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10 Best Celebrants In Canberra

Are you planning to get married in Canberra, ACT? Are you looking for a professional celebrant to host your ceremony? Depending on the kind of relationship that you share with your partner and the personal tradition or heritage that you want to include in your wedding ceremony, it will likely require the presence of someone who is authorized to officiate weddings and preside over them.

This is precisely why Canberra-based wedding celebrants are being commissioned to perform ceremonies not only by couples who want to emphasize their relationship but also to celebrate their cultural, ethnic, and traditional values. Let’s talk about hosting your wedding in Canberra, ACT. If you are looking for the best celebrants in Canberra, look no further than this directory that provides the best of the best: top 10 celebrants.

1. Julie Rattenbury

With her passion for performing weddings, Julie Rattenbury has built a reputation as one of Canberra’s most trusted and sought-after marriage celebrants. Her goal is to create the perfect ceremony for you, allowing you to express your love in an intimate and personalized way. Working with Julie allows couples to take part in their wedding, rather than being just another number in a long list of clients. Julie Rattenbury is the local Canberra marriage celebrant that you have been looking for. Julie Rattenbury helps her clients create a ceremony that truly reflects their love for one another, regardless of their religious beliefs or personal views on traditional wedding practices.

In addition to standard wedding services, Rattenbury can also offer same-sex ceremonies, vow renewals, and even elopements. Julie Rattenbury is a local Canberra marriage celebrant that can provide you with the best possible service. If you are looking for a celebrant who will work with you to create the perfect ceremony for your special day, then look no further than Julie Rattenbury. With her passion for performing weddings, Julie Rattenbury has built a reputation as one of Canberra’s most trusted and sought-after marriage celebrants.

Phone Number: +61 402 703 310

Address: Farrer ACT, Canberra ACT 2607, Australia

Website: http://www.julierattenbury.com.au/  

2. Licensed to Wed – Gina Callan

Licensed to Wed has recommended Gina Callan as she keeps things personal. She listens carefully and aims to create just what you always envisioned. She’s kind, honest, and compassionate so can be trusted to make you feel very special on your wedding day. She carefully listens to you and tailors the ceremony according to your wishes. Her personality and kind nature will ensure that your ceremony is truly special. Having the perfect wedding day is an overwhelming task and one doesn’t have to go through it alone. Gina Callan is a regulated and ordained celebrant who will listen to your needs and provide solutions that will exceed your expectations.

She believes that every wedding should be fun, simple, stylish, and most of all memorable. The best thing about her is that she ensures that your wedding ceremony is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. She’s professional and takes the time to get to know you as a couple to ensure that your ceremony is personalised. Gina Callan also offers pre-marriage counselling to help you prepare for married life. If you’re looking for a celebrant who is truly invested in making your wedding day perfect, then Gina Callan is the one for you!

Phone Number: 02 6260 3281

Address: Shopping Village, Lyons Pl, Lyons ACT 2606, Australia

Website: https://www.LicensedToWed.com.au/ 

3. Antonia (Tanya) Losanno

Celebrity wedding celebrant Antonia Losanno offers a wide range of services. Currently enjoying a high profile in the TV and entertainment industry, Losanno has hosted several live events and celebrity red carpet showings. If you want to keep it simple but memorable, or if you desire an extravagant affair with lace and bows, Losanno’s services are sure to please. With more than 25 years of experience, she can work within your religious and cultural traditions, as well as with same-sex couples. Beyond traditional services, she also offers vow renewal, commitment ceremonies, and premarital counseling.

She is dedicated to helping couples create a memorable wedding experience, so she will happily meet with you to discuss your vision. For a unique and unforgettable ceremony, contact Antonia Losanno today. Though she is known for her experiences and sense of humor, Antonia is also able to take a serious tone if needed. Her professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched. If you are looking for a wedding celebrant who will make your big day special, call Antonia Losanno today.

Phone Number: 0403 159 149

Address: Callam St &, Wilbow St, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia

Website: http://www.antonialosanno.com.au/ 

4. Sharyn Gunn Celebrant

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant makes sure that the legal paperwork is taken care of, so the bride-and-groom-to-be can concentrate on the most important things – like choosing a dress and flowers. Sharyn Gunn Celebrant will always be available for any questions or concerns you may have. Contact them anytime on my mobile phone or via e-mail. They’ll be looking forward to meeting you. You can trust Sharyn Gunn Celebrant to help you plan your big day. With a friendly chat, they are happy to discuss your ideas and provide the legal documents and ceremony outline. It’s your special day and one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be perfect, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t stress. Sharyn Gunn Celebrant has you covered.

Sharyn Gunn has worked as a celebrant for over ten years and has been involved in the wedding industry for over fifteen years. She has been a qualified civil celebrant since 2012. Sharyn has a passion for helping couples to make their wedding day everything they’ve ever dreamed of. Sharyn Gunn Celebrant can create and deliver the perfect ceremony for your special day.

