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10 Best Cleaners in Perth

Your home is the place where you should feel good and should provide you with the comfort you need to play with your loved ones. That’s why you should keep it clean and tidy all the time. However, many things can distract you from doing that, which is why you need to hire a professional cleaner. The professionals come with so many advantages, so the best thing you can do is to hire one as soon as possible.

Being one of the most popular cities in Australia, Perth is known for being a beautiful, luxurious city. However, being in the top 10 in the world for population density, it can get just as crowded and dirty as any other city. However, in the rush to get back to work, do you find that your house is a complete mess? Are there dishes piled up in the kitchen sink? Is there a pile of clothes on the living room floor? Do you have a faint smell of wet dogs in the family room? If so, you need a cleaning service. The good news is that there are plenty of cleaning services to choose from in Perth. Choose the best underneath!

1. Shineclean

Shineclean’s mission is to provide quality cleaning services to households and businesses of all sizes. Shineclean’s trained staff provides deep cleaning services, such as carpets and tile that leave homes and offices sparkling clean. They also offer flexible schedules and 24-hour service at a price that will fit any household or office budget. They pride themselves on their special spring cleaning package, which leaves businesses and homes looking and feeling fresh and clean.

Name: Shineclean

Phone Number: 0415 341 731

Address: Perth WA, AUS

Website: shineclean.com.au 

2. AZ Cleaning and Property Services

AZ Cleaning and Property Services is a Perth-based cleaning service that works with residential, office or commercial properties. This company has built a solid reputation of being the most reliable company in the field, making it the go-to brand for many homeowners seeking peace of mind. From regular services to specialty requests like carpet cleaning or windows cleaning, this company is well equipped to handle whatever needs you might have. They are fully insured, making them a perfect choice for property managers and homeowner associations. With their array of services to choose from, they are the best partner for businesses in need of a regular cleaning contract.

Name: AZ Cleaning and Property Services

Phone Number: 0415 341 731

Address: Kalamunda, WA, AUS

Website: shineclean.com.au 

3. Cleaning Force

When it comes to your home or office, you need someone who can do the job professionally. You also want someone reliable. Cleaning Force is here to help you find the solution you need, making your daily lives easier! Cleaning Force delivers cleaning services in residential and commercial properties. The company’s employees are thoroughly trained to apply the highest industry standards when it comes to focus, initiative, and attention to detail. In addition to its higher standards, Cleaning Force has a unique approach to scheduling and follow-up which has caused the company to earn the trust of many property managers who use cleaning services.

Name: Cleaning Force

Phone Number: +61 1300 920 617

Address: Suit 8/1917, Perth, WA

Website: cleaningforce.com.au 

4. Druk Perth Cleaning Service

Druk Perth Cleaning Service is a professional cleaning company in Perth. For over fifteen years, the firm has been providing top-notch cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers. The company prides itself on using green cleaning products that are safe for users and help preserve the global environment. They want every customer to be satisfied. That’s why Druk Perth Cleaning Services have created a pricing policy that leaves no room for hidden charges.

Name: Druk Perth Cleaning Service

Phone Number: 0420 801 438

Address: St James 6102, Victoria Park, WA

Website: drukperthcleaning.com.au  

5. Alwaysokay Services Pty Ltd

What makes Alwaysokay Services Pty Ltd so great? That’s a question you would ask if you have been looking for affordable cleaning services in your area. The answer to that question has something to do with their staff who are trained and certified professionals. With the help of their skills and expertise, the team of cleaners can achieve a high standard in doing a wide range of cleaning projects. Each member of the staff goes through a series of training and certification to make them excellent cleaning professionals. This cleaning company has been in business for years and so they deserve the title of the best cleaners.

Name: Alwaysokay Services Pty Ltd

Phone Number: 0449 687 734

Address: 50 Moondine Drive, Wembley, WA

Website: alwaysokayservices.com.au 

6. Majestic CleaningPros

Majestic CleaningPros is a cleaning service provider with over a decade of experience in delivering quality services to clients in Perth. They have a team of experienced cleaners who provide an array of services including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, builders’ clean-ups, and more. Their dedication to providing excellent customer support has earned them a stellar reputation as a cleaning company worth hiring. Since its inception, the company has served more than 1,000 customers and is known for its dedication and hard work. The company enjoys high ratings on review platforms because of its great service, and it is becoming a name brand in the cleaning industry.

Name: Majestic CleaningPros

Phone Number: +61 8 9544 6516

Address: 13/13 Collier Rd, Morley WA 6062, Australia

Website: majesticcleaningpros.com.au 

7. Vin Cleaning Service

Vin Cleaning Service is a professional cleaning business that was created in response to the growing need for a reliable and efficient cleaning service. The company specializes in providing commercial and office cleaning services in Perth metropolitan area. As a full-service cleaning business, Vin Cleaning Service offers solutions for any office or commercial space, from its basic janitorial services to specialized cleaning offered for businesses like restaurants.

Name: Vin Cleaning Service

Phone Number: +61 8 6270 0136

Address: 4/5 Atlas Court, Welshpool, WA

Website: vincleaningservice.com.au 

8. Tiffany Maids

Tiffany Maids is the best option for your cleaning needs. They are professional, trustworthy maid services with trained housekeepers who can clean your house thoroughly and also babysit your children with the utmost care. As a leader in the industry, Tiffany Maids focuses on customer support and training domestic helpers or home cleaners to work better with clients. Its packages cover all aspects of home cleaning, including ironing and laundry services. With their expert domestic helpers, clients get the maximum value for their money. They’re all credentialed and operate methodically while honoring their clients’ personal belongings.

Name: Tiffany Maid

Phone Number: +61 1300 788 331

Address: 1 Beeliar Drive, Success, WA

Website: www.tiffanymaids.com.au 

9. Ak Pressure Cleaners

Ak Pressure Cleaners is a Perth-based company that offers several different services all within the cleaning industry. Ak takes pride in their professionalism and work ethic and they aim to provide high-quality results for your home. AK Pressure Cleaning Services has an excellent reputation for quality workmanship. The team is fully trained and accredited to perform cleaning for all industry sectors around the Perth area, including residential homes, schools, shopping centers, office buildings, and many more. With years of expertise in the industry, you can be sure that you’re in good hands no matter what services you require.

Name: AK Pressure Cleaners

Phone Number: +61 468 695 651

Address: 304 Cambridge St, Wembley WA 6014, Australia

Website: akpressurecleaner

10. Bma Contracts

Bma Contracts is a family-owned and operated company that has been providing reliable residential and commercial cleaning services in the greater Sacramento area for more than a decade. Whether it’s office spaces, commercial properties, or even home cleaning, Bma Contracts can provide nearly any kind of maintenance your property needs. They’re always on time and thorough. People who’ve dealt with them tend to call them a family because it’s a one-man show. Their service includes cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. The company is family-owned and operates locally to ensure prompt and reliable customer service.

Name: Bma Contracts

Phone Number: 0404 908 906

Address: malaga, Malaga, WA

Website: BMA-Contracts 


Not only is cleanliness part of Perth’s culture, but there are so many inspiring cleaning companies to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a company that can handle your residential or commercial needs, there’s sure to be the perfect match for you. Since it’s so important to stay on top of things when you own a cleaning business, it should be a priority that you choose a company that can help you do that. And if that means hiring a whole new company, then the price may be worth it in the end.

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