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10 Best Architects in Adelaide

Are you planning to build a new home or business structure? If yes, you need the help of the finest architects in Adelaide. Adelaide is one of Australia’s most fascinating cities and it’s attracting thousands of people who want to buy a property and start their new business. This city contains everything that you might be thinking about if you are considering moving from another part of this country. These guys know their trade.

A good architect can not only cost you less and make your design dreams a reality but also save you time and money down the road. Nothing beats the value a good architect can offer without sacrificing quality, workmanship, or feasibility. In this article, we will look at 10 of the best architects in Adelaide & what makes them so good.

1. Zebra Constructions

Zebra Constructions

Zebra Constructions will take care of the entire process, from drawing up the plans to installing appliances and fixtures. The business is not only geared towards large-scale commercial contracts; they also cater to individual clients, who will finally have a one-stop-shop for all their construction needs. Zebra Constructions can deliver their clients with a high standard of work that is guaranteed to be completed on time and always within budget. They offer all types of construction work, from a small retail shop to a large-scale industrial site.

They’ve been helping the community since 1970 and are growing every day as they focus on the project after project, striving to be the best in everything they do. Zebra prides itself on its expert knowledge of the building and construction industry and will create the design you want, with specialized service from architects, tradesmen, and builders. You can trust that every detail is taken care of with Zebra. Different from other contractors, they take pride in their ability to manage tradespeople operating on-site and provide a complete service to clients by handling design details.

Phone Number: 0411 852 604     

Address: St Marys SA 5042, Australia

Website: http://www.zebraconstructions.com.au/

2. JLN Designs

Everyone knows an architect can be expensive, but there’s no need to pay through the nose for quality work. At JLN Designs, they offer free estimates for all your design needs. They come to you so you don’t have to travel around and collect endless quotes. Working with everyone from builders to unit developers, they make sure that you only get what you need. They want your dream house of extension to be perfect, so call them from the start. They’ll work with you from concept drawings through to final plans and construction. JLN Designs and specializes in new homes, extensions, and unit developments.

Having previously directed his practice, James knows just how important personal relationships with clients are. They have 46 years of industry experience and will take care of everything from design to the final product. If you need an architect, give them a call today. They apply the same amount of care and attention to every job, no matter how big or small.

Phone Number: +61 438 196 420

Address: Phillip st West Croydon, Adelaide, SA, Australia, South Australia

Website: https:www.JLNdesigns.com.au  

3. Yvonne Svensson Architectural Services

Yvonne Svensson Architectural Services

Architects like Yvonne are becoming an increasingly more important part of the residential design process. With a foundation in architecture and an understanding of how to work with both clients and builders, an architect can produce stunning design solutions and manage your entire project, from sale to settlement. Yvonne’s architectural background is evident in their work. They bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise to the table, enabling her to create original plans that fit each client’s unique needs and desires. When it comes to architecture, you have to know how to build the right homes for the right people in the right neighborhoods.

Yvonne has spent years building homes that are perfectly matched with their neighborhoods and that’s why they are the top residential architect in Adelaide. Using CAD programs and 3D visuals, she can create unique designs that can be presented to customers in a virtual environment. Though they are an Australian firm, their experience and knowledge of international markets place them as a leader in their industry.

Phone Number: +61 402 816 302

Address: Fullarton, South Australia 5063 Australia

Website: https://yvonnesvensson.com.au/

4. Chris Dimond Architect

Chris Dimond Architect

At Chris Dimond Architect, they specialize in building quality new homes, renovations, and extensions. Their promise:  deliver exceptional service at every stage of your project. Chris Dimond Architect is a registered architect that has a passion for her work. Chris Dimond Architect specializes in residential design and strives to create bespoke designs for every one of his customers. His ability to create architectural designs using CAD tools and 3D visualizations has made him one of the most sought-after architects in Adelaide. Always looking to create the perfect balance between form and function, they offer flexible designs that address the needs of their clients.

Chris Dimond Architect is the most talented architect you’ll ever meet. Chris Dimond Architect knows everything about design, and Chris Dimond Architect got a lot of experience in the field. You’ll never see another design like theirs because they know how to adjust her designs to unique situations. Plus, Chris Dimond Architect is a really fun person to talk to!

Phone Number:  0419 035 031

Address: Glen Osmond, South Australia 5064 Australia

Website: https://www.dimond.com.au/

5. Norman Sheun Architects

Norman Sheun Architects

Norman Sheun is an architect who has been practicing in Adelaide since 1991. With over 17 years of experience, Sheun has built a reputation based on his ability to balance aesthetics, functionality, and affordability for both his clients and his peers. Throughout his career, Sheun has worked on both residential and commercial projects, ranging from small additions such as garages and bathrooms to larger-scale developments including hotels and shopping malls. His job included liaising with customers, using advanced software to create designs, performing construction project management, and drawing up building specifications.

He provides his expertise to private clients who require assessments for building plans for their properties as well as experts who need assistance in managing the design process. Throughout his career, he’s been a recipient of several awards for work in the field of modernist design and building. He’s also an active member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, where he serves as the President for Chapter SA4.

