When Listings10 Best Celebrants in Adelaide

10 Best Celebrants in Adelaide

When it comes to love, what could be more important than choosing the right celebrant to perform your wedding ceremony? It’s one of the most important factors in determining how your Big Day will go. These are the people standing in front of your family and friends, blessing your marriage. They will be there to make sure that the ceremony flows smoothly and to keep everyone guided and on time.

But there are so many celebrants around, how do you make the right choice? How can you connect with a celebrant that’s exactly right for you? Everyone you talk with has different opinions. Some will tell you to go with a certain celebrant and others will try to change your mind. All that advice can be confusing, but we have done the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing the research.

1. Ceremonies Just For You

Ceremonies Just For You

When it comes to a wedding, you want everything to be perfect; this includes the ceremony. Gillian is a professional celebrant who believes that every person’s wedding should be unique and personal, built around the couple getting married and the traditions they hold dear. She focuses on helping couples achieve their goals by creating a ceremony that represents them perfectly rather than trying to fit one couple into a template as other celebrants do. Good Weddings are about details.  It’s about paying attention to the little things. It’s about working with couples and understanding the many traditions, beliefs, and values that make each of them unique from one another.

As a highly experienced, professional, caring, authorized Marriage Celebrant, Gillian understands how to create a personalized ceremony that honors those elements of your identity. Gillian is a professional, caring and authorized marriage celebrant who understands how to create a personalized ceremony that honors the couple’s identity. She will work with you to create a ceremony that represents you perfectly and that you will remember forever.

Phone Number: 0418 369 012

Address: Stonyfell Rd StonyfellSA 5066

Website: https://www.ceremoniesjustforyou.com.au/ 

2. Kaye Hartog

Kaye Hartog

It’s your big day, get the best celebrant for your wedding. Kaye is a celebrant based in Adelaide with over 9 years of experience. She will help you create a masterpiece that you and your partner will love. As an experienced Civil Celebrant, Kaye Hartog believes that every couple has the right to have a simple and structured ceremony. It’s her job to make your day meaningful, exciting, and memorable! When you and your partner are looking for a marriage celebrant, you want and deserve the very best. That’s exactly why you should call on Kaye Hartog. With a focus on providing genuine service for you and your partner, Kaye Hartog provides secure and peaceful ceremonies to make your day truly special. When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of things that should be considered: the venue, the gown, the catering, and the music.

However, when it comes right down to it, the most important aspect of any wedding is the person you are marrying. A wedding without love is nothing more than a party, and Kaye Hartog understands this. The team at Kaye Hartog Celebrancy are the leading wedding celebrants in Adelaide. They offer a range of services to help you plan and execute your wedding ceremony. They will work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your relationship and tells your love story. They can also help you with the legalities of getting married and can assist you with the paperwork.

Phone Number: 0439 815 568

Address: Semaphore Park, Adelaide, SA

Website: https://www.kayehartogcivilcelebrant.com.au/ 

3. Mary Odgers

Mary Odgers

Weddings are the most important and special day in anyone’s life. Wedding ceremonies are about celebrating and honoring the bride, groom, and their relationship together. Mary Odgers believes that each wedding ceremony should be unique, special, enjoyable, and based on all of the couple’s wishes and desires. With her many years of experience, Mary Odgers will help you make your wedding day as special as possible. With her wide knowledge of cultural traditions, she can help you plan a ceremony as unique as you are, taking care of every detail so that it will be exactly what you want.

Her extensive background in the field of weddings means that she can work with you to create a personalized ceremony that meets your religious; beliefs, cultural traditions, and personal desires. If you are getting married, it is a good idea to contact Mary Odgers. She can help you plan and organize your wedding. With her experience and knowledge, she can make your wedding day as special as possible. If you are looking for someone to help you plan your wedding, contact Mary Odgers. She can help you plan and organize your wedding, and make it a day to remember.

Phone Number: 0408 890 322

Address: 2 Sullivan St, Fairview Park SA 5126, Australia

Website: https://www.maryodgerscelebrant.com.au/ 

4. Sherri Dawson

Sherri Dawson

Sherri will collaborate with you to bring that superb desired ceremony. You can be sure that Sherri will arrive well before your ceremony, so you don’t need to worry about a thing! Sherri is like that great aunt who brings you the best presents at Christmas and tells the best jokes; she’s an experienced celebrant with a friendly, relaxed manner and is highly organized. Sherri will ensure your ceremony runs smoothly, no matter what drama might happen on the day. Sherri understands the importance of creating a wedding ceremony that is well-rounded. She works with you to find out what it is that you want to include in your wedding ceremony and writes it for you.

She will get to know about your relationship together and make sure that your special day is just that – special. Sherri is a professional, relaxed and friendly celebrant who will take care of everything for you. She is experienced and highly organized, and will make sure your ceremony runs smoothly. Sherri understands the importance of creating a well-rounded wedding ceremony.

Phone Number: 0488 105 775

Address: Salisbury East SA 5109, Australia

Website: https://www.sherridawsoncelebrant.com.au/ 

5. Ceremonies by Camille

Ceremonies by Camille

Camille Abbott is an award-winning celebrant who has been performing ceremonies since 2008. Her commitment to each section of the wedding ceremony, as well as her ability to customize a theme that compliments your style, has helped her earn the reputation of one of Adelaide’s best. She’s performed over 650 ceremonies, and these have included weddings for all kinds of couples, including same-sex ones. Camille is dedicated to making your day as special as possible by choosing a meaningful location and customizing the ceremony with your input. No matter the occasion–from weddings to birthday parties–Camille Abbott is the perfect speaker.

