Brisbane10 Best Pest Controllers in Brisbane

10 Best Pest Controllers in Brisbane

It’s Spring and the time of the year when we all start to notice those pesky little critters that like to invade our homes. From ants, spiders, and most common termites to animal pests – there are some different ways you’ll find your home is vulnerable to unwanted pests. If you’re new to this, then it’s not unusual for you to panic or wonder how you’ll get rid of them once and for all. The good news is it’s a lot easier than you think, which is why I’ve put together this guide on how to find the best Pest Controllers in Brisbane.

1. Slug A Bug Pest Solutions

Their growth is due in large part to their staff’s dedication to quality work, efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness. Their dedicated team of licensed and experienced pest control technicians is fully trained to handle all your pest removal needs. Whether it’s bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, or any other unwelcome invaders —

Their team will achieve 100% guaranteed results and leave you with a clean home. With many years of experience in the industry, the Slug a Bug team has mastered the art of getting rid of all kinds of unwanted pests. Slug A Bug Pest Solutions technicians are qualified, licensed, and have a respectful approach towards all customers. All their technicians can provide excellent customer service and build strong relationships with each customer. Now you know more about their team, let’s talk about the services they offer.

At Slug A Bug Pest Solutions, they provide three solutions to customers: termite inspections, pest control, and their most popular treatment — do it yourself or DIY. With respect, safety, and quality being of the utmost importance, they use certified technicians to work in your home. They believe this is the only way to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied with their services.

Phone Number: 0419 803 194

Address: U 1403, 269 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101


2. TermiTech Termite & Pest Control

Do you need specific facts about Termite + Pest Control? You’ve come to the right place for information. They want to help you make an informed decision before choosing the best products and services for you. Their goal is to keep our readers in the know by presenting clear, relevant, and timely information on Terupuncture, Pest Control, and Services. In this way, they can help people learn more about choosing a Pest Control Brisbane company or Termite Removal company.

They also take care of residential homes and businesses to get rid of all pests swiftly: rats, cockroaches, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, ticks, and more. Their team has the latest technology – including thermal imaging cameras – and training to find the location of pest hiding spots that would otherwise go unnoticed. This means they can target the source of the issue and control it effectively before it escalates into a larger problem. Their team at Termitech Pty Ltd has been inspecting soil, wood, ceramics, foodstuffs, and fabric for more than 3 decades in Brisbane.

Termite Inspections are their core business. Their technology and equipment help them deliver the best and most efficient services possible. When you have an infestation problem, quick action is vital — but it’s important to ensure the finesse and detail that can only come with a deep understanding of the methods you’ll use. The TermiTech Termite & Pest Control are specialists in the field — their years of combined experience means they only use techniques that are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Phone Number: 0419 772 504

Address: EATONS HILL, QLD 4037


3. Dr. Pesty

The Dr. Pesty team strives to make customers feel comfortable and safe with its licensed and qualified pest technicians. That’s why the company is committed to delivering the utmost respect, safety, and quality care. With only standardized methods that adhere to all government standards, its treatments are safe for your family and pets — no matter how big or small they are! At Dr. Pesty, they make sure to prioritize their customers’ concerns and questions throughout the treatment process.

Both before and after services are scheduled, their technicians are available to respond to queries and concerns that you may have. Their primary goal is to provide safe, efficient, and effective pest control to keep your home healthy. With a proven track record when it comes to getting rid of pests, they always come through. Their success is dependent upon our ability to provide a variety of solutions for all kinds of pests, big and small! Their most common service is termite inspections and treatments, but they also tackle bed bugs and cockroaches as well as a wide range of other creepy crawlies that thrive in the tropical climate Queensland, Australia is known for.

Phone Number: 0474 326 872

Address:  Alvine Dr, Eagleby QLD 4207, Australia


4. TNT Pest Management

Whether you are trying to get rid of those pesky ants or prevent your home from becoming the next breeding ground for termites, they have the solutions and expertise you need. As a household pest controller team with over five years’ experience in commercial and residential pest control services under their belt, they are honored to be specified for hundreds of homes and businesses in the QLD region throughout this time.

They can supremely vouch for how important it is to feel confident in the professional team you work with so that you know you’re getting high-quality service that’s always done to the highest standards. TNT Pest Management’s team of highly trained technicians knows how to make your home a safer place for you and your family. With their expertise in treatment and inspection, TNT pest management will rid your home of infestation and leave it pest-free, without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

Their knowledgeable staff puts their customers’ safety first and takes pride in the job they do. TNT Pest Management offers a range of pest control services for residential homes and businesses. By employing the latest techniques and innovative eco-friendly solutions, they ensure you they can treat your home or business with care, compassion, and respect. The technicians have licensed professionals with a vast wealth of experience — so you know you will be in safe hands.

