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10 Best Cleaners in Canberra

A clean house means a healthy family, as well as a clean environment. Cleanliness helps one concentrate properly and makes you feel good overall. When one has a lot of things to do, it is important to find ways for accomplishing the task at hand. We tend to look for the best products from stores but make sure they will satisfy our needs. The same principle applies when choosing a cleaning company for your home or office too. The only difference is that there are more considerations to make other than just price and product quality. Most would agree that choosing a cleaning service in Canberra is not easy as several companies are offering the same services and packages at varying prices.

The Best 10 Cleaners in Canberra is something that you can depend on. You can trust their promises and they can deliver the exact services that you would like to contract them for. No matter if you are looking for carpet cleaning, house cleaning, or upholstery cleaning, The Best 10 Cleaners in Canberra is the right team that will help you get the job done right.

1. Master Touch Cleaning Services

Master Touch Cleaning Services is a customer-oriented cleaning service that takes pride in the work it does and aims at earning the trust of its customers by providing consistent quality service. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with efficient services in a range of fields, from post-construction cleaning to office cleaning and residential cleaning. Whether you live in a townhome or a single-family home, you can expect the same commitment from the professionals who will clean your property. Whether you’re a university student with three roommates looking to vacate that rental property or a landlord who needs his property’s AC replaced daily, their proficiency is sure to impress.

Name: Master Touch Cleaning Services

Phone Number: (615) 452-4552

Address: 20 Meagher Place, Evatt, ACT

Website: mastertouchcleaningservices.com.au 

2. Abdel Massih, Wissam

Abdel Massih Cleaning Services has been cleaning homes and offices in Sydney – and specifically the Eastern Suburbs – since 1987. They offer a wide range of cleaning services including carpet, upholstery, general housekeeping, as well as office cleaning. Their cleaners are experienced professionals with a strong work ethic, and they have been consistently gaining new customers from those old customers who have been using our services for years. They have tools and equipment to ensure that their clients’ properties are spotless no matter how much filth is accumulated.

Name: Abdel Massih, Wissam

Phone Number: 0411 335 443

Address: 4 Badcoe Street, Gowrie, ACT

Website: bontec.net.au 

3. Spotless Clean

Overwhelmed by the cleaning options available in your area? Spotless Clean, with offices in Canberra and Sydney, brings you over 10 years of combined expertise. They offer a range of cleaning services for homes and businesses, giving each customer the best solution for their cleaning needs. Their experienced technicians will ensure that your carpets and upholstery are immaculate in no time! Just jump into a quick chat session with their expert cleaning specialists to book your next carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning service. They have a fleet of well-experienced and trained cleaners who will clean your home or office thoroughly using the most suitable equipment using safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Name: Spotless Clean

Phone Number: 0414 959 665

Address: Shop Franklin Australian, ACT

Website: spotlessclean.com.au 

4. Professional Facility Services

When you are looking for an agency to clean your property, you expect the best services. Professional Facility Services offer a flexible booking system that caters to your needs. From home cleaning to office cleaning and even commercial cleaning, they provide high-quality results with customer satisfaction guaranteed. When it comes to cleaning, they know what you want: a team that listens to your needs and delivers the highest level of service. With flexible packages and convenience as two of our core tenets, they promise that our cleaning solutions will give you one more thing to smile about.

Name: Professional Facility Services

Phone Number: +61 434 760 761

Address: Ngunnawal ACT 2913, Canberra, ACT

Website: pfservices.net.au 

5. Blue Poppy Cleaning Services

Blue Poppy cleaning services’ team of experts has over two years of experience in the industry, and they have a reputation for excellent customer service. They provide a wide range of solutions to suit any home cleaning need, whether you’re looking for a one-time clean or a frequent visit to keep your home squeaky clean. They use quality cleaning products and time-tested methods to ensure that their services exceed expectations and save you time and energy!

Name: Blue Poppy Cleaning Services

Phone Number: (+61) 0431363091

Address: Watson, ACT 2602

Website: bluepoppycleaning.com.au 

6. Danneez Cleaning

Danneez is a start-to-finish cleaning service that provides customized services to companies in the Canberra and Australia areas. With years of experience, they know how to successfully manage projects and meet the needs of our clients. They offer fast and efficient work without sacrificing quality and make sure clients enjoy excellent customer support throughout every job. They are so meticulous about their craft that they even bring their supplies. Danneez Cleaning provides a wide range of cleaning services: carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout restoration, pressure washing, and more. To make sure they’re supplying the best services possible, they’ll make sure to provide open communication throughout each project to ensure that clients are satisfied. Give a call today!

Name: Daneez Cleaning

Phone Number: 0480 140 179

Address: 22 Refshauge Crescent, Macgregor, ACT

Website: danneezcleaning.com.au 

7. Sparkle and Shine Canberra pty Ltd

Keeping up with your home or business can be a lot of work, and Sparkle and Shine Cleaning are here to make it easier. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and thoroughly check their staff members before bringing them on the team. Whether you need a one-time cleaning session or regular upkeep, they will provide a free quote and walk you through the entire process. Don’t let organizing get in your way; let Sparkle handle it for you! While some cleaning jobs are more expensive than others, Sparkle and Shine provide all clients with a quote before getting started on the job. Get sparkling clean houses, offices, or tenants without worrying about who will fix the broken glass.

Name: sparkle and shine Canberra pty Ltd

Phone Number: 0413 155 162

Address: 16/35 Edie Payne cl, Nicholls, ACT

Website: sparklenshinecanberra.com.au 

8. NSK cleaning ACT

NSK CLEANING ACT is an independent Canberra-based cleaning company, operating within the domestic and commercial sectors. They are fully insured and compliant with Australian Standard 1855. They have been in business for several years, and have a loyal customer base. This company offers a free quote service and believes to be the market leader in the industry because of its proven track record.

In addition to regular maid services, oven cleaning, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and deep-cleaning services are also available. While others may promise better results for lower prices, they keep their promise by consistently delivering on their policy of providing the highest standards of quality at affordable prices.


Phone Number: 0470 330 737

Address: Canberra, ACT 2600

Website: au-nsk-cleaning-act-act

9. Sharp Cleaning Services

Sharp Cleaning Services provide high-quality cleaning services to homeowners and commercial establishments alike. Whether you’ve moved into a new home or maybe moving out of one, you can count on them to handle your cleaning service need with efficiency and professionalism. In addition to the cleaning itself, Sharp Cleaning Services is committed to providing a clean environment with service that is personalized, punctual, and stress-free. This means that you can trust these professionals that will arrive when promised and thoroughly clean your home or office in a timely fashion. No matter the size of your job, we have a cleaning solution for you.

Name: Sharp Cleaning Services

Phone Number:  0450 025 257

Address: Braddon, ACT, AUS

Website: sharpcleaningservices.com.au 

10. CleanService

CleanService is the leading commercial cleaning service provider for medical offices, fitness centers, and corporate offices. Using a variety of safe, effective cleaning products, the company offers a broad range of services to maintain a healthy indoor environment for building occupants. CleanService prides itself on its ability to provide niche cleaning services at affordable rates based on square meters cleaned. By using bicarbonate of soda, non-toxic products like microfiber, and steam, the business is making it safe for customers to clean their offices without having to worry about harmful chemicals or other toxins.

Name: CleanService

Phone Number: (02) 5104 0650

Address: GPO Box 1677, City, ACT

Website: cleanservice.com.au 


You may have tried many Canberra expert cleaners before, but not all of them are truly qualified for the best obligation. Listed above are the best ten expert cleaning companies in Canberra that are dedicated to giving you full support and meeting your needs as well.

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