Phone Number: 0400003425

Address: Page St, Campbell ACT 2612, Australia

Website: http://www.SharynGunnCelebrant.com.au/ 

5. Elena Forato

As a well-known and experienced ceremony planner, Elena Forato has mastered the art of putting together the perfect wedding. With more than ten years of experience helping plan and execute ceremonies, she is ready to assist you in finding the right venue, planning the ceremony, and any other details that may require attention. From creating the ceremony so that it is tailored to you and your partner to delivering it with personality and flair, everyone will wonder why you waited so long to get married! While some celebrants will only make you sign your name on a couple of forms, Elena Forato provides a detailed service to ensure your ceremony is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

Elena Forato even provides a free copy of my wedding package so that you can see which elements are offered. Behind every fabulous celebration is an award-winning wedding planner. From the moment you contact Elana Forato, she’ll be by your side, every step of the way. She can recommend venues, handle all the legal documents, find musicians, and more.

Phone Number: 0438 180 663

Address: 4 Waygoose St, Kingston ACT 2604, Australia

Website: https://www.ElenaForato.com.au/ 

6. Susanna Jose Ceremonies

With hundreds of marriages celebrated and a book published on the ceremony’s creative process, Susanna Jose is the go-to person for planning your Canberra wedding. As a former school principal and media volunteer, she draws on her experience to guide you through the legal and creative portions of your wedding ceremony. With hundreds of ceremonies under her belt and a guide on planning them (Marry Me!), Susanna urges you to consider what makes a bride unique when planning her big day.

She believes that marriage is one of the most important moments of a couple’s life and wants you to feel at home when you walk down the aisle. She draws on her experience to deliver clear and beautiful marriage ceremonies that marry the couple’s requests with the legal components of their union. She offers guidance to couples who want to plan their perfect day with an eye-catching ceremony that blends modern traditions with their flair.

Phone Number: +61 424 722 132

Address: 2 Walga Pl, Ngunnawal ACT 2913, Australia

Website: http://www.susannajoseceremonies.com.au/ 

7. Steph Slater Celebrant

Steph Slater Celebrant is positive that your personalized wedding ceremony will be one for the books and unique. Your partner and close friends are who you want to surround yourselves with, Steph will make sure it happens. She will get to know you on a personal level so that your ceremony feels personal to yours. They are all unique; Steph believes this is why weddings should be treated in the same way. They’ll even come to the rehearsal and take care of everything on the day. Their friendly team will give you all the help you need so you can just relax and enjoy your big day. If you have any questions between now and then, we’re just a phone call or email away. It’s no secret she’s a big fan of love – and at Steph Slater Celebrant they’re still in awe of the fact that they get to do the wedding thing day in, day out!

Phone Number: 0431 481 749

Address: Wanniassa ACT 2903, Australia

Website: http://www.stephanieslater.com.au/ 

8. Roger Thomson Civil Marriage Celebrant

Roger Thomson, one of the most experienced wedding celebrants in Canberra, has put together some packages that are available for you to choose from. He’s helped thousands of couples plan their special day, and his love for the art of celebrating has created some truly memorable ceremonies. If you’re interested in hiring Thomson’s services, be sure to check out his website or contact him directly. Over 7000 couples have been united by Thomson during his career, and his ceremonies have been featured in magazines such as Groom and Bride to WED magazine. Whether you are looking for something traditional or rustic, Thomson can cater to all types of weddings. His experience allows him to adapt quickly to any changes and make your day special.

Phone Number: 0412 793 115

Address: Chapman St, Queanbeyan East NSW 2620, Australia

Website: https://www.rogerthomson.com.au/  

9. A Celebrant in Time – Kirsten Sachs

Ceremonies are among the most important parts of your big day. However, not all officiants will be willing to cater their services to meet your needs. With Kirsten Sach, however, you can expect more of a personal touch. She will spend time with you to fully understand what you want from your ceremony, as well as guide you through the entire process to ensure you are comfortable and at ease on your big day. She is passionate about making your special day even more special and will help you plan a meaningful ceremony to craft a beautiful love story. She will make sure your day is filled with love and laughter so that everyone can enjoy the special moments you experience together on your wedding day.

The best way to get to know Kirsten Sach is to schedule a free consultation. During this consultation, she will meet with you and your partner to get to know you better. She will also ask you about your wedding day vision and what you hope to achieve with your ceremony. This consultation will help her understand your needs so that she can craft a unique ceremony that meets your specific desires. Contact her today to schedule your free consultation.

Phone Number: 0401 335 240

Address: Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Website: https://www.acelebrantintime.com.au/ 

10. Julie Rattenbury

A passionate and inspiring celebrant, Julie Rattenbury will help you organize your special day down to the smallest details. She not only has an amazing creative vision; she’s on board with what you’re planning and will be just as excited as you are to tie the knot! Finding the right person to marry you is super important. Julie Rattenbury will make sure it’s a day to remember. She can help you craft an unforgettable event while helping you navigate the legal requirements to get married. Julie Rattenbury is an experienced wedding celebrant who has received positive feedback from her clients. Her experience as an event planner has given her the skills needed to plan and act as a master of ceremonies for weddings. 

Phone Number: 0402 703 310

Address: 4 Knowles Pl, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Website: https://www.julierattenbury-canberracelebrant.com.au/ 


Even though Canberra has a lot of celebrants you should make sure that you deal with these. This is simply because they are advantageous to you, and it all has to do with their work quality, as well as productivity. They don’t disappoint you ever, so, if you look forward to being rewarded this is the only best option in your area.

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