When Listings10 Best Celebrants In Hobart

10 Best Celebrants In Hobart

To celebrate the culmination of your love story and journey as a couple, you’ll need to find the best celebrant in Hobart. A wedding celebration is marked by a unique personality. It’s unlike any other party you have planned before! The celebration of your love will reflect the history of your relationship, as well as serve as an introduction for the next phase in the future. Choosing a wonderful celebrant who will make all your dreams come true is one of the most important choices you’ll make when planning your ceremony. When booking your wedding, you must find a celebrant who specializes in your kind of ceremony.

Think vintage and rustic with a touch of old-school glamor. An outdoor garden affair with candles and greenery scattered throughout. Maybe something contemporary and modern to set the mood; after being asked numerous times by brides (and grooms) for recommendations or advice, I thought it might be handy to make a list of my favorite wedding celebrants in Hobart.

1. Diane Strong

Popular in Hobart, the Diane Strongsite helps couples plan the perfect ceremony. Highly recommended by its users, Easy Weddings strives to design ceremonies that fit each couple’s style and personality. Offering a variety of services that range from no-frills to lavish events, Diane Strong embeds memorable moments into her ceremonies for couples to cherish for years to come.

Strong, a highly-recommended marriage celebrant, seeks to build up a relationship with her clients to create their unique wedding and tailor it to their interests. If you are in the market for a wedding celebrant, look no further! In a time when many marriage ceremonies are performed by an officiant who is simply going through the motions, Diane’s passion for marriage shines through in every wedding she officiates. When you hire Diane Strong, you can trust that she will tailor your entire ceremony to help you achieve the day you’ve always dreamed of.

The team applies its years of experience to assist couples in planning their dream wedding. From the first consultation to the big day, the staff is there to help with every step of the process. Diane Strong is an experienced celebrant who is passionate about her work. She strives to create unique and memorable ceremonies for each of her clients.

Phone Number: 0400 845 752

Address: 631 Main Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011, Australia

Website: http://www.MarriageCelebrantChardonnayCeremonies.com.au/ 

2. Ron Cruickshank Marriage Celebrant

Want to make your wedding day truly one of a kind? Want to offer your guests a ceremony that will be talked about for years to come? Ron Cruickshank could be your ideal marriage celebrant. Choosing Ron Cruickshank as your wedding celebrant or marriage officiant is both a smart decision and an experience you will remember fondly for years to come. Friendly in his approach, Ron is a professional and a very relaxed speaker that makes everyone feel at home. His kind nature fosters stress-free ceremonies that are funny, light-hearted, and infused with personalities.

With intimate knowledge of some of the most beautiful venues in Hobart, he promises to help you design a ceremony that is jam-packed with wow-factor, tailored specifically for you. Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony or something a little more unique, Ron will be more than happy to work with you to get exactly what you’re looking for. So, get in touch with him today!

Phone Number: 0400606321

Address: 112 Bounty St, Warrane TAS 7018, Australia

Website: http://www.RonCruickshankMarriageCelebrant.com.au/ 

3. Andrew Smith Life Events

Andrew Smith wants to make your wedding ceremony unique and unforgettable. Whether you need help finding a suitable location or want someone to help you write your vows, Andrew is ready to help. He knows that every couple has different needs, so he offers a range of services for each client. He guides you through the process of creating a beautiful ceremony, but he is available for additional support as well. Andrew Smith is the most caring and helpful officiant you will find.

He knows the anxiety that goes around planning a wedding service, and he has a methodical process in place to help relieve that stress. He says that his job is to listen to your hopes and dreams and put them into words during your ceremony. He will customize his performance to cater to your needs and wishes, including religious considerations, if necessary.

The team at Andrew Smith Weddings is passionate about helping you create a day that you will remember forever. They apply their knowledge and experience to every wedding they officiate. They know how important your wedding day is, and they will do everything they can to make it a success. Contact Andrew Smith to learn more about his services or to book him for your wedding.

Phone Number: 03 6265 8565

Address: 106 Lewisham Scenic Dr, Lewisham TAS 7173, Australia

Website: https://www.andrewsmithlifeevents.com.au/ 

4. Kathleen Ryan Celebrant

Kathleen Ryan, a Celebration Celebrant in Hobart, wants to make your wedding day one of the most memorable experiences of your life. She can capture your story and create a meaningful ceremony that will leave you with beautiful memories. At Kathleen’s wedding ceremonies, everyone is involved and everyone feels included. Everyone has fun. Kathleen Ryan has a reputation for doing spectacular weddings. She wants to make sure your wedding day is as special as you want it to be. Kathleen knows how to keep the energy up and make sure everyone is having a good time!

Kathleen Ryan can be your wedding day hero. From the most beautiful beach to the city’s most exclusive venue, wherever you want to tie the knot, Kathleen Ryan will help you create your dream wedding day. From the moment Kathleen starts working with you, she is there for you. She will go out of her way to make sure your special day flows properly. She takes care of all the little details and she makes sure you are happy with your ceremony. Contact Kathleen to find out how she can create your perfect wedding ceremony.

