Canberra10 Best Gardeners In Canberra

10 Best Gardeners In Canberra

Are you looking for the best Canberra gardeners? Are you looking to restore your backyard or decking areas? Why not consider hiring experts in this field who can do the job for you. This increases your chances of achieving a superb outcome without having to stress about the details and hard work involved.

Gardening is a particular matter that can lead to a lot of debate, but we’ve tried to whittle it down for you. Below you’ll find our top 10 gardening services in Canberra.

1. The North Side Gardener And Horticultural Services

Love gardening? Need some new skills? You just got what you needed. For professional and experienced gardeners, the North Shore Gardener And Horticultural Services are here to help. The company prides itself on the expertise of its arboriculture department, which includes removing large trees or any other unwanted trees, plus cultivating new growth on fruit and ornamental trees. Their teams of professionals come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide range of creative ideas to every situation. The business is continuously growing, and it prides itself on helping homeowners get the most beautiful gardens.

If you’re interested in learning more about tree care and maintenance, the arborist at North Shore has some great tips and advice. One of their top tips is to always use a sharp knife or saw when cutting branches. This will help prevent damage to the plant. They also recommend that you remove any dead leaves or branches as they can attract pests.

It’s always best to consult with an arborist before you make changes to your landscape. They can give you advice on what’s best for your particular situation and can even help you find the right tools for the job. North Shore also has a wide range of lawn care services, and you can choose from their wide range of options to find the perfect solution for your landscaping needs.

Phone Number: 0434 450 844

Address: Hillcrest St, Crace ACT 2911, Australia


2. Canberra Lifestyle Services

Do you want a friendly face to come in and help with your garden? Check out the Canberra Lifestyle Services lawn mowing, weeding, and fertilizing service in Belconnen. Their experts are happy to help you with your garden. They’ll help you with DIY gardening projects such as setting up a water feature, keeping your pond clean, and adding some plants; or they can help you maintain specific plants that may require more specialized care. They’ve got the experience and resources you need to make your ideas come true. If you’d like a new outdoor area, they can build that for you—or improve what you already have in place.

Canberra Lifestyle Services is a company that offers a wide variety of services to the people of Canberra. They offer everything from home improvement services to lawn care and landscaping. They also offer a wide range of other services such as home security, pet care, and even home automation. If you’re looking for a company that can help you with all of your needs, then this is the company for you.

Phone Number: 0412 29 9246

Address: Harman ACT 2600, Australia


3. The Garden Guru & Mowing

The Garden Guru delivers a great service and gardens your garden to perfection. They are experienced and reliable and the one you should contact if you are looking for a quality gardening service. The Garden Guru is here to help you make the most of your outdoor space. With decades of experience and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, they’re proud to offer a handy gardening service that aims to keep your garden looking its best. They offer a wide variety of services including planting, pruning, and tree removal. They’ll maintain a professional work ethic so you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

If you have a garden that needs some love, contact The Garden Guru and book a free consultation. They offer a wide range of services to suit all budgets and will work with you to create a garden that you can be proud of. Contact The Garden Guru today. The team also offer a wide range of other services such as pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more.

Phone Number: 0416 763 065

Address: Spence Pl, Hughes ACT 2605, Australia


4. Kapital Gardening & Tree Services

Kapital Gardening & Tree Services are one of the best local Canberra-based gardeners out there. They make sure that their Canberra clients get the best gardening service possible and they don’t stop until they are completely satisfied. They offer top-notch gardening services tailored to your needs, from simple lawn mowing, to planning and planting every aspect of your garden. Whether you want your garden to be a secret oasis or a vibrant public space, it’s in expert hands with Kapital Gardening & Tree Services. They have a reputation for hard work and integrity, and they will honor it by taking care of your garden. Give them a call today.

They offer a wide range of gardening services including lawn mowing, trimming and edging, pruning, planting, mulching, and more. They will work with you to create a gardening plan that fits your budget and your needs. They understand that every garden is different and they will work with you to create a plan that is right for you. Contact them today to get started on your dream garden.

Phone Number: 0420 598 044

Address: 29 Ormiston Cct, Harrison ACT 2914, Australia


5. Practical Landscape Solutions

Practical Landscape Solutions helps homeowners maintain their lawns by removing and disposing of waste, such as leaves and branches. By choosing this company, clients can rest easy knowing that they are working with a team of experts who will provide the same quality service for their garden work as they do for their customers. All debris will be removed from the site at the end of each working day. It’s all part of the company’s mission to provide environmentally conscious solutions for its clients. They help you maintain a safe and visually appealing yard without stressing you out doing it yourself.

The team at Practical Landscape Solutions is experienced in a variety of lawn care services. They also ensure that all materials used for their services are of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to take care of your lawn, look no further than Practical Landscape Solutions.

