Building Certifiers10 Best Building Certifiers in Melbourne

10 Best Building Certifiers in Melbourne

Finding the best builder can be tough when you’re in Melbourne. The hustle and bustle of the city make it difficult to work out where to go; who to ask; and if they can help you with your needs. There are thousands of building certifiers in Melbourne, but only a select few stand out from the crowd. So how do you find them?

The city is rapidly developing to meet the demands of an expanding population, and new commercial buildings and facilities are springing up all over the city. The size of the growing population has led to the need for more housing and commercial facilities and it has become evident that there is a burgeoning building industry with so many construction projects currently underway.

It may seem daunting knowing where to begin if you need certification work done but the best building certifiers in Melbourne will get your work done in easy steps that will ensure you get quality building certification work done. This is why we are narrowing the list down to the 10 best building certifiers in Melbourne.


Jamy Group is an investment in your future. With years of experience under their belt, they’ll work with you to build a certification program that lets you focus on your business and leave the legal concerns to them. They’re fully licensed and insured to give you peace of mind.

Whether you want 100% or partial customer satisfaction, don’t hesitate to let them help you meet your goals. When choosing a team of qualified contractors for your construction or home renovation project, your choice of contractors should always be based on experience, performance, and reliability. The Jamy Group is an established, third-generation family business with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry — with over 75% of clients fully satisfied.

From commercial to residential projects, they have the skills and diverse expertise to handle any job on time and within budget. With top-notch customer service, superior products, and full transparency, Jamy Group is the ultimate choice for certifiers who demand value and versatility.


Phone Number: 0447 535 678

Address: ROWVILLE VIC 3178

Website: https:au/jamygroup

2. Nashcon Building Group

Nashcon Group does it all–commercial, domestic, building certifiers for Melbourne. At Nashcon group they understand that your home is a place of utmost comfort and safety for you and your family. They offer the best quality services at affordable prices with their highly experienced team of professionals. In addition, they provide a wide range of services from building construction, renovations, extensions, land development, property maintenance, and more. Contact them today to learn more about their services in Melbourne and surrounding areas!

Their team of professionals offers the most reliable group of construction services in Melbourne. From design to demolition, their full range of building certifiers in Melbourne guarantees you superior service. Their professional team is fully licensed and insured, so you can trust that they’re the right choice to handle any work on your complex. In their long history with commercial construction, they have helped countless businesses achieve new heights.

Name: Nashcon Building Group

Phone Number: 0435 799 589

Address: Coburg North VIC 3058

Website: http: Nashconbuildingroup


For years, the specialists from Victorian Building Surveyors have been letting clients benefit from their expertise in building certifiers. For this reason, they continue to work with their long-term clients, continuously pointing out the ways they are leading customers on the right path. They aim to build up long-lasting relationships with their clients and thus constantly plan their next steps to ensure that their clients can reach their next goals.

With a prestigious portfolio of projects, they can help you throughout the whole process with high-quality project management, cost management, and construction management. The Victorian Building Surveyors is a commercial, industrial, and residential solutions business. They are dedicated to offering the best solutions for all life’s problems — from providing 99% punctuality to educating their customers about the importance of weatherproofing your roof to curb unexpected expenditure.

They are fully licensed and insured, and they care about their customers above all else. From providing surveying solutions to building permits as well as independent site inspection you can never go wrong with this dedicated group. Whether you’re building a new house or just need to get a permit for home renovation, they’re flexible with their services as well as friendly and professional.


Phone Number: 0405 956 655



4. Echtbuilding

As a family-owned company, Echbuilding offers a unique blend of quality and value. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling the kitchen, echtbuilding group goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. They are recognized for their strong work ethic and impressive history, which has resulted in awards and recognition throughout the years.

These professional building certifiers with help from the root cause of your needs to the completeness of all your paperwork without any hassle. As best certifiers, they only approve what’s legal to build’ and help their customers protect themselves from potential legal problems. They are also a member of the International Code Council (ICC) which only certifies the building materials used in your home. They pride themselves on providing a service that is truly unique in the building industry.

Their outstanding workmanship, attention to detail, and dedicated customer service set them apart from the rest. They like to think of their company as more than just builders – they are a team of passionate, driven professionals with the drive, expertise, and experience to help make your vision a reality. With a focus on newer and safer technologies, their team has the skills to transform your vision into a reality.

Name: echtbuilding

Phone Number: 0402 773 578

Address: MONBULK VIC 3793

Website: https:au/echtbuilding

5. Fixit Group Australasia Pty Ltd

Fixit Group has a strong history of providing quality building certifier work for domestic and commercial clients throughout Melbourne. When you choose Fixit, you can be sure our workers will respect your property and make sure to leave it cleaner than when they arrived. We have qualifications in conducting building certifications and have completed over 500 renovations with our team of highly skilled workers.

