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10 Best Landscapers In Melbourne

When looking for a landscaping firm, one should take into consideration certain things. Like is the company insured? Or does it have a license from the state that allows it to offer landscaping services? The best companies are going to have these because then you feel safer knowing that your investment will be secure. But the question that people often ask is: who are the best of the best? And what qualities should make them stand out among the rest? As your backyard is likely a big part of your life, it’s only natural that you want it to look beautiful.

However, there comes a time you will have to engage the services of a professional landscaping company in Melbourne to get things done. No matter the size of your backyard, there are landscapers in the city who can help you with any design or renovating plans you may have. With so much to consider, here is a guide to the best Melbourne landscapers.

1. Td Landscape And Excavations

The Landscape Design Melbourne must be an essential part of every home improvement project. This is because your landscape can be used for much more than just a decorative purpose, but also as a way to make your outdoor living spaces safer and more enjoyable. The experts at Td Landscape And Excavations have extensive experience in creating the perfect outdoor space for your home, and they will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your final project. When it comes to creating a space for pure enjoyment, the brand offers a wide range of outdoor services that emphasize modern construction and simple maintenance.

They aim to transform your backyard into a living room-like entertainment space that builds upon the beauty of your property. The most important thing is that they always keep the needs of their clients as the top priority. If you are looking for the best landscape design in Melbourne, the professionals at Td Landscape And Excavations will be able to help you get the most out of your outdoor experience. The brand is known for their quality workmanship and the wide range of services they offer to their clients. This means that they will be able to help you create an outdoor space that is both enjoyable and safe to use.

Phone Number: 0421 742 747

Address: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Website: https://www.td-landscape-and-excavations.com.au/

2. Best Landscaping

Best Landscaping provides high-quality landscaping, paving, stone and brickwork. Having been a family business for four generations, they have the experience to meet your needs with a range of decorative features that will set you apart from the crowd. They are known for their innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and excellent service. Based in Melbourne and servicing homes in the Mornington Peninsula, The Best Landscaping offers a range of high-quality services that leave their clients delighted. Their design-build approach ensures that clients receive a finished product that meets their requirements and exceeds the client’s expectations. The most important thing is that they always keep the needs of their clients as a top priority.

The Best Landscaping can transform any outdoor area into a place of beauty and relaxation. Their landscaping services include paving, stone work, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor living areas, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture, ponds, and water features. They also offer services for gardens, lawns, trees, and shrubs. You can be confident that the landscaping services of The Best Landscaping will enhance your home’s value and create a beautiful and inviting outdoor living space. They are known for their quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and excellent customer service.

Phone Number: 0401 192 552

Address: Victoria St, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Website: http://www.bestlandscaping.com.au/  

3. Quay Decking and Landscapes

Composite decking and landscaping services can help you transform your yard into an oasis. Whether you plan to build a new deck or garden, their top-of-the-line landscaping services will add that unique touch of class to your home and property. Quay Decking and Landscaping is an experienced Geelong and Bellarine Region landscaping company, with a focus on decking services. Their multi-award-winning design team delivers quality work that is both beautiful and functional. With a variety of decking options and quality services, they are your best partner for your surrounding spaces. They offer everything you need to spruce up your outdoor space, from turf installation and retaining walls to paving and mulching.

And as one of the premier decking contractors in this region, they offer the highest standards in quality, service, and price for all of your hardwood and composite decking needs. The decking and landscaping services they provide are affordable, reliable, and backed by over 20 years of experience. You can trust their team to provide the highest quality services at the best possible price. They offer a variety of decking options to choose from, including hardwood, composite, and softwood.

Phone Number: 0421 490 899

Address: Craigieburn Station, Craigieburn VIC 3064, Australia

Website: https://www.oshmenslandscaping.com.au/

4. CMAC Landscaping

CMAC Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that has been served Melbourne and its neighboring suburbs for many years. CMAC Landscaping specializes in turfs based on your individual needs. They provide professional and cost-effective solutions for your landscaping projects – no matter how big or small. Whatever your outdoor space, CMAC Landscaping can help you make the most of every day and stay on budget. CMAC Landscaping is dedicated to providing certified landscapers that deliver the best service possible. They have a reputation for completing challenging work and will go out of their way to exceed your expectations.

They provide quality workmanship and exceptional service. Their team of skilled workers takes pride and care in providing you with great quality landscaping services. CMAC Landscaping is a residential landscaping service that delivers beautiful landscapes tailored to your tastes and requirements. And…. they’re the best.

Phone Number: 0439 521 571

Address: Cranbourne, VIC 3977, Australia

Website: https://www.cmac-landscaping.com.au/

5. Yazz Group

Yazz Group is an award-winning landscaping firm with years of experience and a deep understanding of design; they have turned many commercial spaces into great outdoor areas. Their designs are perfectly suited to any size or budget, with project management and execution equally impressive. Whether you want to create a space that captivates customers or simply update your existing landscape, Yazz Group has the solution for you. Whether they are building decks and patios to designing parks, they know how to make the most of your property.

Their landscapers are highly trained professionals who can handle any type of work, both large and small. From building complete transformations to improving previously constructed landscapes, nothing is off-limits for the company’s expertise. This allows them to deliver a high-quality service, complete with all the services offered by other top companies in their field, but without the hefty price tag.