Phone Number: +61 424 701 753

Address: Kirkpatrick St, Weston ACT 2611, Australia


6. Hortum

Hortum is a local family-run business that has a reputation for high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. You’ll notice their personal touch from the start. They don’t just want to get the job done – they want to delight you with the results. Hortum is committed to helping you create your ideal garden or landscape for years to come. Hortum does use the waste generated from your lawn care and landscaping jobs for its composting efforts, the company takes great care to ensure that it is being responsibly taken care of. Many types of debris generated from a garden can be used for composting and mulching, including leaves, lawn clippings, branches, and lawn trimmings.

The team at Hortum takes pride in their work and is always available to answer any questions you may have about your lawn or garden. Contact Hortum today to learn more about their services or to schedule a free consultation. They will ensure that your lawn or garden is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Phone Number: 0418 26 8420

Address: Harman ACT 2600, Australia


7. Regal Restorations

Regal Restorations is a company that has considerable experience in a variety of services, such as cleaning and mold restoration. Regal Restorations have considerable experience in a vast range of services and can assist you with any of your needs. From water damage to mold restoration, Regal has been restoring properties for over 20 years. The company also offers various household maintenance services, such as gardening as well as a kitchen renovation. They also have extensive and relevant experience in any facet of property restoration.

They are made up of a team of specialists who are experienced and capable in a variety of services, such as water damage, mold remediation, and general restoration. The company is also able to offer a wide variety of services to their clients, such as general home maintenance, kitchen renovation, and even gardening. If you are in need of any type of home restoration, then Regal Restorations is the company for you.

Phone Number: 0403 461 667

Address: Fyshwick, Australian Capital Territory 2609, Australia


8. JPL Horticulture

JPL Horticulture provides great gardening services in Canberra. The company hires well-qualified garden maintenance experts who go through a rigorous training session and get to work to tackle the toughest of gardens with ease. Available for reasonable prices, gardening services by JPL Horticulture offer unmatched value for money and results. The company’s team of well-trained gardeners excels at lawn mowing, weed removal, fertilizing, and other gardening tasks. It is a full services company, providing both weekly and one-time services to its clients. The company’s customer base has grown steadily since its grand opening in 2016. As such, the company has earned positive reviews from clients.

The team of gardeners at JPL Horticulture is equipped to handle any type of garden, no matter how big or small. The company has provided gardening services to both commercial and residential properties in the past. JPL Horticulture has a great team of gardeners who will go out of their way to ensure that your garden looks its best. The company ensures that every customer is satisfied with the results of the work. JPL Horticulture has a strong reputation for providing quality services at reasonable prices.

Phone Number: 0433 57 1779

Address: 8 Vancouver Ave, Panorama SA 5041, Australia


9. Gungahlin District Lawn Care

Gungahlin District Lawn Care is a local landscaping and gardening company servicing the Gungahlin District of Australia. They guarantee high-quality services in a professional and timely manner every visit. With years of experience in a range of repair services, from water damage to outdoor flooring and much more, they can do it all. They also committed to customer service that cannot be matched. Keep your lawns looking fresh and green with our lawn care service? They can help you out with all your lawn maintenance needs, from decoration to disease and pest treatments. They guarantee their work to, arrive on time, and leave you with a smile on your face.

They are made up of a team of professional and experienced landscapers who know exactly what your garden needs. They offer a wide range of services, from regular garden maintenance to one-off landscaping projects. They can also help you with all your lawn care needs, from mowing to fertilising and much more. Give them a call today to find out more about their services or to book a free consultation.

Phone Number: 1300 048 566

Address: Palmerston ACT 2913, Australia


10. ACT Eco Landscapes

You want your garden to be the envy of the neighborhood. You want a professional landscape designer who can cater to your needs and make it look stunning. ACT Eco Landscapes is a passionate team that has an eye for gardening detail and will do the task up to your standards. From landscaping design to implementation, ACT Eco Landscapes will transform your outdoor space into a restful retreat that you’ll be proud to show off to guests. Their professional approach ensures every customer’s budget and dream is met on time and within the specified budget. The team also aims to build long-lasting relationships and is a consummate perfectionist when it comes to the finer details.

They are passionate about creating beautiful gardens that will last for years. Every design is a work of art and no two are alike. With two decades of experience in the industry, ACT Eco Landscapes has a solid reputation for quality workmanship. They can take on any landscaping project, no matter how big or small.

Phone Number: 0484 933 146

Address: Wanniassa, Australian Capital Territory 2903, Australia



The top 10 best Gardens in Canberra are not easy to decide. The decisions are made between the people who know what they are doing. Here we have tried to show the variety of beautiful gardens available in Canberra which caters to the needs and preferences of different people.

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