Building Inspectors10 Best Building Inspectors in Perth

10 Best Building Inspectors in Perth

There are plenty of companies around that provide quality building inspections in Perth, but not all of them are capable. It’s your job as a property investor to find the best ones. If you’re selling a house and the buyer requests an inspection, you’ve got a problem. It’s just another obstacle to overcome. But by connecting with the best building inspectors in Perth you’ll have your answer fast and give yourself some peace of mind. Here’s our list of top building inspections companies in Perth so you can get the job done right.

1. SMART Building Specialists

Pre-purchase home inspections and dilapidation reports provide valuable insight for potential buyers. An inspection can be an essential addition to your home-buying process — one that can help you avoid costly repairs and defects after purchase. SMART Building Specialists provides reports with detailed descriptions of structural issues found, as well as tips on how to fix structural problems to ensure a safe, long-lasting living environment.

SMART Building Specialists is a registered building company in Australia that provides inspection services for any type of building, whether it be an industrial warehouse or an old Perth home. SMART also inspects buildings for insurance purposes, providing thorough and detailed reports that picture potential problems before they occur. With over 45 years of experience, SMART is regarded as one of the most reputable institutions in Australia.

There’s no beating around the bush with a site that gets straight to the point, is easy to navigate, and makes getting information super simple. As a registered building company with years of experience, SMART has the skills and expertise necessary to ensure that they are the best choice for these industries.

Name: SMART Building Specialists

Phone Number: 0478 202 962

Address: Perth, WA


2. AriDra Building Inspections

AriDra Building Inspections offer a retro old-school service focused on delivering clear reports with quick turnaround times. at AriDra Building Inspections, they’ve built a reputation for quality home inspections in Perth. Their friendly, no-nonsense approach makes us the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect their property. Whatever your needs, they can help. AriDra Building Inspections is Perth’s best option for reliable and comprehensive building inspections of all kinds.

They are an independently owned company that backs their services with great customer service, ensuring satisfaction for every customer they work with. Contact them today to embark on experiencing the AriDra difference! They have built a reputation as a luxury building inspection business that provides honest and helpful insight into building inspection. AriDra Building Inspections is on a mission to provide the most comprehensive and detailed building inspection reports available.

When they come to perform an inspection, they don’t just take a cursory look at every nook and cranny of your new or older home. Instead, they make sure that they examine every aspect of the structure, from the foundation to the roof. AriDra Building Inspections is a registered building company that inspects properties to help you see any defects or structural issues.

Name: AriDra Building Inspections

Phone Number: 0409 299 409

Address: Joondanna, WA


3. Advanced Inspections WA

Advanced Inspections WA provides property inspections for individuals and companies in the interest of protecting investors. They also perform related services on behalf of insurance companies and real estate agents. Advanced Inspections WA has encountered every imaginable issue in the construction industry, and they’re ready to use their experience to help you with your project, whether that’s a pre-purchase or dilapidation inspection, or building work of your own.

With all of the documentation you need — including photos, video footage, and repair estimates — they’ll let you know if your home is structurally sound if anything needs fixing and how much it’ll cost. AriDra delivers detailed visual inspections of your home from roof to chimney, putting your mind at ease with a clear, honest assessment. They’re Western Australia’s most trusted inspection business, so call them today for all your building and pest reports. 

They take a lot of pride in what they do because they know you have a lot of choices these days. The last thing you want is to hire someone like all the other companies that offer subpar services, so they go the extra mile to ensure you will be 100% satisfied with their work. They want repeat business and referrals from happy clients, not the nightmare reviews from disappointed ones.

Name: Advanced Inspections WA

Phone Number: 0449 822 643

Address: Burns Beach, WA


4. Builtright Building Inspections Pty Ltd

Builtright Building Inspections, a Registered Building Company in Australia. Have an issue with your building or home? Look no further, Builtright offers a big list of services for the building industry- from pre-purchase inspections to dilapidations that will help you make the right decision. Call them today and let their friendly team deal with your issues!

Builtright Building Inspections is a registered building company that provides inspection reports that help new homeowners, home buyers, and real estate investors make informed decisions. Their team of dedicated professionals takes care of all repair-related issues, both small and large. Customers can easily book an inspection by sending an email to the sales support at their website. Building inspections with Builtright Building Inspections will help you identify any structural problems in properties before they become a financial burden.

Their reviews are detailed and can be used to prevent insurance claims or build disputes, and their reports include pictures of the inspected area that show potential issues in detail. You’ll also receive rapid response times and fast, efficient repairs! This service is delivered through a range of inspection models to suit strata and private clients alike — from our single inspectors covering multiple jobs to a dedicated team raising the bar on quality.

Name: Builtright Building Inspections Pty Ltd

Phone Number: 0428 277 712

Address: View, WA



UKSINGH & CO PTY LTD provides Building Inspections for residential and commercial projects in Perth, Western Australia. Their goal is to go beyond their clients’ expectations. They deliver reports that are clear, easy to read, and written to their specific needs. UKsingh & co, have been providing building inspections in Perth for over twenty years and have built up a friendly, efficient service.

