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Top 10 Best Gardeners In Melbourne

The gardening services in Melbourne have gained a lot of popularity these days. Many like to relish the beauty of their home and garden by taking care of it. For such people, here is the list of the Top 10 Best Gardeners In Melbourne they can choose from. The best thing is that this list has been prepared following the customers’ experience and feedback on the quality of work provided by them.

Words are not enough to explain the advantages of hiring the best gardeners. However, you can get an idea once you hire these gardeners and their team. Below is a list of benefits you will be able to enjoy by sending your task to experienced workers in gardening.

1. Must-Have Maintenance

At Must Have Maintenance, they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Over the years, their lawn mowing service has become one of the most sought-after in Melbourne. They take care of all aspects of garden maintenance, from weeding and pruning to pest control and garden clean-up – every aspect. That’s why customers keep coming back to them when they have gardening needs that need attention. When you hire our landscapers, you can be sure that your garden will receive the best care available.

Name: Must Have Maintenance

Phone Number: 1300 68 78 46)

Address: South Melbourne VIC 3205

Website: musthm.com 

2. Property Cleanup Victoria

Having a well-maintained garden can give you a lot of pleasure and make the surroundings inviting. However, there is more to gardening than making the garden look good. The propertycleanupvictoria family can help with all areas of your garden, from pruning trees and shrubs to grass mowing, bushes trimming and mulching… to achieve an immaculate garden. Having a beautiful and well-maintained garden has always been one of the goals of homeowners. However, with the increasing amount of tasks that need to be undertaken by a property owner, it can be quite an overwhelming job. Through Property Cleanup Melbourne’s attractive one-day gardening services, you can now achieve this longed-for goal in the most relaxing and stressful freeway.

Name: Property Cleanup Victoria

Phone Number: 0400 901 515

Address: 29 Haldane Road, Niddrie, VIC

Website: propertycleanup.com.au 

3. Garden Bae

Garden Bae is committed to providing each of its customers with the best possible service. While ensuring that all their gardening needs are fulfilled, Garden Bae also makes certain that each customer feels as though he or she is a member of an organization made up of people whose primary concern is to make a difference in their lives. The business also has several years of experience in local gardening projects, including landscaping gardens and plants, providing advice on choosing the right plants for home gardens and public spaces, and maintaining well-tended plants for large buildings ranging from office buildings to cathedrals.

Name: Garden Bae

Phone Number: 0426 066 544

Address: Wollert, VIC

Website: GardenBaeAus 

4. Mgm Gardening Services.

Mgm Gardening Services is a professional landscaping company that has a strong history of providing quality service and craftsmanship at competitive rates. The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and it offers free estimates on specific jobs and offers flexible hours to accommodate any customer. They focus on delivering high-quality work and make sure their customers are 100% satisfied with the job. If you need a lawnmower, a tree trimmed, or even your garden planted from scratch – this is the company you are looking for.

Name: Mgm Gardening Services

Phone Number: 0405 677 588

Address: 153 Victoria Rd, Northcote, VIC

Website: mgmgardenservices.com.au 


TAG CONSULTING ARBOR is a professional landscaping company that provides solutions to residential and commercial properties, including lawns, flower beds, and more. With over ten years of experience in this field, the company is staffed with a qualified staff that uses its expertise to deliver outstanding results for its customers. They pride themselves on using only the highest quality materials and the best possible customer service, so you can rest assured that we’ll leave your garden looking fantastic.


Phone Number: 0435 829 487

Address: Sunshine North, VIC

Website: tagconsultarbor.info 

6. Suttons Mowing And Gardening

Garden maintenance is an integral part of a healthy, serene, and peaceful environment for your home. Suttons Mowing and Gardening provides you with top-quality mowing and gardening services to ensure that your garden is a place you can truly relax. They also offer gardening services, gutter cleaning, and pressure cleaning. Don’t trust just anyone to maintain your garden; only a specialist can bring out its potential. The experts at Suttons Mowing And Gardening are local, trustworthy and reliable. Regardless of the size or complexity of your job, you can be sure it’ll rank in quality with the best gardens in Melbourne.

Name: Suttons Mowing and Gardening

Phone Number: +61490385102

Address: Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Website: Suttons-mowing-and-gardening-VIC 

7. Foresight Horticulture

Foresight Horticulture is the best gardening company for several reasons. Not only are their gardening experts able to handle any project, whether it’s a one-time clean-up or an ongoing landscaping plan, but they can even help keep your pets safe and entertained. In addition, Foresight provides the highest quality service, including design and maintenance. They can also take care of your yard by cutting back trees, weeding, and cleaning up – all at any time of year. For the people who have pets and appreciate gardens, they will help you find the locals who care about animals as much as they do.

Name: Foresight Horticulture

Phone Number: +61 410 737 303

Address: Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Website: foresight-horticulture.com 

8. Bridget Keam Garden Design

If you love the outdoors and want to bring your backyard to life, Bridget Keam Garden Design will help you make the most of your yard. They’ll plan a design that not only looks great but also functions well for your lifestyle. A degree in Environmental Science gives Bridget a unique ability to view each garden as a natural ecosystem, where all the plants are viewed as one interconnected unit. The company offers a wide range of services to its clients including free design concept and consultation for new projects, planning assistance for existing spaces, and outdoor living updates.

Name: Bridget Keam Garden Design

Phone Number: 0403 978 777

Address: Essendon, VIC

Website: bridgetkeamgardendesign.com.au 

9. JLTGardening

JLTGardening is a leading global garden design and landscaping firm that has been helping customers create beautiful outdoor areas for years. With a team of experts, the company can provide the best designs and practical construction skills to ensure a unique outcome for each customer. The company also offers post-construction maintenance and pest control services to ensure that customers can have lawns and gardens in their yards that are perfect all year round. Their work is second to none, and they go out of their way to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your garden’s results.

Name: JLTGardening

Phone Number: +61 460 888 901

Address: Melbourne, Reservoir, VIC

Website: jltgardening.com 

10. Evangelisti Landscaping

Evangelisti Landscaping is all about outstanding customer service. They understand that their goal is to create an environment that fits perfectly into your lifestyle while respecting the existing beauty of your home and garden. That’s why they’re committed to an honest approach and are offering a professional level of customer care–as well as a variety of services that will make your yard unique and exciting for years to come. They will ensure that their work is always of the highest standard and their services include pruning, hedging, pool cleaning, and maintenance, and much more.

Name: Evangelisti Landscaping

Phone Number: 0402 609 901

Address: Reservoir, VIC

Website: auevangelisti-landscaping


The best gardeners in Melbourne also achieve great results in their business. What this means is that they share a passion for gardening, as well as a desire to help people. So if you want to achieve great gardening results but are limited on time and knowledge, then why not ask one of the top ten to do the hard work for you? If they like your project then they will be happy to take it on board.

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