Phone Number: 0419 998 816

Address: Queenstown, TAS, 7467

Website: https://www.kathleenryancelebrant.com.au/ 

5. Maxine Lowry

Maxine Lowry is a full-time independent marriage celebrant who creates stress-free wedding ceremonies for couples, whether they are planning elopements or a destination celebration. Her experience implies that she knows what is required by law before and on the day of the event, allowing her to provide a flawless ceremony that leaves clients feeling happy and relieved. Andrew will create a ceremony that will be remembered forever, and he’ll use his experience to guide you through the process of getting married. Maxine Lowry has years of experience working with brides, and she’ll use his expertise to help you craft your dream wedding. All she needs is two or three meetings before your big day, and she’ll turn your vision into reality.

Minimizing time, effort and money is at the core of most successful small businesses. For this reason, many couples are seeking marriage officiants who can offer an intimate, customized wedding experience that also fits their busy schedules. Getting married on a weekday is one way to achieve this. Maxine Lowry is one of those marriage celebrants. The best thing about their. services is that they are very affordable. THey will help you save a lot of money and time.

Phone Number: 0409 976 225

Address: North Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Website: https://www.MarriedbyMaxine.com.au/ 

6. Kate Wheatley

Kate Wheatley is a Marriage Celebrant based in Hobart, Tasmania. She is committed to creating ceremonies to be cherished for many years to come. With clients finding it hard to pick a celebrant due to the wide choice, this makes Kate Wheatley one of the most unique and sought-after celebrants on Easy Weddings. Kate Wheatley is a Hobart-based Marriage Celebrant that offers all couples the opportunity to have a no-stress, fun, and enjoyable wedding ceremony.

She is known for her commitment to providing all clients service above the expectations of what they imagined. After understanding your needs, Kate Wheatley creates a ceremony tailored to you, your family, and your friends. Whether you want a small and intimate ceremony or something a little more over the top, Kate can help you design the perfect ceremony that reflects your relationship and personality.

The best thing about having Kate Wheatley as your celebrant is that she will work with you to create a unique ceremony that is special to you. She understands that no two relationships are the same and that each ceremony should be unique to the couple. Kate Wheatley is dedicated to providing all couples with a service that is personalised, professional, and fun. Contact Kate Wheatley to discuss your wedding ceremony needs.

Phone Number: 03 6278 7473

Address: Hobart Tasmania, Australia

Website: https://www.KateWheatley.com.au/ 

7. Helen Stewart Celebrant

Helen Stewart Celebrant provides elopement packages for couples planning their wedding quickly and without a lot of fanfare. She helps you plan your ceremony, she talks to local officials and arranges permits, and she even organizes hotel reservations. Whether you’re planning a small ceremony in one of the nearby national parks or an upscale affair at a historic venue, Helen Stewart makes sure that you have all the resources necessary to get hitched. She offers stress-free arrangements for weddings that don’t require a lot of time: she already knows the requirements since it’s her job to know, making things as easy for you as possible.  

Sure, they’re known for their great customer service, but they’re also known for being a part of the community. That’s because their staff is just like everyone else – they live and work in your neighborhood – and it shows.

Phone Number: 0418355561

Address: Hill Brae, 101 Thomas Rd, Woodbridge TAS 7162, Australia

Website: http://www.helenstewartcelebrancy.com.au/ 

8. Karen Rees

Karen Rees is a Hobart marriage celebrant with over 5 years of experience in designing personalized and touching ceremonies. Clients describe her as “fantastic and accommodating,” and her reputation precedes her: Karen has partaken in over 600 ceremonies to date. With an easy-to-navigate website that shows off her portfolio and contact information quickly, clients have been able to find Karen easily every time they’ve needed to. She tailors every ceremony to the couple’s preferences so that each is truly unique. Her many years of experience mean Karen Rees knows what it takes to plan a memorable ceremony, and she’ll help you create one with her fantastic service packages.

Phone Number: 0400660117

Address: West Hobart Tasmania, Australia

Website: https://www.KarenRees.com.au/ 

9. Marnie Bicknell

Marnie Bicknell is a wedding celebrant located in Hobart. She has been in the entertainment business for many years and worked on theater productions, which led her to her current career. Since then, she has become experienced at personalized romantic celebrations, religious ceremonies, and civil union ceremonies. She knows what it means when people share their special day with her. Even if you feel like you want to stay in the background at your wedding, having Marnie Bicknell there will help ensure that everything goes the way you imagined it. Unlike many other wedding celebrants, Marnie has extensive experience in public speaking that can be used to create an unforgettable ceremony based on more traditional or nontraditional ceremonies.

Phone Number: 0414 556 716

Address: Hobart Tasmania, Australia

Website: https://www.marniebicknell.com.au/ 

10. Kath Tilly Wedding Celebrant

A professional wedding celebrant who is based in Hobart has seen the demand for less traditional weddings rise, and she has found a way to deliver. Kath Tilly of Tasmania offers personalized, non-traditional marriage ceremonies that cater to the couples’ wishes. With a non-traditional wedding ceremony coming in at $1,000-$2,000, Tilly makes sure that every couple receives quality service to help them have the wedding they have always dreamed of. Whether you want to shout your vows from a stunning mountain top, or you want something more traditional, all of your favorite people can gather together for a casual or fun celebration at last.

Phone Number: 0406 990 375

Address: North Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Website: http://www.kathtilly.com.au/ 


Any of the mentioned above companies will be able to assist you with your perfect ceremony, as they can provide the remarkable service that you deserve. You just have to browse their websites and choose the perfect match for yourself.

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