She tailors her approach to fit any event, ensuring that her personality shines through in all of her speeches. If you are looking for an experienced and talented celebrant in Adelaide, then look no further than Camille Abbott. She has been performing ceremonies for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience to draw upon. Camille is a highly skilled celebrant who is able to customize a ceremony to suit your specific needs.

Phone Number: 0401 045 517

Address: 36 Dwyer Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046, Australia

Website: http://www.ceremoniesbycamille.com.au/ 

6. Amanda Schenk

Amanda Schenk

Amanda Schenk is a professional marriage celebrant and wedding events manager, offering her services to the Adelaide area and surrounding areas. Having started as a writer and photographer, she found her passion in working with couples on their special day, who are celebrating one of the most important milestones in their lives. Her background in event management comes in handy whenever she does ceremonies and receptions for various kinds of celebrations. From the moment you fill out an online form on her website, she will start giving you tips on how to put together a wedding that perfectly represents you and your partner. Amanda has traveled extensively, so much so that she even made it to Bali to get that special scuba diving experience while wearing her wedding dress!

Phone Number: 0403 237 083

Address: North Haven, SA, Australia, South Australia

Website: https://amanda.net.au/ 

7. Celebrations By Penelope

Celebrations By Penelope

Celebration by Penelope is a registered wedding celebrant that specializes in inclusive and personalized ceremonies. The inclusive approach of her services allows individuals to feel welcome and confident, allowing them to celebrate their day while creating lasting memories they’ll cherish for years to come. Her experience and sense of humor have earned her awards from the Wedding Industry Association Australia, and she is widely considered to be one of the best celebrants in the state. Celebration by Penelope, a marriage celebrant in Adelaide, is a beautiful and bright woman who believes in laughter and freedom. She is a well-rounded person with a love for the outdoors. She is interested in social justice, animal welfare, and gender equality. She speaks with a calm and reassuring voice that immediately puts even the most nervous of brides at ease.

Phone Number: 0415 508 233

Address: 10 Main Rd, Belair SA 5052, Australia

Website: https://www.celebrationsbypenelope.com.au/ 

8. Mary Fieldhouse

Mary Fieldhouse

As a professional marriage celebrant, Mary Fieldhouse supports your big day with natural wit and charm. Mary Fieldhouse works hard to help you manage the details of your event. She’s an experienced event manager and cultural tourism advisor. My openness, natural flair for communication, and positive attitude make Her perfect for this role. With my passion for traveling and in-depth knowledge of cultures, she’ll help you make sure that your wedding day will be as fun, meaningful, and memorable as it can be! You know you’re at a warm and joyful wedding when Mary Fieldhouse is the celebrant overseeing your ceremony. She takes marriage seriously, which is why she makes sure to include both the bride and groom in creating a ceremony that will be unforgettable. As your wedding approaches, you’ll appreciate her caring and supportive service. She’ll help you craft the perfect ceremony.

Phone Number: 0408 897 141

Address: 40 Australian Ave, Clovelly Park SA 5042, Australia

Website: http://www.marriagecelebrantsadelaide.com.au/ 

9. Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison

Over the past decade, Amy Harrison has performed over 500 ceremonies all over Adelaide. The emcee and wedding officiant is a pillar in the community; always going above and beyond to help her clients make their day memorable. From small afternoon gatherings to extravagant weddings, she has a knack for adding that personal touch to any service. She not only offers a standard package that features everything you need for the ceremony but she is happy to work with you to customize a ceremony according to your requirements. She is the president of one of Adelaide’s top wedding planner companies, and she has provided services and advice to some of the entertainment industry’s most recognizable names.

Phone Number: 0418 824 767

Address: 9 Whistler Grove, Flagstaff Hill SA 5159, Australia

Website: http://www.amyharrison.com.au/ 

10. Mark Bassett

Mark Bassett

As a local celebrant, Mark Bassett can meet you on your wedding day to chat in person. He firmly believes that every ceremony is unique and will tailor it to fit your personality, values, and preferences. The folder includes samples so that you can get an idea of what types of ceremonies he can provide without your having to attend a ceremony first-hand. Mark Bassett is the go-to wedding celebrant in Adelaide, who’ll make your ceremony a truly special and meaningful experience. Mark has intelligently crafted a path that allows you, the client, to guide them down exactly where you want to go! He conducts a range of ceremonies, from some of the most simple to some of the most elaborate, as well as officiates at vow renewals and commitment ceremonies. He will ensure you have an amazing ceremony and will guide you through this exciting process.

Phone Number: 0421 216 896

Address: Edwardstown, SA, 5039 Australia

Website: https://markbassettcelebrant.com.au/ 


Everyone wants to have the perfect wedding, a day that oozes with memories of everything being just right. But for most couples, having a perfect wedding is far from realistic. For this reason, you need to be careful and make sure you choose the top 10 best celebrants in Adelaide. If you are still not sure and undecided about which one to choose, then we have done all the hard work for you by researching and listing the top 10 best ones in Adelaide based on their experience, their past results, as well as their recommendations from satisfied customers. So now all you need to do is choose the one that fits your needs perfectly!

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