Phone Number: 0411 444 415

Address: Meadow Heights, 52 Gunbower Cres, Meadow Heights VIC 3048, Australia

Website: https://www.yazzgroup.com.au/ 

6. EastView Landscaping Designs

EastView Landscaping Designs is a well-known landscaping business based in Cheltenham. With over 20 years of experience, they are known for their work on public parks, sporting grounds, private backyards, and residential property. They offer a wide range of services including retaining walls, decking, garden beds, and paving driveways. EastView Landscaping Designs is a fully licensed landscaping company. They specialize in retaining walls and garden beds. They provide the highest quality of service.

They only complete the full scope of works and take great pride in their ability to deliver premium landscaping services to clients. EastView Landscaping Designs have your landscaping needs covered from a do-it-yourself manual to complete design and build services. Offering landscape design, hardscaping, and maintenance, EastView provides a quality and detailed approach to creating beautiful spaces indoors or out.

Phone Number: +61 403 452 346

Address: Vermont South, Victoria 3133, Australia

Website: https://www.EastView-landscaping-designs.com.au/ 

7. Melbourne Landscape Projects

Melbourne Landscape Projects is a team of landscaping specialists delivering quality domestic landscaping services, including excavation and paving, concrete work for new installations, planting and decking work, vertical garden walls, water features, screens, and fencing. The company serves the local community with a dedicated team of professionals, who are fully licensed and insured for up to $20 million to ensure customer peace of mind. It also provides free on-site consultations and quotes so you know exactly how much work it will cost before signing a contract. Their contractors specialize in building a naturally beautiful garden that is the perfect extension of your home, and they can help you choose the plants to complete your project. This ensures that customers get a quality project done promptly.

The company offers a comprehensive range of landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties. This includes excavating and paving, concrete work for new installations, planting and decking work, vertical garden walls, water features, screens, and fencing. Melbourne Landscape Projects also provides a full range of maintenance services to keep your property looking beautiful and healthy, including lawn mowing, leaf raking, soil aeration, and mulching.

Phone Number: 0400 810 107

Address: Canterbury Rd, Toorak VIC 3142, Australia

Website: http://www.melbournelandscapeprojects.com.au/ 

8. Spruce Landscaping

Spruce Landscaping is a landscaping and gardening service in Melbourne that specializes in creating outdoor spaces that are attractive, functional, and sustainable. Whether you need help with general grounds maintenance, horticultural tasks like weeding, pruning, and mulching, or more complex landscaping jobs, they have the tools and skills to get the work done right. From a small backyard cleanup to major repairs and reconstruction, Spruce Landscaping has it covered. The company will eliminate the hassle of having to manage many contractors by providing reliable gardening and landscaping services for any problem. Give them a call today, and they’ll show you how a little bit of work can transform your yard from dull to stunning in no time at all! This team of professionals offers both one-time services and ongoing care for your property.

Phone Number: 1300 556 532

Address: Hampton Station, Hampton St, Railway Cres, Hampton VIC 3188, Australia

Website: http://www.sprucelandscaping.com.au/ 

9. Core Concrete Solutions Pty Ltd

What if your landscaping company could do more for you? That’s where Core Concrete Solutions Pty Ltd comes in. They cover all your concreting needs, from concrete slabs to removing the dirt. They’re also experts in landscaping and can help create your dream garden from turfing to retaining walls. Core Concrete Solutions is a family-owned business and they believe that customer satisfaction should always be their primary focus. They have been in the industry for over 5 years and they specialize in precasting and post-tensioning. Core Concrete Solutions Pty Ltd offers a service like no other. Offering everything including mold and formwork, concreting, steel mesh installation, and construction work.

Their people are friendly, their work is neat, and they take care to ensure that you get great value for money. Whether you need an expert to come in and make all the aesthetic decisions for you or whether you want them to take care of everything from start to finish, their services have been designed with you in mind.

Phone Number: 1 300 01 CORE

Address: 27 Victoria St, Elsternwick VIC 3185, Australia

Website: http://www.coreconcrete.com.au/ 

10. Petstra Gardens

Petstra Gardens has the experience and resources to take care of your needs, from start to finish. Petstra Gardens is an award-winning landscaping company that provides a full range of services: from design and installation to maintenance, they are committed to ensuring that you have the garden of your dreams. Whether you want a new water feature or a complete overhaul of your current garden, their dedicated team of professionals will work with you to personalize every aspect of landscaping and horticulture.

They will make your project a reality and ensure it corresponds with your lifestyle because they’re dedicated to meeting your every need. By focusing on customer requirements, this company can create the garden of your dreams by delivering total projects from the ground up.

Phone Number: 03 9327 3434

Address: Newport, VIC 3015, Australia

Website: http://www.petstragardens.com.au/ 


The companies listed above are easy to find, coasting Melbourne and its suburbs. If you want a great landscape, give one of these top landscapers in Melbourne a call today to learn more about the services they offer, then you will be well on your way to creating fantastic grounds for your home. They are professional, reliable, and secure. Contact them for more advice or if you want to enjoy a fashionable garden near your home.

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