When Listings10 Best Pest Controllers In Canberra

10 Best Pest Controllers In Canberra

There are plenty of Canberra companies to choose from when you need a licensed pest controller, but the process can be overwhelming. Pest controllers in Canberra handle many different types of pests, so choosing the best is important. You should know that there are several myths associated with pest control. If you are thinking about hiring a pest controller in Canberra, you should consider whether or not they are using best practices.

Think you need professional pest control advice? You do! We’ve talked to the experts, and they say you should hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Here’s our list of the best Canberra pest controllers covering all areas so you’ll be able to find one in your neighborhood.

1. Quality One Pest Control

You won’t see the same kind of innovation or environmental consciousness in many other pest control companies. Quality One Pest Control uses eco-friendly techniques and pesticides to deliver a pest control service that’s safe for everyone in the neighborhood. They’re even the choice of many local residences — thanks to their expertise in the industry. Pest Control Hobart in Tasmania is so much more than just an ant problem.

It’s a thorough and meticulous approach to exterminating pests that can potentially damage your home or business. In the ever-changing climate, it’s important to have the best crack team on the job to deal with even the nastiest bugs crawling around underfoot. Quality One Pest Control is a Canberra-based pest control company that has been operating for 40 years, and it’s growing!

With eco-friendly solutions that ensure long-lasting results, the team is proactive in delivering outstanding service to both residential and commercial clients. From general treatment to bird proofing, the team has all bases covered. Specializing in residential and commercial sites, the team can help with everything from initial assessment to ongoing support. All jobs are guaranteed, so you know that you’re in good hands with Quality One Pest Control.

Phone Number: 02 4063 1461

Address: Canberra, ACT, Australia 2601

Website: https://www.qualityonepestcontrol.com.au/

2. A1 Pest Control Canberra

A1 Pest Control has been looking after the pest issues of Australian properties since the mid-1980s. They pride themselves on their commitment to excellence in customer service. They have technicians who are experienced and qualified to help manage your problems while providing solutions for the proactive protection of your investment property. A1 Pest Control uses non-toxic, integrated pest management control techniques to rid your property of pests, and also helps with prevention.

A1 Pest Control boasts more than three decades of experience, helping Canberra regions get rid of unwanted pests and make their living spaces pest-free. They are the first call to make when your home or garden has a pest invasion. At A1 Pest Control they believe in communication, providing solutions, and offering the highest standards of craftsmanship. They treat you like family and take the worry out of your pest control problems.

The managed service approach of A1 Pest Control Canberra means that the team is proactive in reaching out to customers who have already expressed their concerns. This proactive approach means that their services are always effective and last well beyond any initial treatment. They provide a comprehensive range of products that are always effective on any kind of insect — from ants to silverfish.

Phone Number: 0407 065 413

Address: 1 Bowes Pl, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia

Website: http://www.a1pestcontrolcanberra.com.au/

3. Canberra Pest Control

Pest eradication is no easy feat — there are countless potential health risks and cleaning obstacles to overcome when you’re trying to rid a home or business of unwanted insects. With over four decades of experience in the industry, Canberra-based Canberra Pest Control knows this better than almost anyone else. It maintains an attentive approach to current developments in the field and ensures that every customer walks away with a clean, safe environment.

The team is always professional and proactive — making sure you’re happy with their services. Canberra Pest Control strives to be local experts who go above and beyond in every job, ensuring lasting results without any complications. They have a long-standing reputation within their community as a locally owned, locally focused business that puts the needs of their customers first. Local families know them as the first point of call for their pest control needs — for both residential and commercial properties in Canberra.

When you choose them, you get much more than a friendly local service: you get the National Pest Management Association’s Member of the Year awards in 2015, 2016, and 2017! With a dedicated focus on providing personal service, their goal is to be the pest controller of choice for Canberra families — and they always guarantee their work.

Phone Number: 02 6242 7779

Address: Mitchell ACT 2911, Australia

Website: https://www.canberrapestcontrol.com.au/

4. Bugalugs Pest Control

Bugalugs Pest Control offers a full range of customized pest control services including early detection as well as prevention. They offer a family-owned, local business with experienced operators that ensure your needs are catered for. Their motto is ‘Service not Sales’ and they aim to provide you with the best service possible. They spend time working out the best pest control treatment for your home and believe prevention is the key to successfully removing pest problems.

Their customer service approach is friendly, reliable, and affordable. They use 21st-century technology to exterminate those nasty pests from your home and business. They also provide emergency and after-hours services, as well as Home Care Packages on flexible terms which can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact them today to learn more and secure an obligation-free quote. Specializing in unique, tailor-made treatment plans for every customer, they take a strategic approach to pest control that guarantees lasting results.

They guarantee everything — while other local exterminators might require that you sign a contract, they give you complete satisfaction with their original pest control treatments. Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than bugs. Bugalugs Pest Control works with you to find a schedule to keep your unwanted guests out.

Phone Number: 0428 425 847

Address: Canberra, ACT, Australia 214

Website: https://www.bugalugspest.com.au/

5. Dr. Maks Pest Control

Dr. Maks Pest Control employs local people and protects homes, businesses, and families from unwanted pests. If a problem pest returns to your home or business, the Dr. Maks Pest Control team will return to treat your property for free Dr. Maks Pest Control guarantees that any pest problem you encounter will be taken care of with their service. They guarantee your problem pest will be gone or your money back!