Phone Number: +61 418 814 148

Address: 230 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Website: http://www.your-architect.com.au/

6. Skplusdesign

Founded in Adelaide, SK+DESIGN has designed and continues to design a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Their portfolio includes projects such as additions, alterations, new builds, small commercial projects as well as a wide range of residential developments. In addition to this, they also design using the latest CAD software and can offer their services anywhere around New Zealand + Australia. SK+DESIGN is a family-owned business with strong morals. Their years of experience in the field have led them to be experts in the field. They cater to residential as well as commercial projects. Their designs are of exceptional quality and meet all local council rules and regulations.

They can do projects remotely from anywhere around New Zealand or Australia. SK+DESIGN is a local architect firm that offers design solutions for your living spaces, allowing you to live in optimal home environments. Their designing services include addition and alterations to your homes and commercial spaces. The service is highly flexible and can be provided remotely.

Phone Number: +61 401 286 066

Address: Unit 3/50 Douglas Rd, Salisbury East SA 5109, Australia

Website: http://www.skplusdesign.com.au/

7. Anatoly Patrick Architecture

The team at Anatoly Patrick Architecture is a highly motivated group that brings unique expertise to every project, from classic to contemporary. They are passionate about the environment and pay special attention to the connection between architecture and the surrounding landscape. With over a decade of experience under their belts, the team takes pride in their work and looks forward to enriching your life through artful design. At Anatoly Patrick Architecture, they want to make the world a better place, one thoughtful design at a time. They create architecture that is full of natural light, that flows from spaces and rooms, and that looks as good when it ages as it did on day one.

Their approach to architecture is simple: they love making thoughtful designs that change people’s lives for the better. From an exquisitely designed home to a simple storefront, the studio knows that there’s more to architecture than simply creating structures. Whether you’re looking for a house or an office space, Anatoly Patrick Architecture can create the perfect design for your needs.

Phone Number: +61 8 6117 8168

Address:  178 Main Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171, Australia

Website: http://www.anatolypatrick.com/

8. Michael Fogarty Building Design

Michael Fogarty Building Design

At Michael Fogarty Building Design, they provide 3D visuals, custom designs, and custom drawings that their clients love. They understand that your home is more than a building. It represents a lifestyle. That is why they take the time to listen to their clients and design their space with the specific needs of their lifestyle in mind. They outline what they plan to deliver on, and offer you a cost-effective, stress-free experience. Admittedly, their services are extremely targeted and geared towards homeowners. Nevertheless, they provide enough custom home design services to be able to meet everyone’s needs.

They make the process simple by working with your concepts to come up with a tailored design that suits your budget, style, and lifestyle. These works comment on the natural environment and give back to the community through expertly detailed additions, renovations, and extensions. Customers say they appreciate Michael Fogarty Building Design team’s ability to listen and understand clients’ goals before turning them into tangible results.

Phone Number: +61 8 7228 0382

Address: 128 Unley Rd, Unley SA 5061, Australia

Website: http://www.mfbuildingdesign.au.com/

9. Martin Williamson Architect

Small architectural practice Martin Williamson Architect has found success with a simple formula: build creative, sustainable, and cost-effective residential projects that enhance their clients’ lives. Williamson’s work fits the mold of modern residential architecture. He draws on his extensive experience to help clients envision his designs, which he then translates into 3D-rendered drawings and models. He implements these plans as soon as funding is secured and his team delivers on time and budget without sacrificing quality.

Committed to modern designs and methods, the firm has recently released its first product, a new modular house design that’s eco-friendly yet comfortable and economical. With more than 15 years of experience, they have a proven track record in designing and constructing quality architecture for both homeowners and commercial developers alike. The company has an outstanding reputation based on delivering excellent results for every client.

Phone Number: +61 4 0831 4706.

Address: 1 Boskenna Ave Norwood, South Australia 5067 Australia

Website: http://www.martinwilliamsonarchitect.au.com

10. John Adam Architect

John Adam Architect

John Adam is an architectural firm dedicated to hospitality and wellness. Every project is designed thoughtfully, from start to finish. We are proud of a design that is innovative, useful, beautiful, and hospitable. Our designs use energy responsibly with maximum comfort and minimal impact on the environment. John Adam Architects is an award-winning architectural practice with a track record in delivering diverse and high-quality projects. They understand that your home needs more than just an architect to ensure the final product is everything you hoped it would be, and nothing less.

They believe that great design should start with a thorough understanding of your personal, specific requirements and your everyday lifestyle. This is why they spend time getting to know you and your family, so they can create a home that is as unique as you are. If you are looking for an architectural firm that will work with you to create a home that is both functional and stylish, John Adam Architects is the right choice for you.

Phone Number: +61 8 8339 3999

Address:  21 Highwood Grove, Upper Sturt SA 5156, Australia

Website: http://www.johnadam.com.au


If you need an architect for commercial, residential, or retail projects in Adelaide, then you can’t go past the mentioned above Architects. They are experienced and rated at the top of their field and you can be sure to get the design you want and built on time.

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