, ceilings, and many more. Their team has the commitment and expertise to transform buildings of any size and age.

The team of professional plasterers at Insight Plasterers are highly skilled and experienced. They have the ability to work on all types of plastering projects, both big and small. With a wealth of experience, they can provide a high-quality finish to any plastering job. Insight Plaster Linings is a great choice for a plasterer in Canberra. They are a local company with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They offer an all-inclusive quote for your plastering needs and can provide a high-quality finish to any job.

Name: Insight Plaster Linings

Phone Number: 0401 728 377

Address: Gordon, ACT

Website: insightplasterlinings 

5. Canberra Prestige Painting

Renowned for its interior and exterior painting, wall and deck staining, roof or floor repairs, Canberra Prestige Painting has been providing the highest standards of service at affordable prices for over 20 years. The company mixes all of its services across small works to ensure that clients receive a high-quality product regardless of their budget. Specializing in both residential and commercial services, professional painters at this company will work hard to make sure your property is properly coated. Whether you are a landlord or a building owner or just need a plastering job done on your property, they sure can help.

Canberra Prestige Painting also offers professional roof painting services. The roof painting is a process that involves applying a high-quality paint to the roof to protect it from the elements. The roof painting is also a process that involves applying a high-quality paint to the roof to protect it from the elements. Canberra Prestige Painting will work with you to ensure that the roof painting is done properly and to your specifications.

Name: Canberra Prestige Painting

Phone Number: 0438 699 463

Address: 121 Thynne Street, Bruce, ACT

Website: canberraprestigepainting  

6. B & S Plastering

B&S Plastering is a trusted Canberra-based plastering company. B&S people are experts in every aspect of plastering, including plasterboard joints and repairs, skimming, wallpapering, and ceiling roses. Let B&S take care of the details for expert plastering services wherever you live or work. For a complete service with guaranteed results, call us on them or enquire online to find out how they can reduce the stress of managing a plastering or building project.

Their focus is on helping people to design, build, and make their dream projects come true. Everything they do is designed to exceed your expectations. For over 40 years, they have been servicing their customers with high-quality plastering work.

The best thing about B&S Plastering is that they provide a complete service with guaranteed results. You can trust their team of experts to take care of the details for you, whether you live or work in Canberra. Their focus is on helping people to design, build, and make their dream projects come true. Everything they do is designed to exceed your expectations.

Name: B & S Plastering

Phone Number: 0418 625 481

Address: 27 Pockley Close, City, ACT


7. Michael Painter

Michael Painting is an experienced painting, plastering, and minor repair business, with 18 years of experience. Because they know that no two jobs are the same, their highly experienced team works closely with you to give you the results you want, in line with your budget and schedule. They provide a high-quality service that meets the highest professional standards, making them one of the most respected painting companies in their area.

They also offer their choice of interior or exterior work to all their customers, based on their budget and requirements. They use only the best equipment available, and they do everything from small repair jobs to large-scale building renovations – they’ll get your project done right. As a professional plastering company, they value communication with their customers. Whether you want to build an extension, repair a ceiling or just paint your walls, you can expect the best services from them.

Name: Michael Painter

Phone Number: 0434 016 707

Address: Canberra, ACT 2600

Website: aumichael-painter

8. APro Canberra Painting Pty Ltd

Let’s face it; you can’t go wrong with APro Canberra Painting Pty Ltd. Their unique style of service is what sets them apart from other companies, and the reason why their clients are so satisfied. You’ll have a professional plasterer on the job every step of the way. With over 20 years of experience, APro Canberra Painting can take on any size job and deliver beautiful results time after time. They specialize in commercial and domestic painting services, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Their team is fully qualified and licensed—and it’s something they’re proud of! APro Canberra provides a professional service and delivers exceptional quality finishes with them, they’ll design together and they’ll lend plastering advice when you need it and take care of the rest. The best way to get in touch with APro Canberra Painting Pty Ltd is to give them a call on their office number. If you need a quote for your project, you can also request one online.

Name: APro Canberra Painting Pty Ltd

Phone Number: 0481 881 416

Address: Florey, ACT

Website: aprocanberrapaintingau 

9. Act Touchup Painter

By offering excellent residential and commercial plastering in Act, Act Touchup Painter has become one of the leading paint contractors in this area. Their plasterers have an unwavering commitment to professionalism and high-quality work. They are also fully trained, have many years of experience, and are equipped with the latest tools and techniques. They have been mastering the trade since 1995, with a commitment to quality service that has earned them a reputation as the premier center for plastering in all of Act.

Choice of colors is not an issue, since their team can choose any color from a variety of paint samples. Act Touchup Painter plaster is best known for its strength, and when they apply it, it can last up to 50 years. They offer painting services for big and small jobs. When you hire them, you will feel like you’re hiring a friend. Their services make any building look better.

Name: Act Touchup Painter

Phone Number: 0470 422 489

Address: Harrison, ACT

Website: acttouchuppainterau 

10. V8 Painting & Maintenance

At V8 Painting and Maintenance, every project receives its total plastering attention from start to finish. Their team is professional, courteous and takes pride in providing each customer with the best customer service experience possible. They pride themselves on their high-quality work at an affordable price, and they earn their customer’s respect by delivering results that last. From a simple paint touch-up to complete plastering of your home, V8 Painting and Maintenance will inspire you with their ability to provide high-end quality at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Name: V8 Painting & Maintenance

Phone Number: 0488 982 087

Address: 17 Slight pl, Holt, ACT

Website: v8painting 


Looking for the best plasterers in Canberra has never been easier thanks to the information compiled for you here. Invest a few minutes of your time and you too can easily find the best plasterer in Canberra, or at least one that suits your budget and meets your needs.

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