When they treat your home or business, they guarantee your problem pest will be gone or your money back! Dr. Marks Pest Control is the affordable, professional, locally owned, and operated pest control service that gets the job done right the first time. With over 20 years of experience eradicating bugs in homes and businesses across the York Region, Dr. Maks’ experts can help you with rodent control, bed bug removal, ants, and various other pests.

Whether you are a residential customer or business owner in need of quality pest control service call Dr. Maks Pest Control a comprehensive company that offers a full range of pest control services for homes, gardens, and businesses. Their exterminators are fully qualified, licensed, and insured to provide a safe service that has proven results — guaranteeing customers get the best pest control available.

Phone Number: +61 2 6255 3255

Address: 4 Thomas Pl, MacGregor ACT 2615, Australia

Website: http://www.drmakspestcontrol.com.au/

6. Armageddon Pest Control

If you want spider control, Canberra has some options. But if you also like eco- and people-friendly solutions, then Armageddon Pest Control is your go-to in the region – reliable and affordable solutions.” They are a family-run business providing pest control to your home and business. They will eliminate pests that may be causing you problems with their environmentally friendly products.

You’re in safe hands with them. With over 20 years of experience and a responsibility to their customers, Armageddon Pest Control makes sure you are secure during and after the process of elimination. Their friendly service staff will guide you throughout the treatment so that you know what to expect. Their technicians are fully trained in all aspects of their industry and have the skills to eradicate all of your pest problems, whatever they may be. They arrive promptly and never leave any mess behind.

With affordable rates and service, they’ll rid you of your pests and leave you with a clean home or business, every time! Armageddon Pest Control offers a wide variety of pest control services, from controlling fleas and termites to removing spiders and wasps. With its friendly and knowledgeable staff, clients will always have a helpful hand to guide them in the right direction. 

Phone Number: (360)482-4881

Address: Kambah, Australian Capital Territory

Website: https://www.armageddon.com.au/

7. ACT Pest Control

ACT Pest Control specializes in general pest control, working with household, commercial, and government buildings. Ensuring the safety of your family and pets, there are no harsh chemicals involved in the treatment. Call them today to make your home or business pest-free. Whether you’re looking to get rid of ants, fleas, cockroaches, and more, all in one convenient spray treatment, or you want to prevent your home from ever being infested with pests in the first place, ACT Pest Control is your experienced team.

Family-owned, friendly, and with over a decade of experience, ACT Pest Control is your local pest control service. They have over twenty-five years of experience and two generations of professional training to ensure that your home or business is eradicated of all common pests. If you’re having issues with ants, termites, or some sort of another pest, ACT Pest Control is your go-to guy.

They don’t want to exterminate and kill the pests in your apartment, which is why they use nontoxic solutions instead. They specialize in eliminating all pests — whether they’re roaches, ants, or spiders — thoroughly and efficiently. With their advanced equipment, they can quickly eradicate your insect problem at an affordable cost.

Phone Number: 02 6190 1735

Address: 1122/240 Bunda St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Website: https://www.actpestcontrol.com.au/

8. Adams Pest Management

Adams Pest Management is a reliable pest control company that serves the entire Canberra area. Each service is designed to get rid of unwanted pests right away — the company uses chemical treatments to destroy existing insect populations and also installs preventative measures to keep them at bay. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions, including termite inspections and treatments.

Adams Pest Management guarantees 100 percent satisfaction with its work. To guarantee the best results, Adams Pest Management arrives at a client’s home as soon as possible after receiving an initial phone call, often within an hour. This guarantees that pests are removed from a client’s home — before they have a chance to spread or do more damage. Adams Pest Management provides all sorts of pest management services, starting with a free estimate. They are specialists in pest and termite control. They use environmentally friendly products, so you don’t have to worry about your family or pets.

Name: Adams Pest Management

Phone Number: 0499 235 340

Address: Wanniassa, Canbera ACT 1138

Website: http://adamspestmanagement.com.au/

9. Oz Pest Control Canberra

Pest controllers in the city of Canberra can be difficult to find. With long hours and weekend call-outs, most pest controllers are not available when you need them. Luckily for you, pest control in Canberra is a cinch with Oz Pest Control Canberra. Oz Pest Control Canberra pride itself on its ability to manage any size of any pest problem, whether it be ants in your kitchen, cockroaches in the bathroom, or moths in your cupboard.

For Canberra with the most competitive prices and a company, you can trust they are worth considering. Their qualified technicians will use safe, 100% non-toxic products to eliminate your nuisance infestation. This includes pre and post-building inspections with a thorough treatment guaranteed.

Phone Number: 0401 688 719

Address: Emily Bulcock Cres, Gilmore ACT 2905, Australia

Website: http://www.ozpestcontrolcanberra.com.au/

10. Danneez Cleaning

Danneez Cleaning is a full-service pest control company that provides efficient and professional services to help you maintain a secure, healthy, and pest-free environment. With years of experience in treating pests and all manner of household problems, the team at Danneez Cleaning is certified, licensed, and insured for all your pest, termite, and rodent control needs. The company guarantees its work with a 100% customer satisfaction and bond back guarantee; it arrives promptly to eradicate problems right away.

Phone Number: 0480 140 179

Address: Macgregor, ACT 2618

Website: http://www.danneezcleaning.com.au/


Here we have included the best pest controllers in Canberra. You can now choose the required company according to your locality. These are the best companies and they are capable of providing services with great professionalism. You can now see that it is possible, to always get the best services all over Australia if you look for them earnestly.

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