The Sydney-based specialists carry out repairs for leaks, plumbing, and ducting, with skilled technicians servicing structural, building controls, and design with this focused and dedicated team. When you need a building certifier in Melbourne, our friendly, quality-driven team can make sure your work is safe and up to standard. The company is fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that you’re working with an approved business.

If you want 100% customer satisfaction, don’t hesitate to work with Jamy. They’ve got over 10 years of combined experience upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, and building infrastructure in Australia. You can rest assured that they support Australian jobs and products by choosing only the best.

Name: Fixit Group Australasia Pty Ltd

Phone Number: 0481 755 392

Address: Hawthorn, VIC


6. CBD Projects

CBD Projects is a building certifying company, specializing in commercial and residential concepts. They deal with everything from the initial design to the final building approvals, making sure that they meet all of your requirements — as well as all necessary legal and safety standards. With over 20 years of construction experience, CBD Projects has become one of the most qualified construction companies in the region.

The team works on each project with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee — if you’re not satisfied with a job, they will do it again free of charge until you are fully satisfied. Fortunately, CBD Projects is great at handling customer support. They’ve made sure that they always have someone available in live chat who is ready to help customers no matter what time of day it is. CBD Projects is a registered VBA Shop fit-out company, in Melbourne based and specialized in commercial building certification.

From concept through to design and construction, CBD Projects is an approved business that has built a reputation for itself with commercial clients. To ensure customer satisfaction from the beginning to the end of any project, CBD Projects will always make sure every detail is accounted for.

Name: CBD Projects

Phone Number: 0421 358 197

Address: Melbourne, VIC


7. Lafayette Builders

You’re going to want to get your building certified. Without this certification, the construction industry wouldn’t be able to function. If you’d like a company that can provide all of these services in one place, then you need Lafayette Builders. At Lafayette Builders, they offer a unique range of preconstruction services including designs, permit drawings, and soil testing.

They always ensure that our team follows the latest developments in building technologies, management, and techniques. With their team of qualified and experienced professionals and the help of innovative tools, they can execute projects efficiently. Their professional experts are committed to doing everything they can to meet or exceed your expectations and leave you with long-lasting results. They have many clients who had no idea how to go about building or renovating a home, and the experts at Lafayette Builders helped them through every step.

Through a commitment to professionalism, value, and an obsession with attention to detail, Lafayette will take your business to the next level! The best thing about Lafayette is that it understands the city in which it operates. It knows what is required to expand in the local area and build an empire that spreads across different cities.

Name: Lafayette Builders

Phone Number: 0423 122 336

Address: Macleod, VIC


8. BSD Consulting

BSD Consulting takes pride in providing premium residential and commercial interior design services to clients across Melbourne. Their team of highly experienced and passionate designers loves seeing the transformation of spaces through their work. They provide an insightful, professional, and collaborative design process to ensure your project is of the highest quality.

Its mission is to provide high-quality, transparent building certifications — all whilst being able to maintain a flexible and friendly atmosphere. If you need a building certification for your project, this is the team for you! Over the years, BSD Consulting has been known for turning commercial spaces from just simple offices into a dream-like environment that not only amazes their customers but also allows them to enjoy their time in the space.

The company’s experience in construction does not end there — it also has many residential projects under its belt. Their thermal assessments are accredited by BDAV and conducted to work with clients to ensure efficiency and cost-effective solutions for their projects. With this deep-rooted history, the company is well-equipped to handle anything from small renovations to large-scale developments.

Name: BSD Consulting

Phone Number: 1300 202 789

Address: ST, Brunswick VIC 3056


9. Krneta Building Surveyors

Krneta Building Surveyors is a professional surveying company that has been specializing in building certifications for over 15 years. They keep their finger on the pulse of the market, ensuring they remain fully updated with all the latest regulations, trends, and issues. That way, they can work efficiently to handle any job with expert attention: from commercial buildings to residential homes, Krneta can handle it all.

Krneta Building Surveyors provides the highest level of customer services available — meeting every need from start to finish. Its commitment to quality and expert building surveying allows it to handle every project with care. Krneta Building Surveyors provide a full range of property surveying services, so whether you need a small extension or major renovation, they can handle it all.

Name: Krneta Building Surveyors

Phone Number: 9394279333

Address: Cremorne St, Cremorne VIC 3121


10. Building Inspector Melbourne

With over 15 years and 2,000+ jobs under their belt, Building Inspector Melbourne certifiers are the team you want on the job. They specialize in both commercial and residential builders’ reports, so they know what they’re looking for – whether it be a troublesome termite, incorrect plumbing, or just some worn-down carpet. They specialize in building certifications and provide honest, independent reports. Their experience makes them the perfect choice for an inspection.

Name: Building Inspector Melbourne

Phone Number: 0411 273 372




There are plenty of building certifiers in Melbourne and you have many to choose from. All the building certifiers mentioned above will give you amazing service and you won’t regret hiring them.

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