If you are buying or selling a property and want the peace of mind of knowing everything is in order UKsingh & co can help you. As the leading building inspector in Perth, we have to grant you the highest level of service. They promise that you will be satisfied with our inspection service! They are not just another building inspector company; they are your best partner when it comes to different types of building inspections.

Their company is also 100% Australian and a Western Australian-owned business. This means that we have your best interests at heart and that their friendly team is here to help you with any questions you might have about the entire building inspection process.


Phone Number: 0469 743 535

Address: Wanneroo, WA



There’s no doubt that building inspectors can help people who are planning to build or renovate something. However, they can be hard to find in some parts of the country. That’s why you must get a recommendation from a friend, family member, or someone you trust. By finding a TDA building inspection reputable inspector, you can receive help at every step of the process — so you won’t meet any unnecessary challenges along the way.

TDA building inspection inspectors are part of the building industry, who report on the condition of buildings and structures. Building Inspectors take an independent approach to inspection, which means the report they produce is not influenced by a builder or any other party to the process. TDA building inspection reports on a building’s condition – Physical Stability, External Walls, Roof Covering, and Internal Walls. Never use an unregistered builder, no matter how cheap the quote.

They could become unregistered for good reason — because they’re not up to par with consumer standards. Get a report from a building inspector or home inspector. Building inspectors are licensed and trained professionals who can give you detailed accounts of the condition of your home. For example, a home inspector will not only check the electrical and plumbing but also examine your roof, walls, and foundation for potential issues.


Phone Number: 041 991 5591

Address: Success, WA


7. WA Buildinspect

A registered building company is vital for any home purchase, whether you’re buying a home or investment property — you need to be confident that the work being carried out is safe and meets the building codes. At the same time, you probably don’t want to break the bank on building inspections. As such, hiring a legitimate and trusted building company that uses professional processes can save you money and help you understand the structure of your new home or investment property.

WA BUILDINSPECT is the most accurate and timely pre-purchase building report provider in the Perth metro area. It is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry that can give you the support you need to make decisions about your property or building. Their reports are created to be as accurate and informative as possible — allowing you to make confident decisions about your construction projects. They won’t disappoint! WA BUILDINSPECT can be your first point of contact to verify that the building you’re buying is structurally sound and free of defects.

Name: WA Buildinspect

Phone Number: 0413 221 540

Address: Landsdale, WA


8. Abel Inspections

Abel Inspections offers inspection services for both new and existing homes. The company’s new home inspections include structural and pest inspections and are performed by licensed professionals. An average inspection takes between one to two hours and includes an option to view additional properties within a 30-mile radius. Abel Inspections is a home inspection service that offers new and pre-owned property valuations across all property types — commercial, residential, or industrial.

Their services are always thorough and complete — they’ll leave you with peace of mind. Their services include new build inspections, home inspections, retrofit inspections, fire safety checks, house clearance inspections, and damp proofing inspections. In short: if you need an inspection done in Brisbane, Abel Inspections should be your first call. Before each inspection, the inspector reviews their findings with the client. They provide detailed reports that include recommendations for improvements or any other measures needed. Abel Inspections inspect more than just the basics.

Its team of experts thrives on a challenge and loves to discover hidden issues that may lead to further damage. The company provides no-obligation quotes for each inspection type and guarantees the highest levels of customer care and professionalism in every interaction with clients. The company is proud to work with a range of clients, from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors.

Name: Abel Inspections

Phone Number: 0403629399

Address: Burns Beach, WA


9. Descom Consultant

If you’re looking for high-quality building and pest inspectors in Perth, DESCOM Consultants is exactly what you’ve been searching for. DESCOM Consultants is your first choice when you need Civil Engineers and Project Management team at an affordable price. Contact them today to get a no-obligation quote. If you want your building or home inspected by the best, then you need DESCOM Consultants.

They are friendly, bonded, and highly honest. Whether you’re trying to find a harmless mouse or structural damage in your building, they’ll manage the issue fast and discreetly. DESCOM Consultants Inspections has a range of inspection services for both new build and pre-owned homes. The team will analyze your new build home for any defects, whether it’s the roof, the foundations, or even if there is any moisture present. On top of this, commercial property owners can also utilize the company to inspect their buildings for any pests and termites that could be harmful to their business.

Name: Descom Consultant

Phone Number: 0894683575

Address: Gosnells, WA


10. Pro Asbestos Removal Perth

As a team of engineers in Perth, they offer a range of services to assist you in developing your next project. From electrical and design consultancy to drawing and structural drafting, their passionate staff is here to help you make your idea a reality. If you think, your home has asbestos, then it is time to get in touch with the right experts today.

Pro Asbestos Removal Perth provides fully licensed and insured professionals for any project. These are the best building inspection experts in Perth. They ensure an environmentally sustainable future and they continue contributing to the industry through their innovative initiatives.

Name: Pro Asbestos Removal Perth

Phone Number: 08 6001 6050

Address: Perth, WA



To further make it easy for you to find the right building inspectors in Perth, we have come up with this compilation of the best building inspector services available in the city. With their excellent track record and experience, this will make it easier for you to find the excellent service that can be a boon both for you and your business.

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