Phone Number: +61 433 071 428

Address: Pimpama, QLD, Australia 4209


5. Delux Cleaning Group Pty Ltd

A one-stop-shop for all your pest control and termite inspection needs, Delux Cleaning Group Pty Ltd is a Brisbane-based business that caters to clients looking for a more cost-effective option than hiring an individual contractor. Their professional technicians are trained to use the latest technologies to ensure they deliver fast and effective results while delivering impeccable customer service. They will get rid of any pest problem effectively, offering visual inspections, pre-sale and pre-purchase timber pest inspections, and regular services such as termite treatments and termite barriers. They regularly communicate with their clients so that they can deliver a comprehensive pest control service tailored to your needs and preferences. They are specialized in all kinds of Pest Control, termite treatments, and barrier options. Their enormous team ensures that, whatever your pest needs are, they can offer an all-around solution.

They’re always here on time and ready to help. Whether you need a pre-purchase pest inspection or just a general check for termites, they will take your needs seriously and treat them with the care they deserve. They have been serving customers for more than 8 years today and have completed more than 10,000 jobs, so you can rest assured that our technicians know the job well. They are also trained to conduct thorough inspections and provide the best possible results. After the treatment has been completed, Delux Cleaning Group Pty Ltd always follows up to ensure customer happiness with their service.

Phone Number: 0431 799 869

Address: Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan 4030


6. No1 Pest Control Brisbane

As a pest control company, No1 Pest Control Brisbane’s service includes everything from termite inspections to termite treatments and everything in between. They treat all types of buildings, homes, and businesses. When you need any kind of pest control in Brisbane contact them immediately. They provide affordable, reliable, and fast service. They come to your home on a 24-hour basis and they offer emergency services. Call today! No1 Pest Control Brisbane understands that pests can wreak havoc in your home, affecting not only the cleanliness but also the air quality. That is why they offer a range of services to make sure that you are in good hands.

Each member of their team has undergone thorough training and holds an accreditation from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, as well as holding certifications from the Industrial Training Authority. They are also trained to respect your property and belongings, to ensure that your home is always treated with the utmost care. Once the technician has finished their job, they will leave your home just as they found it: clean and tidy. The company has built a strong reputation for reliability, dependability, and expertise — all of which have contributed to its surging growth in the industry. Its unique services have allowed it to become a trusted brand.

Phone Number: +61 7 3062 7707

Address: 36/71 Eagle Street, Annerley, QLD, Australia 4000


7. Squished Pest & Termite Management

Squished Pest & Termite Management understands that customer safety is paramount to the success of any pest control service. They take great care to ensure that no harm comes to your family and pets when they perform inspections and treatments in your home. When you need an exterminator, you must be getting a good value for your money; at Squished Pest & Termite Management, you’ll receive excellent value for your hard-earned money. Squished Pest & Termite Management has just one mission: to leave pest problems behind and make sure that no harm comes to your family and pets in the process.

The same goes for your bottom line — since they specialize in eco-friendly pest control and general commercial service, there’s no need to spend a fortune on your ant or termite problem. They’re the best in the business, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands. They take great care not only in protecting your family when performing inspections but also in educating you about how to keep bugs away from your house in the future.

Phone Number: 0466 363 363

Address: Albany Creek, QLD, Australia 4035


8. Brisbane Termite & Pest Control

Brisbane Termite & Pest Control is a local Brisbane cleaning company with over 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry. They provide top-quality pest control services including pre-purchase inspections, visual inspections for existing structures, as well as pest treatments to both residential and commercial properties. When you hire Brisbane Termite & Pest Control, you can expect a level of service that puts the safety of your family and pets first.

All of the technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, and expertly trained to conduct inspections, treatments, exterminations, and other services with the utmost care and professionalism. The company specializes in bed bug removal, termite removal, rodent control, and control and more. If you are searching for the best professional pest controllers, you don’t need to look any further. Brisbane Termite & professional pest management services will leave your house looking amazing.

Phone Number: 1300 254 557

Address: 92/42 Manilla St, East Brisbane QLD 4169, Australia


9. Pro Pest Control Brisbane

When it comes to pest control, safety is going to be one of the most important things on your mind. After all, there’s no benefit to getting rid of the problem if you and your family aren’t safe in your homes afterward. Pests can be a nuisance — but they don’t have to be. Pro Pest Control Brisbane is a pest control service that provides high-quality treatments for all pests, from mice and spiders to fleas and ants.

The company’s positive reputation precedes it in the community, and its technicians have years of experience in pest control. Pest control is a necessary but often unpleasant process. Families can keep pest-control in-house by following a few simple precautions and calling the professionals when an infestation occurs.

 They use natural, organic ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the environment as part of their pest control services.

Phone Number: 07 3555 7900

Address: 66 Hope St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia


10. Guard Pest Control

If you need a professional and reliable pest control service that won’t break the bank, look no further. They understand that you’re busy so their technician will contact you on the day before your scheduled inspection and will generally arrive between 10 am and 11 am. For a reliable exterminator, you can trust Guard Pest Control.

They take great care to ensure that your home is free from pests, but they do so in a humane way. Treatments are quick and painless, and they don’t leave behind any residues. They’ve sent an exterminator to tens of thousands of homes across Australia so if you need help in Brisbane, call them today!

Phone Number: 07 3063 4040

Address: : 10/410 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia



Finding the best pest controllers in Brisbane may not be easy. But luckily, we have done the hard work for you and managed to compile a list of 10 companies that offer the best services.

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